Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Rachel Cain"We can't thank Dr. Cain enough for everything she did for us. Not only did she come to our home on Memorial Day weekend during a pandemic, but she was so sweet and caring with Sampson and soothing to us during the process. Her calming demeanor was exactly what we needed at that time. She never rushed us and listened to us cry and ramble. She was very transparent about everything she was doing and how long it would take so we could say what we wanted to say when it was time. We couldn't have asked for a better person to help us through our heartbreaking situation. Thank you Dr. Cain for verbally holding our hands and treating us with so much care and concern on one of the hardest days of our lives."Stephanie CollinsConcordMay 26, 2020Sampson's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sara Barlowe"Callie was our first baby and I loved her so much. I truly tried to help her and ease her pain. The countless appointments and procedures stressed her out and I could tell the more we did, the more she hated leaving me. I didn't realize how bad it was until I started going through past videos and pictures... seeing the difference from February to May... she wasn't the same. My heart still hurts, the jingle of her collar isn't roaming throughout the house and she isn't there perched on our bed when I walk in....she is missed every minute. I know with time, I will heal.

Dr. Sara is a saint and a remarkable human being to be able to deal with this process. I truly admire her strength and grace because that was honestly the hardest thing I had to decide and I am still feeling guilt. I couldn't imagine doing this any other way, especially considering all the restrictions due to COVID19 when trying to care for your animals.

Again, thank you Dr. Sara for being here with us, for sharing that precious moment and for providing the comfort we needed. You were amazing and really helped at every step. We appreciate the tone and the tenderness you gave to our boys. I really can't say anything bad about this experience, except the obvious of letting my baby go..."
Jill MaglianoWest ChesterMay 26, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Keely Smith"There are no words to describe how hard this was to do for my poor sick little dog Sara. Congestive heart failure is a horrid disease that I pray no pet parent has to experience.
Dr. Keely is the angel I needed at this sad time to help us through the heart breaking decision .
She is compassionate, understanding and so very kind!
She helped us all through a very overwhelming day .
My Sara is now a peace and for that I am so deeply grateful.
The staff that assisted me over the phone are also so unbelievably kind.
Thank you so much for all you have done us!"
Laura ClarkHudsonMay 26, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Christina Scudder"Saying goodbye to our beloved Golden was a very hard time for my kids and myself. Hardy was diagnosed with lymphoma in January of 2020. Hardy was only 7 and knowing he would not be cured I decided to give him more good months by doing chemotherapy. Sadly he came out of remission just before his fourth treatment. I knew that when the time came I would not want him to have to go to another vet office. My decision to have his last moments be with my teenagers and myself was the best decision for him and for us. I did not want to prolong his suffering or anxiety. My experience with Dr. Scudder and the staff of Laps of Love was professional and comforting. Dr. Scudder let us say our goodbye's with the dignity and love our Hardy deserved."Lara GainChesterfieldMay 26, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elena Esparza"Wanted to thank all at Lap of Love from the scheduler who answered my call (on Memorial Day) and to Dr. Elena, they both made a tough day a bit easier. Dr. Elena was great and we very much appreciated her efforts and kind words !"Kamie BrainardMesaMay 26, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elena Esparza"I love and have shared my life with my best friend Jake over 15 years. Dr. Elena came to my house on a holiday with little notice. My wishes were all agreeable to her. She was so respectful and my dog who had been in severe pain was put down quietly and handled with all the care anyone would ask of your loved one. Would recommend to anyone with this difficult decision."Peggy LeBeauGilbertMay 26, 2020Jake's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Johnson"There is never a right time or an easy time to make the very difficult decision to let one of your loved ones cross the bridge. I want to thank Dr. Elizabeth for her kindness and compassion when my sweet Findlay's time had come. Being at home and letting her go peacefully made this transition so much easier, for both of us. Thank you for coming out in all of the craziness to help my little angel, I will always appreciate that it didn't stop you from helping in our time of need. My very best regards, Diane."Diane BillmaierDahlonegaMay 26, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sydney Brehm"Dr Sydney! WOW!!!!
What a fantastic person she is! Compassion and caring exude from this very sweet and wonderful Vet. She asked for info on Scoie (One of his his nick names)....and not only made him comfortable, but made each of us there comfortable as well.
Thank you Dr. Sydney for your care compassion, concern and empathy through out this very difficult time. You made the process easy! God sent you my way! Thank you for your help with this...I am blessed to have found you all!!"
