Pet Memorials
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10/27/2007 - 9/26/2020Precious Protector and lover family (and food). Your larger than life personality is second only to how much you were loved.Wendy StevensFrenchtown Township, MichiganSeptember 28, 2020
11/21/2008 - 9/27/2020My Dearest Mimi,
Thank you for bringing our family so much joy. Although you were not an overly affectionate bully, you always wiggled your butt with excitement when we came home from being out and gave us kisses until you were done with us. How were you able to tell time? You always knew when it was breakfast, dinner and time for dessert.
Although you will be very missed, I know you are no longer suffering. May you run free and bask in the sun like you loved to do.
We love you and miss you.
Linda GoldbergDavie, FloridaSeptember 28, 2020
9/15/2009 - 9/14/2020My sweet Jonah is so dearly missed and will be in my heart forever.Jennifer MillsRaleigh, North CarolinaSeptember 28, 2020
5/11/2007 - 9/18/202013.5 Years, 4 States, 8 Homes, 114ish Hikes, 275 Car Rides, 400+ Parties, 30+ Costumes, 312ish Toys, 1 Book, countless laughs, and memories. Riley was my best buddy.

A treeing Walker Coonhound, Riley had more personality and expressions than any dog I have ever met!

I am so grateful for him, the person he helped me to become, and the memories we shared. I know he is still watching over me :)
Jacki GiardinaNashville, TennesseeSeptember 28, 2020
5/5/2020 - 9/19/2020"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

To my sweet Bella, you were my favorite hello every morning and my favorite goodnight, but most of all you are definitely my hardest goodbye. It breaks my heart knowing that such a sweet loving dog had such a rough start to life ending up in the pound all before a year of age when I found you. I knew from the minute I saw you looking at me with your sad eyes that you would be coming home with me. We had 12 and a half years of you being by my side as my loyal best friend and loving me unconditionally every second of it. You have touched the hearts of many with your loving sweet nature. I am proud that you have been able to show many that being a big baby is what it really means to be a pit bull. Saying goodbye to you is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. You loved so much and your heart was so big it could no longer go on, but I am glad that you are no longer suffering. You can now spend all day laying in the sun and rolling around in the grass. The house feels so empty without you, granny and I are not the only ones who feel it, your sister Sheik and Moe who you raised since a 2 week old kitten are lost without. I am lost without you but I carry you in my heart everywhere just like you took a piece of my heart with you. I am honored and proud to call you my dog, daughter and best friend. You are my sunshine and I hope that you know that you were truly loved. Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge, I miss you deeply and love you dearly. 💕
Erin FielitzGibsonton, FloridaSeptember 27, 2020
9/23/2020We will always miss you, Schooner!JoEllen OrsiniDunwoody, GeorgiaSeptember 27, 2020
5/21/2007 - 8/22/2020On Saturday, August 22nd, we said goodbye to one of our precious fur kids. Emmett passed away after a short bout with cancer. He died, as he lived, on his terms, in the comfort of his backyard, with the shade of the sunflowers swaying in a gentle breeze. Emmett was the co-owner of his own doggie daycare, where he never hesitated to voice his strong opinions. He was a master at getting himself and his brothers a cookie for just looking cute, and he carried all the high notes in their daily howlfests! Em protected his brothers from each other and his moms from every little thing that moved. He loved tenaciously while maintaining his unique independence. Emmett leaves behind his moms who love him deeply, his brothers, Seamus and Herbie who seem just a little lost. He may have been small in stature, but his heart was as big as Texas. Rest in peace our Little Bear!
Emmett Otter Honeycutt Simonton-Kuhns
Cathy SimontonColumbus, OhioSeptember 27, 2020
2/1/2005 - 9/25/2020My best friend, always happy and appreciative dog! I miss talking to him!He was so friendly and adaptable for starting out as a farm dog! Boating, riding on the quad, Convertable rides, he would go anywhere and be happy he was with us!Cheryl RastetterMcDonald, PennsylvaniaSeptember 27, 2020
3/20/2007 - 9/24/2020Hamilton,

Thank you for being our friend. You are going to be missed and we still haven't vacuumed the fur yet. We realize that will be futile and understand that your plan was to be with us forever in one way or another.

