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Hamlet Lyons
3/27/2005 - 3/30/2020Hamlet was born in Kansas and came to us when he was a year old. His former family was moving overseas and could not take their little King Charles Cavalier with them. We met him the week before Easter in 2006 and instantly bonded with the freckle faced red and white guy who loved to smile.
He was a good friend to two brothers and two sisters whose dad was military. Through many moves and deployments he steadfastly comforted and played offering unconditional love. His oldest brother took good care of him and his youngest brother played outdoors with him. His oldest sister walked him and talked with him even while the rest of the world seemed unable to listen to her.
His floppy ears and sweet personality fit right in with our four kid family. He helped babysit the youngest we nicknamed the Bean. Ham and Bean were best friends and he sweetly accompanied her to the park, down slides and swings. He never grew cross with anyone, even when he was over-loved or treated a bit rough. He comforted us, helped us grow up and lived well beyond what we thought he might.
We feel very blessed, even during these strange days because we were all home when it came time for his passing. We are so thankful to Dr. Santspree for braving the virus and continuing working.
We miss him very much and always will. He really was the best dog any of could ever hope for.
Jenn and Family LyonsAlbany, New YorkApril 8, 2020
4/30/2010 - 4/7/2020It is with great sadness that I report the passing of my sweet cat, Dune (the color of a sand dune), who had lymphoma. He was the most friendly, silly cat, loved people and also tolerated dogs pretty well. Everyone loved him. His sister, Lily, who we got as his companion, died suddenly last year, and that was hard. We did all we could with him, radiation, chemo, but it kept coming back. Euthanizing a pet is a tough decision, but he had a very peaceful passing. His last hours on earth were out in the warm sunny day in the yard (he loved being outdoors) getting lots of pets from me (he loved his belly rubs), and he had a last meal (he loved to eat). So he had a wonderful last day. There is a void in my house right now. I keep thinking that I should feed him, let him outside, let him inside, looking for him to come to me for something. When I hear noises in my house, I think it's him. It will take a while to get used to him not being here. I hope he is in kitty heaven now, with his sibling Lily. We will all miss him very much.Victoria FullerChicago, IllinoisApril 8, 2020
12/2/2005 - 4/4/2020Rudy, you were the perfect dog. You were very smart and very easy to train. You learned very quickly to listen and follow you older brother, Sparky. I always looked forward to taking you outside and watch you do your zoomies around the yard and just when I thought you were done, I would make a move and you would start round two. Then at night, we would lay down for cuddles and you would let me scratch you "bear nose" for hours. I am going to miss those cuddles and your kisses. Run free Rudy Bear. Now you can chase your tennis balls and frisbees with Sparky all day, every day. I love you.Ron AllainRolling Meadows, IllinoisApril 8, 2020
1/24/2006 - 4/6/2020Icy-mama, you are sorely missed, there are too many words to describe your beautiful personality ,loyalty and love that you have always shown throughout your long life with us ! There will never be ANY replacement for the emptiness we all feel in our hearts for you. Your sense of perseverance in not wanting to leave us was heart breaking as we also struggled to let you go. A’Mya will miss you the most, not seeing you to say ,” Good morning Icy-mama!” We will always think about you and talk to you everyday, but , God these first few days without you are so hard as you were our first baby and not starting the days with you are the hardest and hurt so badly . So baby girl , we have loved you too much to keep your wings from you , you deserved to fly high , and be the beautiful angel we always knew we were so lucky to have in our lives!!! Our Hearts hurt so much girl , and we know your soul can feel our pain , I know you can hear us talking to you , so I know you will always be here to watch over us and see the kids grow as they will always remember you!!! We celebrate your life and are overwhelmed by the loss of our girl as we know you are at peace !Amy EdmondCentral Islip, New YorkApril 8, 2020
