Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Annie Dion-Byrd, DVM"We were struggling with our beloved rescue dog "Goldie" and her illness Cushings Disease. She was diagnosed 2 years ago and started declining the last two month at age 13. We were so uncertain about when to make a decision ,but in one week she slowed down eating and had difficulty walking and getting up and down. Her breathing when she walked was labored. We knew when she looked at us that it was time and in her way she was signaling that to us.

We called our vet to recommend an in- home euthanasia service and they recommended "Lap of Love". The experience dealing with them was top notch from the receptionist to the attending veterinarian that came to our home. Dr. Annie Byrd was amazing and made our girl feel so comfortable and relaxed. She also helped us with her kind reassuring words and comforted us as "Goldie" went peacefully to sleep in our arms.

I will always use their services for any future pets ---"
Lori SchwenkerMount Dora, FloridaMarch 16, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Keri Morgan, DVM, MPH"We are so grateful for Lap of Love on one of the hardest days of our lives. Every phone and in-person interaction we had with them was compassionate, professional, loving, and supportive. We have said many times that we made the best choice for our family and our beloved cat by using Lap of Love. Dr. Morgan was truly wonderful. She handled our cat with such care and was so thoughtful with every interaction. Saying goodbye to our furry family member was an extremely intimate experience and having her there was comforting even though we’d only just met. We can’t say enough about this organization and the work they do to provide families with the utmost care."Lindsay MallersSaint Louis, MissouriMarch 16, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tina Olivieri, DVM"Princess Daisy was my little girl and center of my world for 14 years. When she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, we managed her illness with meds for 6 weeks. But she was not her usual happy energetic self due to her condition, activity restrictions from her cardiologist and side effects of the meds. I knew her condition was terminal with an end likely to be scary and painful. I also knew I didn’t want her traumatized by a final trip to the vet’s office.
My search for the right vet to come to my home led me to Lap of Love and Dr. Tina. Calling to schedule an appointment was the most difficult call I have ever made, but the staff was very sympathetic and understanding of my grief. With the recommendation from Lap of Love, I provided Daisy with some things she loved best like walks in the park and eating the usually prohibited hamburger and mac ‘n’ cheese in my remaining time with her.
I feel blessed and I am very thankful that Dr. Tina was there at the end. Dr. Tina is compassionate and kind and has a calming presence, which is what we needed at our saddest moment. She took the time to know Daisy and I appreciated that she got down on Daisy’s level and allowed Daisy to accept her. And although I did not doubt my decision, she reassured me that I was doing the right and humane thing. She explained everything that she was doing and what to expect. Despite the painful sadness, the process was surprisingly peaceful due to the gentle care and respect Dr. Tina had for Daisy’s life and our love for her. Thank you Dr. Tina for your compassionate care for us and our precious Daisy."
Trina TrongonePorter Ranch, CaliforniaMarch 16, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi, DVM"Dr. Heather's kindness, patience and compassion throughout this sad experience was so appreciated. Her gentle manner with our Seamus helped ease our sorrow and made his transition a peaceful and meaningful event. Thank you, Dr. Heather."lynbrook, NYMarch 16, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tina Olivieri, DVM"When my cat of 18 years was diagnosed with lymphoma, and took a turn for the worst in a matter of hours, I thought I would not be able to make it through. Dr. Tina made one of the worst days of my life into one of comfort and peace. She sat on the floor with us, asked questions that got us talking about what a wonderful pet Max and been and how he brought so much joy to our lives. She took her time letting us say goodbye, and dictating how the time would go, never making us feel like we were on a timeline. She has a genuine gift with animals, and also with people. Saying goodbye is never easy, but his last moments were full of love, care, and concern for his comfort and dignity. I cannot say enough about Dr. Tina. She is doing exactly what she was born to be doing, and is a gift to animals, and all of us who love them."Nicole PetreshockLos Angeles, CaliforniaMarch 16, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Steven Schultz, DVM"Dr. Steven was so caring and wonderful. He made euthanizing my sweet baby, a little less painful by being so compassionate. He explained exactly what would happen in a very loving way."Katie AmbroseBuffalo, NYMarch 15, 2019Sake's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Toni Knox, DVM"Our thanks to Dr. Toni who did a wonderful job for us. Very kind, professional, thorough and empathetic. She was able to make the traumatic experience less painful for us. Rest in peace Chance."Sharon and Phil BurgBlue Bell, PennsylvaniaMarch 15, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Dawnetta Woodruff, DVM"We are still heartbroken from the diagnosis of our family member "Macy" having a large tumor. Our vet gave us the courage to make that hard decision of putting her to rest at the age of 14. Even though we knew this day would come and that the decision was a must, for her sake, it didn't make it any easier. We knew that it would have been a selfish thing to drag out the process for our own hearts. Macy deserved better than that. And as Dr. Dawnetta pointed out to us, "Macy's body was working very hard just laying there on our couch." We were referred to Lap of Love from a friend and at first I thought it weird to have a stranger come into our house, instead of having our favorite vet who knows her, handle this process. I am still in shock at how pleasant and wonderful Dr. Dawnetta was to our family and so glad we made the decision to use Lap of Love. She was professional, but still very comforting and knew exactly what we needed to hear. This is one of the hardest things we have been through, but the way it was handled was a great tribute to our beloved pet. Macy was given a medicine to gently put her to sleep in her most favorite part of our couch, with all of us by her side. Instead of a cold table in an unfamiliar room that would have caused her distress. I would recommend this service and Dr. Dawnetta to anyone going through this. to Dr. Dawnetta....Thank you!!"Kim RogersChesterfield, MissouriMarch 15, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi, DVM"We are eternally grateful to Dr. Heather. It is with such sadness that we had to say goodbye to our best kitty ever, Coco who was almost 18.
I thank God we had recently heard of the wonderful services done by Lap of Love.
I can’t begin to express how much comfort we feel knowing our little Coco’s last moments were so peaceful and loving and that she wasn’t scared.
Dr. Heather is soft spoken, loving, and took her time making sure we had the most peaceful experience possible.
It takes a special soul to give this gift to families and their fur babies at their most difficult time."
Linda MooreHauppauge, NYMarch 15, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Shannon Cabell, DVM"We can't thank you enough for the kind, caring and peaceful way you helped our Sara pass. We are so grateful because we can move on with the comfort of knowing we gave her the very best departure possible. Everything was just perfect. That alone makes the healing process easier."Valerie ZaffutoEnglishtown, New JerseyMarch 15, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jordan Taheri, DVM"Making the decision to say goodbye to a pet is one of hardest decisions to make. When we knew we had to say goodbye to our sweet Luna, Lap of Love made a very tough day a little easier on our family. Dr. Jordan was calm, gentle, and very understanding. He gave us the information and time we needed to have our final moments with Luna, and the transition was peaceful and filled with love. Lap of Love is the perfect alternative to a veterinary office--it was so nice to give Luna the opportunity to have a stress-free, comfortable, and tranquil environment as we said farewell."Tracee EvansCooper City, FloridaMarch 15, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi, DVM"When one of our best friends took a turn for the worse on Tuesday evening, March 12, we were faced with the decision to try to take extraordinary measures to save our 16 Year Old Scrappy, or to allow him to pass with as much comfort as possible. Originally we were going to bring him to our vet in Farmingdale, but a family member suggested having him transition at home, which we decided to do. We reached out to Lap of Love and arranged for Dr. Heather Manfredi to come to our home early in the afternoon.
While we were very upset, and in tears, Dr. Manfredi assisted us in understanding the grieving process and how our dear Scrappy would pass. We were so comforted and appreciated by her in our time of grief and sorrow.