Thank you for doing such a good job of caring for your humans
Thank you for the joy you brought every day
Thank you for allowing us to be your humans
Thank you for your Oooh-oooh and smiles

Thank you for giving Kim a friend to feed, baby, and potty every morning.

Your family
Peter StephensWixom, MichiganSeptember 27, 2020
7/21/2008 - 9/22/2020When someone like me joins lives with someone like Lilo, those two lives are so deeply integrated that it's impossible when the time of ending comes to not wonder if I loved him enough, if I did enough to make his life happy, and if I truly appreciated every moment we had together. With the countless chapters in life we experienced together during our dozen years, he truly became the love of my life...always. So many memories on clear display in the museum of my mind, with some in pictures. The many things I can never forget... he sat in the same spot all night on our first night together, waiting for me. I opened the door of my office and found him right where he was the night before, sitting on my obsolete flat-bed scanner looking right at me the next morning. in love him him my teenage neighbor was in the fall of 2008 when he first arrived. She was in awe at how soft was his coat! as a kitten, he had this different and funny way of jumping. Most cats jump with their hind legs. As a kitten, when Lilo felt like jumping up he would do so from all 4 legs at the same time...almost like a fast-levitating kitty. patient he was as we began our daily ritual of tooth brushing, a ritual which would result in amazed offers or praise and expressions of delight from countless veterinarians who would later meet him during his lifetime. he bonded so quickly with my then-geriatric cat Neomora who had survived the death of his sister and lived with the daily challenge of a cardio myopathy diagnosis, both of which happened 2 years earlier. noticeable it was when he wagged his small little stubby Manx tail, which he did a lot. easily he bonded with a relationship partner I had already been with when Lilo arrived. That relationship went on for 2 1/2 months, but Lilo and I had almost 12 years together ahead of us. he adored the next relationship partner I met almost a year later...and how much time they got to spend together in my Winston-Salem home while I was away at work. That relationship would go on for 20 months, with Lilo and Neomora right there across our move to southern Kentucky, and later with two of her cats joining us...making a family of 6! Lilo and Neomora both comforted me in the aftermath of the difficult, emotional end to that romantic partnership. Though romantic love was gone from my life, the deep guardian love I felt for these two sweet souls brought me peace and kept out loneliness. he came with me to visit his friend and mentor Neomora during the final days of his life at a veterinary hospital. much of a gentleman Lilo was while staying with friends in Nashville when I had to make the long distance drive back to Farmington to give Neomora a proper burial next to his sister following his death November 12, 2013. patient, welcoming, and generous he was with almost all of the foster cats we cared for following Neomora's death. I can really only think of one who didn't relate well with Lilo; all of the other fosters enjoyed being with him very much. in the cold winter of 2014-2015, he made room in our home for a pair of near-feral sibling cats who lived outside but needed shelter from the brutal cold and ice. They were tough and used to taking care of themselves, but their hearts melted upon taking in the warmth and understanding shown by Lilo., after I became involved in a dysfunctional personal relationship, Lilo became friends with still more cats who came to stay in our home, from assorted rescued souls to several who had been living with my relationship partner earlier. That relationship finally got the ending it had to have, and Lilo was right there by my side. Lilo embraced the road time we shared on our many journeys, including the one back to Los Angeles in mid 2016 after quickly packing a moving van and fleeing southern Kentucky to flee a relationship which had gone from dysfunctional to dangerous in 10 months. 5 days on the road, my best friend curled up in my lap as we drove...reminding me how lucky I was to have such a brave, loving friend. 