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2/1/2004 - 11/1/2019My sweet are loved more than you could ever know and missed so dearly. I will forever cherish the memories we shared, you took a piece of my heart with you when you left. When you were diagnosed with kidney failure and given only weeks to a month to live, I was devastated. I am so thankful I got an extra 7 months with you. When I took you in for the checkup and was blindsided by the news that you had an abdominal mass that was highly suspected to be cancer, it broke me. I still question whether there was something, anything I could have done. I just love you so much and life feels so empty without you. Making the decision to have you peacefully euthanized is the hardest thing I have ever been through but having someone come to our home where you feel safe and comfortable was the only way I could live with letting you go. I hope you weren't too scared and knew that I loved you and that's why I had to say goodbye. I hope you are reunited with Gemini and that we will see each other again someday. I will forever love you, Boogie.Heather PhelpsLake Stevens, WashingtonNovember 17, 2019
2/10/2012Cece was a sweet laid back girl who loved hugs and kisses.
She was my hiking partner and saw me through divorce, and a big move.
Our family is going to miss her so much.
Thank you to Dr. Gonzalez who made her exit
from life a peaceful one.
Nicolle MooreTulsa, OklahomaNovember 16, 2019
3/1/2009 - 11/14/2019Oh sweet Carebear- we love you so much much. We are so glad you found us and called this home. We are so happy to have had the short time with you and show you what love and care really is. You always made us smile in everything you did. From taking walks with mommy, to following daddy around the yard. Your photogenic personality was always there and you gave it your best all the way to the end. I’m sad your gone from this earth but so glad you are free of cancer and pain and are able to run and play. Until we meet again sweet Carebear

We love you so much.
Gone from earth but never from our hearts.

Dad, mom, Mimi, DJ, Christopher and
Labbi, Leo, Layla, Lexi, Piper,Prue, Paige, Phoebe
Kari WilliamsMiddletown, ConnecticutNovember 16, 2019
5/1/2002 - 11/14/2019Sam died peacefully and respectfully in his bed with the assistance of Lap of Love veterinarian, Dr. Lauren Peck. His kidney failure resulted in a rapid decline in his health. His biggest fans and guardians were present and sent him off with love and gratitude.Robert SkyeCELEBRATION, FloridaNovember 16, 2019
Sami (samantha) Meloni
10/15/2008 - 11/15/2019We lost our sweet Sami just 7 months & 1 week from losing our Golden Retriever, Apollo...both from cancer. The 11 years we shared with you Sami wasn't nearly long enough. We know your sweet brother, Apollo, greeted you when your crossed the Rainbow Bridge and showed you how wonderful Heaven is. Now you are both together again doing so many fun things that cancer wouldn't allow you to do here on earth. It was so difficult to let you go but we had to free you from the pain and suffering the past few weeks. We sure do miss you so so much sweet little girl. We will certainly miss your meow even though it was at 5am to get us up out of bed. We will miss hearing your purr as you sat on our lap and miss our sweet little girl jumping on the bed to get under the covers to sleep with us. We miss our meals together, even when you stole food from our plates. The house just isn't the same without you Sami. We LOVE you so so much. It's so sad to not see your sweet little face but we will see you again some day. We know we will all meet at the Rainbow Bridge to be together again. Godspeed Sami...FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS!Sue MeloniMohnton, PennsylvaniaNovember 16, 2019
4/20/2002 - 11/12/2019We love you Sammie! You were the best best friend in the whole world! I had the pleasure of loving you for 17 1/2 years as your pet parent! Thank you for being in our lives! Our lives were a little bit better with you in it!.Linda JohnsWest Chester, PennsylvaniaNovember 16, 2019
3/1/2007 - 11/14/2019She was the best and will be deeply missed.Madeline MillerDenham Springs, LouisianaNovember 16, 2019
1/22/2006 - 11/11/2019This was my heart & my lightKatherine TonettiWest palm Beach, FloridaNovember 16, 2019
11/21/2007 - 6/9/2019Beck was our grumpy old man from the day we rescued him. He was the dog version of Walter Mathaau. He was quirky, weird, and a bit of an odd duck, but for our family that the norm. Our dog kids were the land of misfit toys. His younger "brother" adored him even when he would growl at him. His older "sister" just ignored his grumpy ways and his cat "brother" could care less about the grump except for when the little younger dog would instigate chase. Beck was the brawn to his little brother's brains.

When we met Beck, we were not looking to adopt, we had just bought our house and were not ready for a dog yet, but the connection between him and our other dog was instant. They needed each other. Beck was an old soul that seemed to provide comfort to those around him. He was loving, affectionate, and a constant companion to my husband. He loved my father in law and would spend hours leaned up against him both giving and taking the love that was offered.

Saying goodbye was a hard road for us, but in the last year of Beck's life we saw the decline of his health. He developed dementia (who knew it was a thing in dogs) and started to struggle with verbal commands, remembering who we were, and becoming easily agitated. We watched the dog we loved become a shell of who he had been. We knew we had to let him run free as this was no life to live for our grumpy old man. We miss you every day, Beck, but know you are running free from all your pain.
Maria RubioBlaine, MinnesotaNovember 15, 2019
7/22/2019 - 11/14/2019I love you and miss you Maddi girl. You were my little angel and I think about you every second.Kirk EssAtlanta, GeorgiaNovember 15, 2019
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