Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
1/19/2014 - 12/23/2019It has only been 48 hours since you have been gone, but we are missing you so much. We look to your pillow expecting to see you there. I talk into thin air now instead of to you. Our daily routines have been altered. There is a void in our hearts. We miss your wagging tail when we come home and how you would start barking as we came down the road approaching the house. Thanks for being a part of our family. We hope we were able to provide you with the love and comfort you needed, after your rough beginning. May you run free in the warm sun and may there be marrow bones and soup for you to fill your belly. We will never stop missing you, our Maisy girl.Phyllis KiznerPeabody, MassachusettsDecember 25, 2019
12/23/2005 - 12/23/2019Indy was my little prince. Actually, he had many many nicknames,... Prince Banana Bobo Baby Angel Pumpkin Nunu and I could go on and on... :-) He was my little soulmate shadow pup. He was always with me - he would even nap on the bathmat while I took a shower. Indy was the best company you could ask for - whatever I was doing, he was ready to join me. And he was always ready for attention - kisses, songs, snuggles, playtime, and especially food. Having Indy around was the best - his sweet face and loving spirit always made me smile. He was my best little friend.Elizabeth GreenHoboken, New JerseyDecember 25, 2019
12/17/2019Flomar always brought a smile to people’s faces when he passed them on the street. He got compliments everyday on his cuteness., but it was his sweet personality that made me love him more every day. I will hold him in my heart forever.Lisa PaganoSomers Point, New JerseyDecember 25, 2019
12/1/2005 - 12/24/2019Prayer good bye
Thank you God for our Yoshi
What a blessing she has been
Prepare the celebration and rally all the friends
Calling all the angels to walk her to your side
Because of You she’s made whole
Now Light and Grace is her guide
Our earthly bodies grieve the loss
Our hearts may never mend
But the gift of comfort by your hand
Is the gift we ask you send
Oh Christmas Eve a day of joy we’ll celebrate your birth
Prayers and worship for our Yoshi as she leaves this earth
Traci MitchellMustang, OklahomaDecember 24, 2019
2/7/2007 - 12/11/2019Duffy, you live in our hearts until ours no longer beat. You were a blessed gift and completed our pack. Your joyful nature and loving personality won every human's and dog's friendship. Though small in stature, you were the perfect companion for you pack members in their twilight years. Noble of purpose, strong of will and loving of touch, your spirit lives on.Tom LawrenceRaleigh, North CarolinaDecember 24, 2019
Skylar “nunners”
12/14/2003 - 12/14/2019You will always be in our hearts!Mary DowPataskala, OhioDecember 24, 2019
12/9/2009 - 12/21/2019There will always be a hole in my heart in the shape of a Cane Corso... We will love and miss you forever, sweet boy. ♥Ahnika BogartMacungie, PennsylvaniaDecember 24, 2019
8/1/2008 - 12/16/2019Jack was the founding rescue of Doberman Rescue of Nevada. I felt that in his heart he knew he had been given a second chance. He was a gentle kind soul and we will miss him every day, but know he's happy and free of pain.Melissa DespyLas Vegas, NevadaDecember 23, 2019
11/21/2009 - 12/22/2019Mac was the absolute best friend anyone could ever ask for. He was so faithful to us and loved and welcomed 4 kids in his life. We will never forget you best friend! Love you to the moon and back ❤️ See you again someday buddy!Carly BosoGrove City, OhioDecember 23, 2019
11/23/2019 - 12/20/2019Our thanks to everyone who has loved Kirby over these almost-four years. He loved all the neighbors we met on our walks and who gave him kind words and nice pets (and some treats and water too!), loved and supported him when he was recovering from his ordeal last summer, and helped me walk Kirby when I had hand surgery. To our vets, who took such wonderful care of Kirby, especially when he was really hurting. To the folks at Happy Pawz who pampered him when he stayed at their pet hotel and their groomer who kept him looking so nice. And especially to Dr. Lindsey and the Lap of Love staff who gave Kirby and us such comfort and gentle support during a difficult time. You are all simply the best!!Cindy DukeOverland Park, KansasDecember 23, 2019