Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Dana Lewis"A profound thank you to Dr. Dana Lewis who helped me help Sadie move forward in this never-ending adventure. I will always be grateful for Dr. Dana's compassion, understanding and warmth. It meant the world to us, Dr. Dana that you came to the house; your presence with us was grace.
Thank you, Dr. Dana! How special and wonderful you are."
Donna ZapfDurhamNovember 2, 2014's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates"I can't thank Dr. Brad enough for his compassion and kindness. Val had suffered enough in the past couple of years, enduring both radiation and surgery. It came to a point recently where there was no question regarding her condition. The cancer had finally metastasized and we did not want to to suffer any more. To have her pass at home, in the backyard on a beautiful fall day will at least give my husband and I the comfort of knowing she was comfortable and peaceful."Linda TaylorEgg Harbor CityNovember 1, 2014
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jen Bansel, DVM"I lost my two Yorkies within weeks of each other I am devastated by the loss. Dr. Bansel's compassion was very, very comforting to me. I'm thankful there are vets who provide this at home service, and recommend Dr Bansel to everyone who may need her help."Barb GardnerGainesvilleNovember 1, 2014
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Barry Cherno, DVM"Dr. Barry turned an absolutely devastating experience into a peaceful way to say our final good-byes. He was gentle, kind-hearted and truly cared about us and most of all Willow. We are so thankful to him for helping us to end the suffering our girl was experiencing, and can not thank him enough for helping us through this heart wrenching experience.

Thank you Dr. Barry"
Jamy and Daniel HermanWesley ChapelNovember 1, 2014Willow's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jason Goodwin, DVM"Thank you Jason and Tori for being so compassionate at this very difficult time in our lives.
Rick and Tammi"
Rick and Tammi ScherAuburnOctober 31, 2014Cay's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jennifer Vencil, DVM"Because of Lap of Love and Dr. Jennifer Vencil's professional, yet loving attitude, the difficult process of saying goodbye to our beloved Alice was made less overwhelming and painful. We are so thankful that Lap of Love was made available to us so that our last moments with Alice were in our home. Thank you--thank you!"Jeannine AuthSt. AugustineOctober 31, 2014
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Barry Cherno, DVM"Dr. Barry, There are no would to express my gratitude. Your calm nature and compassion helped me through this heartbreaking decision for Soefe. Taking the time to tuck her in her travel bed with her baby and taking extra care to place her arms around her was so sweet. She looked so peaceful as she left on her journey. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Julie and Soefe Mercer"
Julie MercerMadeira BeachOctober 31, 2014Soefe's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Annie Dion-Byrd"Thank you so much Dr. Annie for your professionalism and care. You made Maverick's last moments with us a peaceful experience. We would recommend her to anyone."Amanda CarrollOrlandoOctober 30, 2014Maverick's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Rene Butler"I am very blessed and pleased with the opportunity to have Dr Rene Butler come to our house for the ending of our puppies life in such a peaceful way. I'm so glad that my vet referred me to her instead of me bringing her into the vet for she hated to go in with always nervous and shaking. Dr Butler spent great moments with us and time did not rush us told us everything she was doing. She took time doing many paw prints for us and I just feel very honored for her to be a part of nala ending of life in the last few moments we had with her.
Thanks so much I wouldn't have done it any other way."
Teresa CruzFairfieldOctober 30, 2014Nala's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tammy Johnson, DVM, CVA"Yesterday, we lost one of our family, Sammy was an English Springer, 16 years old. She lived a wonderful life, got to travel with us, and was never far from my side, She loved her biscuits and even in old age could hear the cookie jar rattling from another part of the house:) She had an attitude, and would often boss my wife, Colleen, around, swatting her with one of those big paws if she wanted something. She would wait by the door for me to come home every day, somehow knowing I was on the way. For a springer, she never liked the water, she was a dainty lady, preferring not to get her feet wet. She never forgot any of her people...my daughter Rebecca, would come and visit a couple times a year, and Sammy would greet her like she was never gone. My father passed a few years ago and Sammy would still look for him in his chair when we went to visit.

The house seems very empty today and we are brokenhearted, but we wanted to thank Doctor Tammy for her kindness, compassion and care in Sammy's final hour. We weren't hurried or pressured and she took the time to talk to us and share some of her pet's stories. Colleen and I both appreciated it, and Sammy was surrounded by love and compassion as she passed in her own cozy bed....

Thank you Doctor Tammy, your kindness will not be forgotten.

