Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/16/2006 - 2/23/2020Thor Guthrie- crossed the Rainbow Bridge Feb.23 just shy of one week of being with his loving human of 14 years. Dr. Loren of Lap of Love assisted with his quiet crossing surrounded additionally by his brother Gunnarr and his greatest muse Rick. Thor, so aptly named, was the shiest of the litter and was sighted until age 3. Being blind never hindered being leader of the pack on evening walks, commander of the backyard including keeper of the gate. And if someone pulled into the drive, he would sound the alarm even though Italian Greyhounds are not considered good watch dogs. His greatest delight was to sneak up behind his human and gently rub his cheek together with his dad to inform him that it was time for business.Thor will be greatly missed for his antic of flipping the empty water bowl followed by his blind stare.Thomas GuthrieSt Petersburg, FloridaFebruary 24, 2020
1/10/2006 - 2/21/2020Our 14-year-old black Labrador retriever, Kohl, passed away last Friday, February 21, 2020. He had been recently diagnosed with malignant cancer and had tumors starting to grow in his body. Kohl was a retired law enforcement narcotics K9, who started his career with the Miami Beach Police Department at the age of fourteen months. While working for the MBPD, he helped detectives make several hundred narcotic related arrests and was responsible for the seizure of 1.8 million dollars in drug-related money. Kohl worked for MBPD for 5 years and then retired in 2012. But like other retirees who moved to Punta Gorda, Kohl soon returned to work and joined the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office as a narcotics K9. While working with Charlotte County, Kohl conducted over 900 searches, which led to several hundred arrests. Kohl retired from CCSO in 2014. His greatest attribute was his friendship and love. He was also a loyal, gentle family dog who was great with kids and who never grew tired of playing fetch. We’ll miss you Kohl!Luis KingPunta Gorda, FloridaFebruary 24, 2020
10/10/2009 - 2/23/2020Dear Zen, Thank you for being our best buddy for the ten years we were gifted with your presence. You really knew how to enjoy life--and taught us. We loved your enthusiasm about all things physical--playing ball and running on the mountain trails being two of your favorites. You led us across hundreds of miles of hiking trails in North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. You brought so much joy, peace, fun, love, companionship and awareness of the cycle of life and mortality to our lives. Our lives will never be the same, but they are better because you were such a vital part of the last ten years. The house is quiet now, with just our sweet, deaf 16 year old Buddha as our companion. We have placed a painting of you and your tennis ball on your favorite couch. It is our memorial to your spirit. Rest in peace, our dear companion. Love Carolyn and ArtCarolyn EllisTampa, FloridaFebruary 24, 2020
7/1/2003 - 2/14/2020Chase lived up to his name--chasing squeaky balls was his favorite activity. We took him on vacation to a horse farm just to play fetch in in an enormous field. Chase also loved broccoli, sardines, long walks & hikes, road trips, head scratches & belly rubs, and packtime with his favorite humans. He was beautiful and everywhere we went people wanted to know what kind of dog he was. I loved to bury my face in his ears and fluffy neck. Even though he was not a cuddly dog, he was the heartbeat of our home for over 16 years and he is forever loved and missed.

I am heartbroken to say goodbye my dearest sweetest friend, but find comfort that you are at peace. Thank you for loving me through all the good times and the bad. Thank you for making us laugh. I enjoyed every second little buddy and will cherish our memories always.
Meridith EleazerLexington, KentuckyFebruary 24, 2020
Zeva Girl
11/1/2005 - 2/15/2020We miss our Zeva Girl, but she’s no longer in pain.
There’s such an emptiness in our home.
The day we had her put to sleep...that night I heard her snoring.
The next day when I was outside, I swore I heard the jingle of her tags on her collar!!
Donna Jean & Wade DonmoyerPine Grove, PennsylvaniaFebruary 24, 2020
1/15/2004 - 2/22/2020In loving memory of Daisy, who was with our family for 16 years. She loved to run around the house and yard and occasionally the neighborhood. We watched her grow from a small puppy through adulthood and into her senior years. The last few months of her life, joint pain and arthritis slowed down her body but not her spirit. At the end I just couldn't wait for something really bad or traumatic to happen to her so I knew that it was time to let her go. She spent her last day basking in the sun in our backyard, surrounded by her family, eating junk food and even wagging her tail until the very end when she fell asleep with us all holding her. Our house is not the same without her, but we find comfort in the fact that she is no longer hurting and we feel blessed that we were able to give her a peaceful passing.Cheryl ShepardFranklin, TennesseeFebruary 24, 2020
1/24/2017 - 2/24/2020He was a super hero I always care for. He never let me go alone anywhere from picking up from auto to dropping at home ways there for me..He ways protects my Dollar from anything bad to happen. He was dollar's Elder brother and always protect him. Nomater what has happened but I won't be able to forget him because he was stray dog and I keep him like a child. Since he was born he was weak Nd I was very happy he survived. he was a nelous dog, he don't want any other dog to come close to me. but he respect the thing which I love .I love my he take care of him so that I be happy.Surbhi SharmaGhaziabad, IndianaFebruary 24, 2020
Levi Grace Pederson
12/15/2004 - 2/20/2020How can you say goodbye to a dog who has been by your side for 15 years . She was my dog, even after kids she still made coming home the best part of my day. We will certainly have more dogs in the future but they will be my kids dog. I’ll never have such an amazing bond as I did with my sweet Levi. I’ll forever be missing a piece of my heart now that you are gone. You are now free to chase all the squirrels and cars and run fast like you used to. I’ll try not to grieve too long but the memories will not stop flooding my mind and all the little reminders around the house hit me so hard. There is an emptiness without you . Love you always, sweet baby LeviBrooke PedersonCharlotte, North CarolinaFebruary 24, 2020
7/14/2007 - 2/5/2020My husband found this little black speck of a kitten in the north yard of Newport News Shipyard after dropping me off at work nearly 13 years ago. He took this tiny black kitten to work with him (also at Newport News Shipyard) and tried to give him away but nobody wanted him. When he picked me up and showed me what he'd found...I was in love. We had no pets pets nor was I a 'cat' person, but this was different. We named him SYK (Ship Yard Kat). He owned us and ran 'his' neighborhood. He was spirited, loving and loved.

In April 2019 we noticed a lump on Syk's hip. The needle aspiration was inconclusive, but leaned toward an infection that would clear on its own. In August, after the lumped had grown and was protruding from his body, we wanted it removed. That's when we got the diagnosis of cancer. Syk continued to live a full life for several months but succumb to the pain and discomfort of this large growth. The tumor (on his left hip) had grown very large over the last 10 months. We’re leaving on vacation and feared he wouldn’t make it during the week we were gone. We decided on Sunday 2/2 to let him go and scheduled it for Wednesday 2/5. That morning, just 3 hours before Dr. Elyse arrived, the skin broke and he began to bleed. I know we’ll miss him terribly, but I know we made the right decision at the right time. Syk will be forever loved.
Joy & Alan (and Sys) VanceSmithfield, VirginiaFebruary 24, 2020
10/11/2006 - 2/18/2020Jasper and Smokey, your bully breed brothers, and your daddy and I miss you puppy girl. We will never forget you and look forward to the day we see you again with your angel wings.Vivian WilliamsHowell, Michigan, MichiganFebruary 23, 2020