My wife and I were extremely thankful that we allowed Scrappy to pass at home where he was comfortable and at ease.

Thank you Lap of Love and especially Dr. Heather Manfredi."
Arthur SmolinMassapequa Park, NYMarch 15, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Gill, DVM"We had a brutally tough decision to put our Duchess down. She was 18 and had been such a part of family for so long. Dr Elizabeth Gill made a very difficult decision and time much more comforting I can't say enough about her and our decision to have someone come to our house. Thank you Dr. Elizabeth. We are grateful and feel blessed to have crossed paths with you guys."STEVE SHURINACelebration, FloridaMarch 15, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica Spitzer, DVM"Dr. Spitzer has helped us before with a previous pet. We requested her for Freddie because of her empathy, professionalism and all around love. We feel so blessed for her care."Robyn BallardMoorpark, CaliforniaMarch 14, 2019Freddie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristina Kalivoda, DVM"I want to express my sincere appreciation and heartfelt thank you to Dr Kristina. Putting our beloved McKinley to sleep was such a hard decision - and when we finally made it we knew we wanted a dignified, home passing.

Dr Kristina far exceeded my expectations for being a caring, knowledgeable and patient doctor. She made us feel at ease, which is amazing given the emotions and sadness of the day. She was gentle with our beloved McKinley and thoughtful about her comfort as well as preparing us for what would happen. She took her cues from us and waited until we were ready.

And she was very attentive - so attentive in fact that she completely blew us away with her lovely sympathy card and memorial she prepared on our behalf for our pup. I couldn't' have written it any better myself and it meant so much to me to know that our beloved pup was appropriately recognized because of Dr Kristina's above and beyond listening and empathy skills - I had no idea she was paying attention to our mindless chatter about our favorite memories or how McKinley came into our lives. But she was, and she beautifully captured them.

