Pet Memorials
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11/13/2006 - 7/19/2020It is with a heavy heart and incredible sadness that I had to say goodbye to my best friend Blaze aka Boo Bear. The decision made was one of the hardest of my life as I never wanted to let go of such a bond we had, but I could no longer see you suffer. Mentally I knew you were still a pup pup, but physically the damage couldn’t be repaired. I knew in my heart it was time for you to move on and become a doggy angel. So on Sunday, July 19, 2020 at 10:30 am you passed away peacefully in the comfort of my arms. Since then I catch myself talking to you throughout the day hoping you will hear me, my heart believes your presence is still around me, but my soul knows you are at peace and no longer suffering. We have shared a lot of great memories all 13 1/2 years of them. You were truly there for me during the best times and the most painful, and with that the house will forever feel empty without you. They say time heals all wounds, but for me this wound will never heal as you were a big part of my life. You will never be replaced as you were truly one of a kind. Just know I will never stop loving you, will always be thinking of you, and always hoping we will be together again.  I believe our journey is not over only delayed until we meet again. I love you Boo Bear always and forever.Nicole McKeonKensington, ConnecticutJuly 22, 2020
11/26/2006 - 7/20/2020Callie has always been the sweetest little lady - she never barked or made a fuss, she only wanted to give and receive love and cuddles. Her favorite place to be was in her Dad's arms with her head resting on his shoulder, or sitting on his lap while he took her to the park or for a drive. She came to us later in life and we discovered her small quirks and habits and we very quickly saw what a love bucket she was. Her last year was filled with stress and anxiety as she dealt with canine cognitive dysfunction and we had to make the painful decision to do what was right for her.
Dr. Elizabeth was so gentle with Callie and comforted us with her words and actions. She was very caring and gentle with Callie and gave us the time we needed to cry and say goodbye.
This is the second time we've had Lap of Love come to our home to help us send a senior precious doggie to a better place and we cannot say thank them enough.
Linda & Ken MerblerWinter Park, FloridaJuly 22, 2020
5/19/2006 - 7/21/2020To our precious boy, we will never forget you. You brought unconditional love and joy to us for many years. Our lives going forward will never be the same without you. You have left a hole in our hearts that can never be filled. We will see you again when our time is up. Until then run and play until we meet again. Your our precious puppy pie! Love you now and forever! Mom and DadMarie HardenManheim, PennsylvaniaJuly 22, 2020
2/17/2006 - 7/19/2020Our family got to have the joy of having George in our family for 14 1/2 years. Our kids grew up with him. We are grateful for every day with him. He was the sweetest guy and endeared himself to all of the neighbors. He visited our neighbor for pancake Sunday and naps by the fire on a regular basis. He loved cheese curls and being wherever the action was. This loss will be hard to overcome. Grateful that being home so much due to COVID-19 allowed us to enjoy our sweet golden boy so much these last few months..Glen Mills, PennsylvaniaJuly 22, 2020
12/15/2007 - 7/21/2020Jack was my buddy, companion, protector and faithful friend. Jack had the sweetest personality and temperament I have ever seen, and many people were touched by Jack's sweet stare, hand shaking, and nudging your arm when you had food he wanted a bite of.

He will always be fondly remembered and never forgotten. No dog can ever replace this loss or fill this hole.

Jack - in my grief and sorrow, how lucky I am to feel this way. You were and will always be deeply loved, and i will see you again my friend.

Phil SlaterKernersville, North CarolinaJuly 22, 2020
7/17/2020 - 7/13/2020Kelly was the truest companion. My shadow the whole time we had her... She loved swimming, walking and playing in the snow. Whenever she was presented with a new toy or bone, she promptly hid it! She loved to take our socks and bring them to us and then spend lots of time looking for a safe spot for them in the house. She was the combination of a fun, athletic, active dog and a cuddly, snuggly, gigantic lap dog:) Though many changes happened throughout Kelly’s life, she was a comforting, loving constant. People often commented on what a dynamic personality she had. She was loved by so many:)Kristin SchmidtMinneapolis, MinnesotaJuly 22, 2020
Sam....aka Sam-sam
6/21/2008 - 7/20/2020SAM, I will NEVER forget you, your Sam-isms, and most importantly how you loved me unconditionally.
I remember our very first meeting at your foster mom's [Mama D] house. You were a shy boy who kept his distance. After walking around and visiting with MamaD, you came to me, sat down beside me and leaned against my leg. At that moment, you were mine forever. Our time together was unexpectedly cut short. I will love you and think of you every day until we meet again, my faithful friend. I miss you so much!
Saundra YoungPerrysburg, OhioJuly 22, 2020
Sappho A.k.a The Cat A.k.a Midnight
1/1/2004 - 7/16/2020A true party animal, lover of people and sometimes dogs. Though Boston-based in the end, she’s always been a big city girl, born and raised, and loved all the people she met there. She spent her final days roaming around a lush yard filled with swaths of delicious grass, large trees, big beds of flowers, and so many entertaining birds, butterflies, and other critters. She put up a good fight in her battle against lymphoma, flourishing under the care of Dr. Lee and the Oncology staff of MSPCA Boston, who she grew to love, evidenced by her increasing willingness to be brought for her weekly appointments. Though she wasn’t always comfortable these last few weeks, she found one last bout of relief from her medication and strategic (but still indulgent) diet in the last days before she passed. She got plenty of cheek and low back scratches and quality time with her favorite blankets, pillows, sweaters and some of her favorite people. She’ll miss her 2015 family with Allison, our home at 1172 (Chris, Rebecca, Max, and Tyler, plus all the visitors she charmed), our home in Carroll Gardens with Toby, and later with pup Reggie in Boerum Hill, her second home on long island with her great grandma Ellen, and even the little zoo/studio apartment in Chelsea with Aggie and Olga, who apparently still look aloft for her when they hear the word “kitty”. She’ll be missed by her Boston family, though we will always have the comfort of knowing she’s laid to rest outside surrounded by some of the flowers she loved in the yard. She passed peacefully with the help of Dr. Sally, outside on her favorite blanket, after having her fill of salmon and strawberry shortcake popsicle.Newton, MassachusettsJuly 21, 2020
6/14/2013 - 7/15/2020To our sweet Lola,

Words can’t express how much we love you and miss you. You were the best dog we could have asked for and always showed us unconditional love. We loved everything about you. You were always there for us, and always made us smile and laugh. You were the cutest, spunkiest dog around. We can’t thank you enough for all of the joy you added to our lives. There will always be a Lola-sized hole in our hearts. We can’t wait to see you again someday, sweet girl. We will all play another game of tug of war as soon as we’re reunited in heaven. We love you so much.

Mom and Dad
Dallas, TexasJuly 21, 2020
4/21/2011 - 7/18/2020Mitchel, my middles, my fat boy... Mommy misses you every day. I miss your heavy head in my hands, your incessant kisses, your stubborn wet noodle and side eye when you didn't get your way. I miss you talking through those big lips and yelling at everyone when you weren't included. I miss your tolerance of my snuggles and nonsense. I miss you rolling in the grass and walking through every puddle. But mostly, I just miss you. You were better to me than I ever deserved and I hope you knew just how much you meant to me. I hope you are running and rolling, eating all the things, and talking up a storm with lots of new friends. Until we meet again my sweet boy, I love you.Rebecca Yearby-BeanLebanon, PennsylvaniaJuly 21, 2020