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9/23/2006 - 4/16/2021Saying goodbye to Buster was the hardest thing I have ever done. Getting a pet is much more than just a responsibility and fun time, but a lifetime of unconditional love and attachment. I was so blessed to have 14 years with my best friend, who taught me so much about patience, love, and loyalty, I have never seen a dog so loyal and loving than sweet Buster, and he was loved by so many. He came into my life when I was just a kid, and to be able to grow into an adult with him, and take care of him as he went into his golden years means the world to me. I will miss him following every step I take, barking at absolutely nothing, and pushing himself into me to give him attention. "Buster Brown's" favorite thing in the world was a tennis ball, and I hope he has all of the tennis balls he could want up there.Cameron KimpsonGreenwood Village, ColoradoApril 20, 2021
3/1/2009 - 3/5/2021Einstein was truly my heart and still is. Ever since I had to let him go I felt broken and honestly like I can’t be here without him. The pain of losing him was the hardest thing I ever experienced in my life. I felt he left us too soon. We still had so much to do together and I just did not understand why him. Last year in July he was diagnosed with a rare type of lymphoma. I was devastated when I found out but I just knew we could beat it. Einstein was so tough because the whole time he was on treatments and dealing with swollen lymph nodes he was still a big puppy. He cracks me up just thinking about him and all our memories. Our favorite thing we did together was our long walks in the woods or Late night walks. I would take him off a leash because no one would be outside and he would always stay with me. As a puppy we did that when we went hiking and he would run up just to the point where I was almost out of his view and then he would run back or just turn around and look at me like “cmon mama”. Now when I go on walks it feels like something is missing. The last day he was here with us we actually went on a pretty good walk in the morning, I took him off the leash and just let him be free smelling every little spot he’s smelled several times already. He even saw this very sweet dog that made him get so excited that he was wagging his tail so hard. Made me so happy to see. We then went one last time before Dr.Emily arrived at our residence and it was really a perfect walk. Everyone was sweet but gentle with him. No one knew what was happening or this would be his last day but for some reason the weather was perfect, people were extra friendly and kind, and he had just enough energy to make it one last time. Einstein I did not deserve you but you blessed me with infinite unconditional love. You taught me so much through the years and I regret I didn’t do more to prevent you the pain you felt in your last days. I wish I could’ve given you a few more healthy years and made sure you well and protected always. I still feel I failed you but you never made me feel otherwise you stayed loving me and being my best friend. The connection we had was a bond I never imagine I could experience and you gave me that. I miss rubbing your face, feeling your big butt come seat on my back or lean on me, I miss hearing your bark, I miss holding you, I miss our walks, our playtime, eating together and just taking little adventures together. Thank you for all these wonderful years and blessing me with all your love. I still feel you here with me and so many times I just think you are in the other room laying down. Thank you for choosing me and being my sweet boy. I love you Einstein!Patrizzia SimpsonCharlotte, North CarolinaApril 19, 2021
3/26/2007 - 4/18/2021Titan was a sweet, gentle giant who amazingly lived to be nearly 15 years old. We often said he was part cat because of how he liked to rub his humans and paw at our ankles when we walked by. Titan, we will miss you forever. You left a void and the house now feels empty without your huge presence. I know we'll meet again one day at the bridge! We love you and you'll be in our hearts forever.Jennifer PerezRialto, CaliforniaApril 19, 2021
8/15/2008Rosco you are missed more than you will ever know. You were my constant companion for 13 wonderful years and the house feels so empty without you. We won’t forget you buddy, you live in all of our hearts!Charlene NelsonPrinceton, New JerseyApril 19, 2021
4/22/2006 - 4/16/2021We had to say goodbye to our dear 15 year old Gizmo. He was such an exceptional cat who seemed to be a bit human with a special soul. He was sweet, loving, gentle, a great companion, a greeter, a patient traveler between Pennsylvania and Florida, a laser chaser, a snuggler , and always by our side.
Gizmo, we cherished the 15 years we had with you. You were our favorite hello and our hardest goodbye…
And God said, “I will send them without wings, so no one will suspect they are angels. “
Tina MacDowellEstero, FloridaApril 19, 2021
8/15/2009 - 4/18/2021For anyone who knows me knows how much Maggie meant to me. She was the most loyal companion. I got her when she was just a small little puppy. She became more than just a pet she was my baby. She develop diabetes in 2016 and lived a good life with the disease. She was and still is loved by her family! I miss her so much and I dreaded this day but I know she is no longer in pain. She will always hold a special place in my heart. She meant the world to me and I would do anything to keep her safe and healthy. She was mommy’s best friend and daddy’s girl! We will always love her!Krystal CookeConcord, North CarolinaApril 19, 2021
1/14/2021 - 4/14/2021Hendrix was a sweet boy that I fell in love with the first time I saw him. He was a puppy when I rescued him and quickly became the light of my life. He was with me during my entire 20’s. He loved to go on hikes and explore. We have so many memories of playing in the park and going on long walks. He kept me sane and active. Hendrix loved playing and being a silly boy.

I will forever miss his sweet face. Thankful we got to spend the past decade together and I can’t wait till the day I get to see him again. Love you forever bubba. You are in a better place free from pain and now able to run free.

This quote from Winnie the Pooh describes how I feel to the tee: “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”
Hendrix SchellAtlanta, GeorgiaApril 19, 2021
9/24/2009 - 4/16/2021Nanuk was a Golden Retriever who brought so much love and joy to everybody he met. He was so full of life and had a presence that stayed in your heart even when he wasn't around. He loved his family/pack SO much and especially loved his Momma! Nanuk was a very happy dog that exuded his happiness and love...he would brighten up any room. He was also the best host and would greet everybody who came over with joy and happiness while carrying his baby (stuffed animal) in his mouth. Nanuk will forever be loved and cherished.Gina EubanksGainesville, FloridaApril 19, 2021
Naboo Hanley
7/29/2005 - 4/16/2021We miss you dearly Naboo.James HanleyDecatur, GeorgiaApril 19, 2021
4/30/2004 - 4/16/2021Callie was a fiesty cat who loved her family dearly. She didn’t like to be picked up or told what to do, but she loved to cuddle her humans. She would head butt you, throw her body at you and roll over to get your attention. She loved to chase the kittens in our house. Her favorite human was her dad, Shawn, if she saw him get into bed, she was right there with him snuggling all over him. She will be greatly missed by all of us!Sara OberdorfRiverview, FloridaApril 19, 2021
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