Julie BrooksLawrencevilleMay 26, 2020Roscoe P's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Liz Myers"My sweet baby boy buddy took a turn for the worse very quickly and with the holiday my regular vet was closed. I didnt want my baby to suffer anymore so I decided to contact Laps of Love to have them come to the house to help ease Buddy's pain and to help him cross the rainbow bridge. I made the call and they were able to come to the house that same morning .
Dr. Liz was so great and loving to my handsome boy and helped us understand the process and answered any questions we had. She made the process so easy and comfortable for Buddy and for us. I'm so glad I chose to have Laps of Love help us in this difficult time. They even gave us a booklet with Buddy's passing date and some info for helping my other cat grieve as well as a clay paw print to have as a keepsake.
I highly recommend Laps of Love for anyone in the same situation in the future."
Kristin McGinleyNorth TonawandaMay 26, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Roger Chase"Dr. Roger had such a calming & caring presence. He was so nice to us, and respectful to Sweetie. Even when Sweetie clawed him as he was giving him his first shot, Dr. Roger was so nice and loving. It takes a tremendous heart to do what he does, and I'm so grateful for him.

Everyone that I've spoken to at Lap of Love, has been so caring & loving. I am so grateful that I was able to say goodbye to Sweetie with their assistance."
Tricia ClaphamMagnaMay 26, 2020Sweetie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Christina Scudder"Dr. Chris made our sweet cat's final journey the best it could have possibly been. The doctor had compassion, a loving heart, and very affectionate. The event never felt rushed and instead became a moment to cherish forever. She took the time to be a great partner in supporting my six year old son in the journey and it was a very positive experience for him as well, thanks in part to the time that Dr. Chris devoted. We could not have asked for a better experience."St. LouisMay 26, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Maura Lehmann"I cannot properly express the gratitude my family feels for this service and in particular, for Dr. Maura. This was our first time having a vet come to our home for this purpose so we weren't sure what to expect. She treated us and most importantly, Obi, with respect and with such dignity. She made a horrible experience almost pleasant. We are forever grateful."Carolyn AlonzoChicagoMay 26, 2020Obi Wan 's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tyler Johnston"I just want everyone to know what a wonderful service you provide and what a great person Dr Tyler is. He was very kind, caring and most of all, compassionate. He helped to make us more comfortable with the whole experience of The passing of our beloved companion/ Fur family member Moose, an 11 -1/2 year old German Shepard. Our 4 year old female Shepard was right there amongst us checking out everything Dr Tyler was doing. He was so patient with her. And I am very thankful for him. May God bless his dear heart.
This was my first in home euthanasia experience , and I feel like it was such a relaxing atmosphere for all of us. We were in the comfort of our home, where Moose loved being and where he was loved so very much. At first my daughter said she didn’t want to be there, but when she thought about having to take Moose in the car, where he gets so excited, and to think that’s not the way she want his last moments to be like. So he was able to stay calm and relaxed, while we all were around him, we held him while holding each other’s hands as he passed on peacefully. Doc made a paw print impression for us.
