Pet Memorials
Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
12/18/2003 - 8/2/2019There is no way I can put Howie into words. Adopted at an estimated 6-7 years old, many people said to me "why would you adopt an old dog? You will only have him long enough to get attached before you'll have to put him down". How very wrong those people were. Howie gave so much joy to every person he encountered in the next 8 years. A gentle, sweet soul he was. His silent presence was the most comforting part of my day.. His companionship unwavering, he was the best friend. Even as his fur greyed and his movements slowed, he was always my shadow, following me from room to room, always keeping an eye out to safeguard me. Even until his last day, every memory I have of his is warm. From the "dance" he would do when he heard the jingle of his leash, to the soft snores he would let out as he drifted into dreamland, to the big grin that would spread across his face when he was happy (which was, in fact, any time that he was awake). The support that we have received since his passing speaks volumes to who he was, and just how many people he brought joy to and loved. There will never be another like Howie. I am reassured that he is pain free and playing at the rainbow bridge, grateful for the time that I had with him, and blessed beyond words that we met in the shelter that day. Rest in peace, my best friend. I will never stop missing you.Julia McLeanAnn Arbor, MichiganAugust 6, 2019
2/23/2012 - 7/23/2019Our beloved cat, SAMI dedicated his time on earth to caring for my husband and myself. We called him and his sister, Sophie, our therapy cats. We miss him everyday but we know he lives on in our hearts and soul.Blanche ScaliseMonroeville, PennsylvaniaAugust 6, 2019
6/21/2009 - 8/4/2019We will miss our boy, Bruiser. He has left us with broken hearts but we believe we will see him again one day.Linda HartiganPalm Harbor, FloridaAugust 6, 2019
8/27/2003 - 8/4/2019Peanut was the best little girl and the center of our home. She is so loved and will be forever missed. She loved to sit in the sun and bark at dogs and people walking by. She loved to cuddle with us and curl up under a warm blanket. Her favorite cuddle spot was behind Bob’s legs. She would attack me with kisses and try to kick me out of my chair so she could have it to go to sleep. She liked walks, and in the end carries, to see what was happening in the neighborhood. She only liked one type of ball, it had to be green with red spots. After she destroyed a couple as a puppy we bought a lot to keep on hand. When she was a puppy she liked to push the ball under furniture. She liked a special treat of a hot dog on the grill and was always by my side while I was making lunches. She enjoyed some day trips with us to sightsee and walk in the woods. When she was a puppy she would pounce on the little white moths in the grass. She was a fierce protector of her family. She kept an eye on all who entered the house. She was small but mighty! She was our best friend and pure love. A faithful life companion. Life will be hard without her.Vicki and Bob BurstynowiczPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaAugust 5, 2019
1/26/2005 - 7/23/2019Benny was such a good and gentle soul. He will be missed terribly.
He was such a momma’s boy and didn’t like to be alone. He followed us everywhere.
He gave us so much unconditional love. He rescued us. The house is just a little more quiet and lonely
May you Rest In Peace sweet Benny and run free without pain. Hope you are reunited with your sister and brother
Gina and Davis. You are loved my Benny boy. Until we meet again
Cindy and Bob WillardSinking spring, PennsylvaniaAugust 5, 2019
6/22/2006 - 8/4/2019Blue was never just a pet, he was an angel sent directly to us for so many reasons!Alyssa Roberts-GreenDade City, FloridaAugust 5, 2019
12/15/2002 - 8/2/2019Mia was a little lady, when I met this girl she was tiny tiny she definitely was a crazy girl who could jump so high. When she was younger she would watch tv with my Mom and Bark at any animal she saw on the tv even the musinex man haha Mom would fall asleep Mia would stand on top of her back watching tv barking away. ran the house. She was my My Moms baby when Mom passed she became my girl. for 10 years and will be so missed. I Love you Mia and know you will be waiting with MomRobin CollinsLand O Lakes, FloridaAugust 5, 2019
Ophelia Rossin
4/25/2005 - 4/9/2019Ophelia was the best friend I ever had. I got Ophelia when she was 8 weeks old. Even then she was the size of a cat, nothing but paws and ears. I first saw her at 6 weeks, and out of all the puppies, she was the one that came to me when I called them all. I had just gotten out of the Army and a combat tour in Iraq. Two of my buddies were killed there, blown up by a suicide bomber, right in front of me. It was a hard tour. SGT Nick Mason, and SGT David Ruhren were just 20 years old. By the time we left Iraq 7 were wounded and 2 KIA out of a platoon of 25. I needed a friend. I had a lot of issues, lots of problems, and Ophelia just plain loved me without conditions. She would put her paw on me and shake me awake if I was having a Nightmare. Or snuggle my ear, or sometimes lick my face. She kept me from having full-blown panic attacks. She kept the darkness away, and kept me from sliding down the slippery slope. Ophelia saved my life. She would stand behind me, keeping people in line from getting too near. She would growl at people i didnt like. She always understood me, She just wanted to always be near me, and to make me happy. I could talk to her, and she listened intently. Sometimes she looked at me with such intensity I knew what she was saying. Often she would speak by looking at things. Look at the trail she wanted to go down, look at me, the trail, me, the trail. Or look at the dog biscuits, then look at me. Too easy, I understood her and she understood me. She would sit in my passenger seat, taller than i am. Wearing a pink t-shirt i had made her. And she would sit on a kitchen chair, taller than anyone else at the table. We were so close. My 24/7 buddy. My therapist at the Hampton Veterans hospital called my daughter and wife to say to get me a puppy, cause she thought I might hang myself when Ophelia passed. So Daisy, a great Dane puppy came into our lives. Given to me by my neighbor, Casi Maul. They raised Great Danes sometimes. Ophelia was going on 15, truly ancient. The day I dreaded came at last, as it does for us all. I thanked Ophelia for every walk, every tug a war, every table companion dinner, every truck ride, I thanked her for being my friend, for listening without complaint or impatience. I thanked Ophelia, told her how much I love her, and I asked her to be the first one to run up for when my time comes. I held her, and gave a quick nod to Dr Elyse. I held Ophelia as her life drained away, and I cried my heart out. I miss my friend so deeply, so very very much. It felt as if the sun dimmed and the world just became a darker less friendly place. It felt as if a cold wind blew all the candles out, and no one noticed except me. Sometimes I dream of her. I feel a lump in my throat when I think of her.
Dr Elyse was very sweet kind and caring. She made a paw print in clay, took a hair sample for me, and a week or so later wrote me a very warm and kind concerned letter. I am so glad I called her to come to my house, because was so scared of doctors she would shake when it was time for her to see a vet.
William RossinChesapeake, VirginiaAugust 5, 2019
1/1/2005 - 8/2/2019Thank you for the smiles and laughs everyday. How lucky we are that you were our dog. You were a part of our small family and will forever have a paw on our hearts. You will be missed on the water, on walks, in the garden, and most of all I will miss you by our side for everything. You brought joy in our life for almost 15 years. I will miss you the most out of everything, my Koda chicken babay.Ashley ASaint Paul, MinnesotaAugust 5, 2019
Sean Connery
8/4/2004 - 5/2/2019For sweet Sean, on what would have been your birthday. You were the perfect cat - one of a kind. I will always miss you.Clare WoodsDurham, North CarolinaAugust 5, 2019