Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
11/4/2005 - 11/11/2020Skittles, we miss you so terribly much! Not seeing you in one of your many beds throughout the house is the hardest thing. We hope that we gave you the best life a mini dachshund could possibly have, and that it was a life filled with love, cuddling, burrowing, snacking, tugging, and petting. Your human family will never forget you, we have about a millions pictures and videos to prove it. We love you, buddy!Valerie GrossVienna, VirginiaNovember 20, 2020
5/17/2004 - 11/15/2020I didn’t think I would post this, but after telling individuals over the past few days, it is too hard to repeat that I had to say goodbye to Poosha – although she will be forever in my heart. I miss her terribly but I am so grateful to my girl for letting me love her immensely and providing me with so much comfort and pure joy over the years.

It is already hard without her here as my daily alarm clock, my partner in cheering on the Cubs and hoping for more from the Bears, helping me with online shopping and gift wrapping, repurposing boxes and bags, and alerting me of (but not killing) any bugs in the house. Most of all, I’ll be missing her gorgeous face, always ready for a chin scratch and her tiny body cuddling up on my shoulder, lap or butt and just loving me for whatever I could offer her. She was a resilient little girl through the end and should now be at peace knowing she filled my heart with love every day I was blessed with her in my life.
Rolling Meadows, IllinoisNovember 19, 2020
1/1/2010 - 9/15/2020Miss Moxie Jennifer. My Little Shadow.Leisa AlbrittonJacksonville, FloridaNovember 19, 2020
9/9/2008 - 11/14/2020Words can't express how much you are missed. There is a hole in my heart and a hurt in my stomach. We enjoyed everything about you. Your personality was the perfect compliment to our family and you took great care of us. We enjoyed taking care of you too - through health and through sickness. I have journaled pages of what we miss about you. After your diagnosis, those last 6 weeks slowed down as we spent precious time making different memories that we cherish. We are grateful for the 12 years you were in our lives. Although the pain is too great right now, I hope in the future as I remember all that made you special, I'll be able to smile and remember what I was given and not what I lost. You taught us as much as you learned from us. Until we meet again.Paula HutchensNicholasville, KentuckyNovember 18, 2020
1/15/2005 - 11/17/2020Tommy was a lover. He would do his beagle bark whenever a stranger approached but he just wanted to make friends. His warm and sweet nature made you want to love him. The only animals he didn’t seem to like too much were squirrels. He’d tried his best to make friends with our daughter’s cat to no avail. His favorite toys were in a big basket and he knew every one of them by name. People were amazed when we would say “Tommy get your bunny rabbit” and he would dig down into his basket until he found the right toy. I think Tommy must have been the smartest beagle on earth. Tommy enjoyed long walks with his dad and curling up next us on the couch. When he wanted some love he would come and put his paw on one of our legs or our arms. Sometimes he would rub his head like a cat on us to get our attention. He was healthy and happy for almost all his 15 years. He was a much loved member of our family and he is greatly missed.Diane StollgerCenterville, OhioNovember 18, 2020
7/25/2003Gus was my best friend, my everything, for 15+ years. He was my loyal companion, my shadow, and my adventure partner for so long that it is a struggle to learn how to deal with this new life without him. There is simply a hole in my heart that may get smaller as time goes on, but will never fully heal.

While the sadness of the current moment is crushing, it can not come even close to outweighing all the wonderful, happy memories I have of Gus. I wanted a dog for so, so long that the life pictured in my head seemed unattainable - but Gus surpassed every expectation. We did everything together. And I am so, so proud of the life I gave this little shelter dog from New Orleans. He truly made me a better human being, and I hope he understood what an impact he had on my life and how much I loved him.

Gus was so much more than a dog, he was my family. Kenny, Cannon, Tilly, Izzy and I will miss his physical form immensely, but his memories and spirit will absolutely live on forever.

Gus - I hope you’re running around and tearing apart a million stuffed animals and eating all the ice cream cones up there - and remember that I love you more than you could ever imagine, my little legend 🐕 ❤️
Jen, Ken, Cannon, Tilly, and Izzy penswickBoston, MA, MassachusettsNovember 18, 2020
12/12/2005 - 11/11/2020A free spirit, a pusher, a non-stopper, an independent mind, the "impossible" to train royal lady but smart enough to know how to get things done...that was our Maggie. During her life she earned several nicknames, she was our Poopie Head, Purple Brain, Maggie The Queen, Stinky Paws, Poopie, Your Majesty, Poop, Your Highness; she was simply the boss, our boss; she ruled our lives. We looked for and bought a house based on her needs. We did things for you Maggie, but you do not have an idea how much you have done for us.
She had a special way to bond with every member of our family. Waiting for Daddy ten minutes before his arrival and if he was late, she just simply sat in front of the door, patiently waiting. When Mom was glued to the computer working on a college assignment, Maggie ferociously pushed the office chair to remind her that she was late for lunch "you did not feed me". She felt like a Mom when it came to our son "you need a bath, let me lick your whole you are ready". The "how dare you" lady knew how to ask for a walk, which was usually based on "her wishes", she usually put her head under Daddy's knee and pushed up "I want to walk now".
When we say your decline in health, we understood we needed to prepare the house for you to have a comfortable senior life. We tried to make things easy for you, and when you just simply could not handle the walking by yourself, we took turns to assist you. The decision to help you cross the bridge was not easy. We knew that you were in deep pain and you let us know that you were tired..."it is time to let me go". We prepared ourselves to properly help you go. It was important for us to let you know that we were there for you, surrounding you, telling you thank you for improving our lives and turning them into an amazing experience.
You are not with us anymore, the house feels empty, but your legacy filled our hearts with love and the memories we all built together will help us remember you with happiness. We came to the conclusion that you were sent into our lives to make us happy and to heal us. We are sure, when the proper time comes, we will see you again and you will hear from us "Hello Poopie Head, let me give you a kiss".
Ed McGarveyHorsham, PennsylvaniaNovember 18, 2020
12/13/2017 - 11/16/2020Gus was our beloved Frenchie who was our baby before we had our daughter and we will miss him sorely. He passed at a young age due to unfortunate circumstances but his short live was well lived. He loved to play ball, go for walks, take baths, and follow his little sister wherever she went to keep an eye on her! At night his favorite thing to do was cuddle up in bed with us and enjoy a treat. The house is quiet and lonely without his vivacious personality. He will be missed by so many but most by his loving parents. We love you gus gus, rest in peace our sweet boy.Charlene & Anthony OReillyQuincy, MassachusettsNovember 18, 2020
2/24/2010Our Charlotte was the sweetest dog so much so that she should have been a service dog! Charlotte was a rescue but she really rescued us, when my son passed away she was with him and when my mom passed she was with her Charlotte was very sensitive and so very loving she just knew everyone and every dog or cat out was there to see her, not a mean bone in her body❤️Arlene MangramHenderson, NevadaNovember 17, 2020
4/1/2003 - 11/6/2020For seventeen and a half years, Camellia has been a constant companion, the killer of lizards and bugs that were unfortunate enough to get into the house, and undisputed queen over household humans and other felines. With COVID-19, she became my co-worker at home consistently laying on me or trying to walk on the keyboard. Camellia was diagnosed with kidney disease a year and a half before her passing. She (somewhat) patiently endured subcutaneous fluids every other day and rebounded well. In early November this year, Camellia told us it was time to call Lap of Love when she stopped eating. Though we knew kidney disease and failure cannot be halted, the loss of our beautiful baby is incredibly painful. Every time I walk into the home office, I expect to see her sitting on my chair.Nancy StewigTampa, FloridaNovember 17, 2020