We helped Dr Tyler carry Moose to his car, where we carefully placed him and knew he was going straight to the cremation place. And the next day Moose’s ashes were returned home to us. It really was a beautiful,calm relaxing and most of all PEACEFUL experience.. Thank you so very much Dr Tyler"
Lynn LoconteCiceroMay 26, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Blaine Brennock"Dr. Blaine couldn’t have been more respectful, empathetic and gentle with With babies. Thank you for making such a difficult day more bearable."Laura CallasLake WorthMay 25, 2020Sammy And Noel's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elyse Persico"Dr Elyse was perfect, she was kind and gentle and compassionate with Buster and with us. She took time to listen, she helped us realize our decision was the best one for Buster, I believed she cared and that was what mattered most, because this decision was permanent and we had to live with it. We needed kindness and empathy and sincerity, and felt grateful for her during this painful and emotional experience."Valerie BondNorfolkMay 25, 2020Buster's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates"I couldn't have asked for a more caring Veterinarian. Dr. Brad was excellent and I recommend him highly. This was an experience that could have been much worse, but Dr. Brad was kind and gently. Thank you Dr. Brad for making this transition easier."Leticia BuchananPhiladelphiaMay 25, 2020Maggie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Nellie Wilbers"Dr. Nellie Wilbers was absolutely wonderful. She was patient, kind and helped to make his final moments peaceful and sweet. She was so good with our two girls who were also there when Romeo passed. We can't thank her enough!"Jacqueline NicholasNew AlbanyMay 25, 2020Romeo's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Dawnetta Woodruff"Thanks to Lap of Love hospice care, Dr. Dawnetta helped me determine the right time for my beautiful companion Ellie. During a time when I couldn't go into the vet with her it was so hard to leave her when she was sick and afraid. When I learned of Lap Of Love from my sister-in-law I was so very relieved. Dr. Dawnetta and the staff spent alot of time with me to help me to care for Ellie and to find the right time to say good-bye. I am very grateful for them and their truly needed service"Lynda RothWILDWOODMay 25, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kali Jimenez"Dr. Kali, is truly one of God's Angels. From our first meeting 7 months ago she was always there for me. My Sweet Babie J left this world to cross over the Rainbow Bridge peacefully and with dignity. Lap of Love truly care about our fur babies. Without Dr. Kali I would have been lost. God Bless Her."Linda EngbergElktonMay 25, 2020Babie J's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Stacy Blake"On 5/18/2020, Dr Blake helped our family with the hardest decision we had to make - saying goodbye to our beloved Yatoosh. He was our 20 year old senior cat, and one of our four pets. This was our first time with euthanasia at home. We were so thankful for Dr Blake and Lap of Love. The hardest part to loving our pets is letting go when our pets let us know it’s time. The compassion Dr Blake provided to Yatoosh in his own home was comforting and reassuring that we were doing the right thing. Lap of Love allowed us to privately grieve at home while we were by his side as he took his last breath. It was as if he went to sleep on his own, on the bed and spot he spent so many years napping and enjoying the view out the window. We miss him terribly. Thank you Dr Blake and Lap of Love!"Dan and Loretta HuntLongwoodMay 25, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Nellie Wilbers"Dr. Nellie was very kind and empathetic. She was very gentle with Misty and with us as well. I so appreciate her giving us time throughout the entire process and for providing a calm sense of energy during an incredibly difficult time. Thank you for being such an angel during this difficult and challenging decision."Debbie HittGalenaMay 25, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sarah Ryan, DVM"We cannot say enough how wonderful Sarah was with not only us but with our cat. She spoke to him like she has known him all her life. She took the time to ask about what his personality was, which really hit home for both me and my husband. She was gentle and caring. She did not react to our 'ugly cries', which says alot (LOL!). We were so torn on if this was the right decision to end his suffering but right after he was gone a full doble rainbow appeared and we knew he was already at the rainbow bridge. We cannot say enough kind words about Sarah because it would never be enough! What an amazing service they offer! He was able to pass at home, peacefully, not at an unfamiliar office. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!"Shad amd Dee SteadmanMonroeMay 25, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Regan Harp"Prior to my appointment, Chloe provided me over the phone with all the necessary information. She was so understanding of my situation, and made it easier to make arrangements. When Dr. Regan Harp came to my house, he was beyond kind and caring when handling my dog Legolas. I am very thankful for Regan, and should have expressed that to him better. Regan gave both Legolas and me the reassurance that we were doing the right and compassionate thing for both of us. Virtual handshake and hug to most kind Dr. Regan Harp!"Ralph GervasioGoodlettsvilleMay 25, 2020
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Christina Guillory"The family gathered to tell Steven goodbye. My daughters driving in from college towns, one fiancé, my husband, me. We decided to bring him to the backyard, partly for COVID distancing for Dr. Tina, but mostly to distract Steven. During the next couple of days, whenever we spoke about missing Steven, someone would say how much they appreciated the care and compassion that Dr. Tina exhibited, and how it made it easier to see Steven go. Nothing is harder than making that decision, nothing can be harder than knowing it’s time. Dr. Tina made those moments less heartbreaking for us. Thank you."Carolyn LanglinaisThe WoodlandsMay 25, 2020Steven's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Keely Smith"Lap of Love and Dr Smith are just amazing! When I found out Lola was terminal I knew right away is be using their services. When theday came, and quite unexpectedly I might add, Dr Smith was at my home within hours and made Lola's transition very peaceful and loving. When my daughter decided last minute to race over to be here in the final moments, Dr Smith actually waited for her to arrive! I cannot recommend them enough!"LeAnn BaxmannSpring HillMay 25, 2020