4 nights in motel rooms, and Lilo would not let me out of his sight, no matter if I was curled up on a bed, sitting in a chair, or in the bathroom brushing my teeth or showering. He was very concerned while I was in the shower, unseen behind the curtain...he had to stand up, pull it back, and look in to make sure I was still there. Of course, he had plenty to say during those moments, and many others. Lilo took in stride his arrival to a new environment, first staying the night in my brother's busy house with one dog and so many people around celebrating the Sabbath Friday night, June 24th 2016...then settling in with me to my father and step mother's condominium, the place we would call home for the next 40 months. he loved getting outside into the enclosed condominium atrium, rolling around on the thin carpet under the LA sunshine, and trying to nibble the leaves of plants he shouldn't have been touching because he couldn't digest them. It seems like a thousand times I walked down there with him, sometimes with a harness, and relished the life we had together...lucky to be together, safe from harm, and comfortable. he reacted with boundless joy every time I bought back a fresh batch of wheat grass on which for him to nibble and chew. I always felt it so unfortunate that grass stayed fresh for only a week, then faded from usefulness and edibility at which point it had to be discarded. It made for a valuable lesson in how important it is to make the present time matter...every moment. after nearly a year, Lilo finally bonded with my father and stepmother during their LA visits to take care of business and be with family. It was, after all, their 2nd home, with Lilo and I as long term guests. When they came to stay in their home, I went to stay in a motel...but Lilo stayed with them. While I missed him every night I spent away, I am glad he got to spend special time with them. They grew very fond of him. nearly a year ago, it was time yet again for Lilo and I to get on the road to return to the more affordable environment offered by North Carolina. October 21st, 2019...the start of our final long distance trip together. One more time, days on the Interstate...but this time in my car and not a moving truck. One more time, days with my beloved friend curled up in my lap for hours on end. One more time, nights together in different motels, with Lilo taking the arrival of each new room in stride...making sure I was there, and always going to be there with him. I was, and was always going to be. after we settled in to our tiny apartment in Greensboro, Lilo realized again how interesting life was just outside our fascinating the interior hallways of this building...and how curious that several doors simply could not be opened, no matter how many times he asked me to open them so he could see what's inside (they had been sealed shut ages ago). many times I felt so guilty for leaving Lilo in our apartment by himself, with only voices on the radio to keep him company. His greeting was always the same upon my arrival: lots and lots of joyful meowing and purring, calming down when I greeted him, picked him up, and lay him around my neck across my shoulders. He would stay there for 10-15 minutes each time, purring with his arms and head dangling across my chest while I would put things away and get settled in. countless the nights when bed time arrived, and Lilo would be right there behind me, curling up on me with his head close to mine no matter if I lay on my back, on my side, or sometimes on my stomach. The loving warmth I felt each and every time reminded me of just how much I adore this beautiful soul. kind and welcoming Lilo was yet again when we took in Thomas, a local SPCA foster who had lost all of his teeth earlier in life. Yet again, Lilo established friendship and comradery with this latest arrival, opting to see the best in new faces who arrive in his life. Lilo took such good care of Paker, an injured young social stray cat who showed up at the door of my work place in early August. With no support from anyone, I knew I had to help Parker through foster care. He was feisty, and had a dominant personality. It took a few weeks for Lilo and Paker to figure out how to relate, but they did so though the bond Lilo had with Parker and other fosters in the twilight months of his life were not as close as those of 7 years earlier. in the final day of Parker's stay with us before he was brought to his new forever home, I caught a breathtaking moment when Parker, seeing Lilo laying on a pillow atop a dresser looked very worried...stood on his hind legs, stretched up to make eye contact with Lilo, reached his paw up, and touched Lilo's paw. I got the impression Parker knew something was wrong...and that impression turned out to be right.

While I did not yet know it, after nearly 12 years together, Lilo and I were down to our last 12 days together...
Scott GursteinGreensboro, North CarolinaSeptember 27, 2020