I am a huge fan of the work this company does and of Dr Kristina and would recommend both whole-heartedly!"
Lora FreemanHighland Park, IllinoisMarch 14, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kimberly Moen, DVM"Thank you for helping to make the passing of our little baby Penny a peaceful journey!"Leigh & John RiddleBoca Raton, FloridaMarch 14, 2019Penny's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kim Bruce, DVM, CVA"Our 12 year old Aussie Shepherd mix - Trixie had Degenerative Myelopathy and was incontinent. She ceased having a dogs life. This was our first time using in home euthanasia and although the cost was probably higher than taking her to a vet, Trixie was so dear to us, we wanted to give Lap of Love a try. Dr. Kim Bruce was professional, empathetic, and compassionate. Yes, it was difficult to let your pet go, but the home setting and personal treatment was better for us."Gary BishopGolden, ColoradoMarch 14, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Carly Billeaudeau, DVM"Dr. Carly was with us during the lowest moment of our lives. Her understanding, support and kindness is truly a gift. She made the transition for us and Clowey extremely peaceful and for that we are eternally grateful. From the bottom of our hearts...thank you Dr. Carly."Lindsay & Ryan RivettBaton Rouge, LouisianaMarch 13, 2019Clowey Paige's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi, DVM"We recently lost our beloved Dog Gabby to Wobbler's disease. Dr. Heather and Lap of Love were recommended to us due to dire circumstances by our Vet. We couldn't have asked for better care. It was an extremely difficult time but Dr. Heather demonstrated true compassion in the comfort of our own home. We truly are grateful for the services. Also, Dr. Heather sent a follow up email checking in the very next day, it was much appreciated. It takes a special person to deliver this type of care, we could not recommend Dr. Heather enough, thank you again.

Angelo & Sara."
Angelo UrsoLake Grove, NYMarch 13, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Rene Butler, DVM"Dr. Rene,
It has taken me this long to respond to your kindness. It took me months to get rid of my beloved Elmo's hair, toys, food, etc. I still tear up at the grocery, vet, and groomer. He loved everyone as he only received love in our home for 7 years. His 8th birthday was March 5, 2019. Bentley (my Yorkie) has been fine- I think because he was allowed to participate with our friends and not hidden away. You made crossing the bridge better for my Elmo and myself- I will never forget that !

Ramona, Elmo and Bentley
March 13, 2019"
Ramona MatthewsVacaville, CaliforniaMarch 13, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Gill, DVM"I have had many animals in my life and also the unfortunate event in needing to help my babies pass. Dr. Elizabeth made this the most peaceful experience that I have ever encountered. She was so patient and loving with my boy that it instantly put me at ease. My boy was very frail at 19 years old, but she was very gentle with him and pet him with such love that it was like she knew him. When he passed, there was such a calm in the air, almost like he was thanking me for letting him pass in his favorite spot in the closet. Yes! Dr. Elizabeth sat in the closet with us on the floor to make his final moment in his special space. I had never heard of Lap of Love or even that this could be done at home, but I am so thankful I was referred to them - I would never want to do this any other way now. Thank you so much for your kindness."Windermere, FloridaMarch 13, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Allie Prokop, DVM"Dr. Allie took wonderful care of our Jubilee. She was kind, caring, and compassionate during a heartbreaking time for us. We are so grateful for her loving nature."Brooke HambyKnoxville, TennesseeMarch 13, 2019Jubilee's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Roger Chase, DVM"We appreciate your support. Thank you so much."Mary Beth BradleySandy, UtahMarch 13, 2019Albert's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tina Vaziri, DVM"Dr. Tina was so patient, kind, and compassionate when she came to our home to help Hannah cross over. She was attentive to our emotional needs and really helped put my kids at ease. I would not have done it any other way."Maxine AguilarLeague City, TexasMarch 13, 2019Hannah's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jennifer Walters, DVM"Words cannot express how grateful we are to Dr. Jennifer at Lap of Love for helping our family through this immensely difficult time. Saying goodbye to our Maggie was the hardest thing we've ever had to do and having Dr. Jennifer with us to walk us through the process with grace and compassion was a great comfort. Being able to say goodbye to our beloved dog in our own home was extremely important to us and Dr. Jennifer was able to come to us the same day we needed her. We are so very thankful to know that Maggie is at peace and no longer suffering. We hope to never need to use Dr. Jennifer again, but would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a loving, comforting environment in which to say goodbye to their loved one. Thank you so much Dr. Jennifer, we appreciate you.
With gratitude,
Candice, Andy and Jasper"
Candice TorresMatthews, North CarolinaMarch 13, 2019