8/26/2006 - 4/6/2020From James: He was my baby boy and always will be. He loved the ocean. He loved life. From Mom: Merle you came into our lives in a “flash”. Yes boy you will never get rid of that. You found the only extension cord in the house and chewed the hell out of it! They wanted to put you down. We said no, give him a chance, he’s a fighter. You lived, they said amputate his tongue, we said hell no! Age 13, last teeth being pulled, they found a zip tie in that head of yours! It had been there so long it grew into your head. That says so much about our boy. He ended up with so many challenges in life after the electrocutions. Bleeding penis twice! Eventually had his balls removed. Sorry Merle but had to be done. That was the end to the health problems. But he did have so many fatty tumors. They didn’t seem to hurt but they did cause discomfort in the Jeep when we went for rides. We made sure there was pillow for him to sit up in between his mom and dad. Few things would make him raise his beautiful ears, food, other animals and rides in the Jeep! Merle, your brother is good but misses you. I will make sure Rae is good. No worries my love. Enjoy and thank you for that very special gift you gave me this morning. I will never forget it.Beckie LandryLas Vegas, NevadaApril 8, 2020
6/1/2010 - 4/6/2020Our beautiful Coco was our best friend, loyal protector, faithful nanny, lover of all babies and children, world's worst fetcher, world's best listener, belly rub beggar, awesome cuddler, napoholic, toy destroyer, snack connoisseur , world observer, queen bee, and the light of our lives. She passed though our lives like a falling star, and now our world has gone black with her passing. Rest in peace, sweet guardian angel. You will be forever loved and missed. ♥Denise O'TooleAtlanta, GeorgiaApril 8, 2020
9/25/2005 - 4/5/2020In loving memory of our “Best Boy Bailey Boopers”. Bailey was born on a farm in Fairview, North Carolina to his parents Jack and Gizmo in September of 2005. He came into our home and our lives when he was just 7 weeks old. It was Love at first sight for all of us and Victoria and I became his “Mommas” for the next 14 1/2 years. Bailey went on some exciting adventures hiking in the mountains of NC, strolling in Central Park in NYC, playing endlessly with his beloved doggie girlfriend Ginny and most of all, running and playing on the beaches of Charleston, SC! Oh how he loved the beach and the ocean! Bailey Boopers moved with us to Chicago in 2017 and became a city dog for the rest of his life. We were able to take him back to his beloved beach and ocean last summer and he also was able to visit his Ginny girl on that vacation!
Bailey was serious, stubborn and spunky throughout his life. He always knew what he wanted and liked and would sneeze to tell us so. He was loving and gentle and fiercely loyal to his Mommas. Spending time together at home as a family was one of his greatest joys. We loved him with all of our hearts and he will never leave us. Our hearts are broken and our lives and home feel empty without him. We look forward to the day when he will run to meet us again and we will be together forever. Until then, sweet boy, run free! Your Mommas Linda and Victoria
Linda StirkChicago, IllinoisApril 8, 2020
5/1/2010 - 4/5/2020In loving memory of the best cuddler, goofy, and most loving boy. My best friend, Petey, Mr. Peterson, bunny, Bubba, sweet boy.Anne HartHazel Park, MichiganApril 8, 2020
7/24/2005 - 4/4/2020Rest easy sweet Sadie. You gave us almost 15 years of having a perfect pet. We will miss you dearly. Will miss you racing bicycle riders along the fence line and miss countless hours of throwing the tennis ball.Rae McCurleyMiddletown, OhioApril 7, 2020
Normina (mina) Eppler
6/11/2009 - 4/6/2020This past week I saw that Mina wasn’t right, something was off with her and it worried me. On Friday I came home from work and I couldn’t find her anywhere, I was panicked. She was hiding and would come out to me, she wouldn’t sleep with me, and I knew something was very very wrong. We took her to the vet and as I was waiting for them to come and get her I noticed that her gums were yellow, and the inside of her ears were yellow. The Vet said they feared she was in liver failure so we rushed her to the emergency room. I thought if she could have emergency surgery she would be ok. They ran blood work on her and did an ultra sound. They found a tumor on her liver which ruptured and she was bleeding internally. They said the only way to help is surgery and they felt she was too sick and with her age of 10 she would not survive the surgery. If she survived the surgery she would then need chemo. All this and it would prolong her life maybe 9 to 12 months. I asked if I could pick her up they said yes and told me to be prepared that she could go at any time. I needed to spend time with her to say goodbye. After everything she’s done for me I could not let her suffer for my own selfishness. She was my savior and I now had to save her.Lori EpplerCopiague, New YorkApril 7, 2020
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