Pet Memorials
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I can't put into words what I'm feeling after saying goodnight to my baby girl. But I truly believe that she knew her work here was done and that I would be OK. Just a couple weeks before her tumor popped up I was talking to her and told her thank you for everything she has done for me. Because of her I am still here. Because of her I kept fighting. She was by my side through hell and back and never asked for anything but love in return. I told her I hope I gave her the best life and she looked at me and gave me kisses. Soon after, her tumor popped out and in less than 2 months later here we are. But I'm choosing to see it as a sign that she felt her job here with me was done. That she knew I'm happy and healthy and she could move on in peace. Though the cancer was definitely not fun for her, she left us tonight still happy, loving, and wagging her tail as we showered her with cuddles and belly rubs. I am so thankful I got to say goodbye while she was still her adorable self, before the cancer destroyed her too much. Thank you Roxi. Thank you with everything and for choosing me. I never could have imagined that the day I first held you and refused to give you back that you would change my world. Thank you for saving me time and time again when life pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were. Thank you for giving me someone to love so much that I did whatever I could to protect you and do better in my life so you could have the best life possible. Thank you... You will forever be with me and the countless stories that make me crack up laughing will be shared for years to come. Forever and always in my heart! I love you my baby girl. I love you Roxstar. I LOVE YOU ROXI!Noel TufanoMeriden, ConnecticutFebruary 17, 2020
4/29/2008 - 1/30/2020Our sweet Maggie. We miss you so much!Mike PetrunichBrownsburg, IndianaFebruary 17, 2020
5/15/2004 - 2/12/2020Ellie was a very sweet and spirited girl. A blend of intelligent, strong willed, independent Border Collie mixed with laid back Labrador. We have fond memories of her younger days flipping to catch a frisbee and our many walks around the park that continued through her last day with us. I can still hear her toenails against the floor and the ring of the bell requesting a trip to the back yard. She was loved by the entire family and our neighbors. Ellie is greatly missed. We were blessed to have her for 15 years and almost 9 months. Ellie brought us a lot of joy and she will be in our hears forever.Darlene DavisLexington, KentuckyFebruary 17, 2020
3/9/2007 - 2/15/2020Bentley,
Thank you for all the wonderful memories and always being there for me. Through college, dating, moves, marriage and kids. You’ve always been by my side.
Courtney McNomeeLoxahatchee, FloridaFebruary 17, 2020
3/12/2010 - 2/15/2020My angel Jade,

I cannot believe you’re gone. You got sick so suddenly and just like that, you’re not here anymore. However, I know you’re watching over me and your sister right now and that you always will. There won’t ever be enough words to thank you for choosing me and coming into my life or to tell you just how much I miss you. You were my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, my secret keeper, my goofball and so much more. I will love you forever and a day my girl.
Lily WittyDallas, TexasFebruary 17, 2020
Ceasar Key
2/4/2004 - 2/13/2020From the day you came home with me at 7 weeks old, you have been my companion. We have been through so many things together and through it all, I could count on you to always greet me with overwhelming joy and positive energy. There is a major void in the house with you no longer being here. I will always miss our morning and evening rituals. I know you are in a better place Ceasar. Love your family! Joanna, Lisa, Layah and Laila 💖💖💖💖Joanna KeyPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaFebruary 16, 2020
4/5/2004 - 1/31/2020Chase was a guard dog, through and through. He was always on his feet, always pacing and surveying everything in the house and yard, always concerned about where everyone was and what they were doing. He considered it his job to protect everybody. The things I miss the most are the sound of his toenails clacking as he patrolled the house, the way he would push the bathroom door open with his nose to check on whoever was in there, and the way his big earnest eyes looked at us, always interested in what the humans were doing. He was loyal, lovable, and the sweetest boy in the world. It's been two weeks and we miss him every day.Blair HopkinsSt Louis, MissouriFebruary 16, 2020
Maximus Desimu "Max"
4/30/2011 - 2/15/2020To my sweet Max, the most loving, loyal, intelligent, and frustratingly stubborn dog! Your absence is so deeply missed! I have so many memories and will forever love and miss you! Some day I will rub your ears again when you greet me at the rainbow bridge. For now, I pray you are chasing squirrels and toys, running through fields with Riley. I love you!
“Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go” ~Jamie Anderson
andrea bishopmarietta, GeorgiaFebruary 16, 2020
6/30/2006 - 2/15/2020You had many nicknames: Doodle, Clemen, Muffin girl, Munchkin, but none of them exemplified your personality quite like your actual name, Clementine. It was the perfect name for you; tiny, and so, so sweet.

A vet once said to me, "this tiny dog has the biggest medical chart I've ever seen." It was true. This poor little girl had medical issues from a young age, but was always resilient, and had a tenacity about her that would make each recovery manageable. She loved to play with toys and snuggle, but her favorite past time was eating! She had a robust appetite right up until the end.

Losing a pet is painful, and heartbreaking, but it was her time. She lived a great life and was a very happy dog. She was the true definition of a steadfast companion, and we will miss her dearly. I'm so thankful she was my dog, and I got to spend 13+ years caring for her and enjoying her delightful disposition. Until we meet again, my sweet, sweet Clementine. Get those little atrophied legs ready, it's time to run free. We will love, and miss you forever XOXO

JUNE 30, 2006 – FEBRUARY 15 2020
Amanda PomorskiCoatesville, PennsylvaniaFebruary 16, 2020
4/4/2009 - 1/23/2020Oscar, I can't put into words just how special you were, how much we loved you, and how very much we miss you.Wendy KaluszSumter, South CarolinaFebruary 16, 2020