Dave and Colleen and our much loved old hound, Sammy"
David BrownBoynton BeachOctober 30, 2014
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Katie Stender"There are no words to express my gratitude for what Lap of Love, and specifically Dr. Katie Stender, did for my family yesterday in forever easing our Sammie girl into peace. My finance, Brad, took Sam out of a box of puppies on Jacksonville Beach in 2007 and I met her in 2008. We have been together ever since, our little family. Last week, we noticed Sam had been losing weight and not eating. The vet discovered what he thought was a tumor on her spleen and suggested a surgeon, but assured us it was 100% operable. Once in surgery, the doctor discovered it was actually a tumor on her liver and cancer has spread throughout, there was nothing we could do. Sam was in a lot of pain after the surgery, so we brought her home and I immediately called Lap of Love. Dr. Katie was able to come a few hours later. Sam was put to rest under her favorite tree in our backyard as the sun set. She used to stare at that tree for hours, waiting for a lizard that she could pounce on. They were always too quick for her. Dr. Katie allowed us to put Sam in a place where there is no more tumor, no cancer, no more pain and maybe some slower lizards. Thank you."Kacy HedgecockJacksonvilleOctober 30, 2014
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Toby Goldman"Extremely kind and thoughtful! I recommend him to anyone."Jackie PriceLas VegasOctober 29, 2014Jake Price's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Erin Hogan, DVM"Dr. Hogan was an exceptional vet, and an invaluable resource for us making this tough decision. We couldn't be more grateful for her comforting presence."Gerri and Steve ElliottLa QuintaOctober 29, 2014Kobe's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Barry Cherno, DVM"I lost my beloved dog " Duke" due to terminal cancer . He was energetic, compassionate, loving and caring. He loved to play soccer, chase balls, and loved jumping in the sky trying to catch the fireworks on the forth of July. He also, loved being sprayed by the hose. The end was so hard, for me and my family. He was our first dog and to me my child. He was terminally ill with cancer, but even at the end he would greet at the door barking with the ball in his mouth. We'll never forget his face and strength as he passed away. I still don't want to except he's gone, but I know he is not in pain and suffering He's across the rainbow bridge with other dogs, chasing the ball, playing soccer and greeting loved ones. I loved the in home service through lap of love. Dr Cherno, was very informative, caring and supportive. I'm greatful ,for the whole team for giving us the feeling of comfort at our home. He went peacefully . Duke, run, run, jump, catch the stars and know we'll see you again miss and love you baby...."Diane DrumSt petersburgOctober 28, 2014
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Laura Allison, DVM"I cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Laura Allison for her support and for the kindness and respect she showed for Woodie and for myself. She was an angel sent to me to not only assist Woodie to pass over to Rainbow Bridge, but to give me that needed word and hug. Thank you Lap of Love, from the bottom of my heart."Isabel FuentesCoral SpringsOctober 28, 2014Woodie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jane Ebbighausen, DVM"Dr. Jane was kind, compassionate, understaning and patient. She responded to my first call almost immediately, she was compasionate and understanding of the situation, Dr. Jane continued to be touch with me theough the rest of the day as I had questions come up. She made one of the hardest decisions of my life a little more bearable.Thank you Dr. Jane for all your help."Claudia & BruceWake ForestOctober 28, 2014Max's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Courtney Brookens Graham, DVM"Dr. Graham was a God-send. At a time of confusion and sorrow, Dr. Graham came to our home and helped ease a very painful situation with warmth, comfort, and understanding."Karen ScottShelby TownshipOctober 27, 2014Romeo's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Steven Schultz"We can not thank Steven Schultz enough for his kindness and compassion in helping our family through a very difficult decision and process. He treated not only our companion with great care, aiding him through a painless passing but with us as well. He spent all the time we needed, giving us information that aided us in making the decision but without judgement. His respect and caring for animals is touching. Again our thanks to him and this organization."James MoranBuffaloOctober 27, 2014
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Annie Dion-Byrd"Dr, Annie was the answer to a prayer. I was pertified at having made the dreaded call and scheduled the faitful appointment. when she showed up She was as patient and kind with us as she was with Ms, Zoe. Every step was explained, no question was to silly or small and the process was completely done at our comfortable pace. I took great relief in seeing my love relax and rest for a minute before we sent her over the rainbow bridge. Thanks so much Dr. Annie and Lap of Love."mark bebermeyerorlandoOctober 27, 2014
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Cindi Worrall, DVM"Dr. Cindi was such a blessing. She helped with the most difficult decision that I ever had to make and that was saying goodbye to my best buddy Angus. She was very patient and very kind and allowed me to make the decision when I was ready. I am so happy that he was able to crossover in the comforts of his own home which made me feel better also. Dr. Cindi was so great with Angus and he passed away peacefully and was no longer in pain. Thank you Dr. Cindi! I am forever grateful to you for all you did for me and for taking such great care of Angus."Sheryl FrySinking SpringOctober 27, 2014
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates"Honey 11/16/00- 10/23/14 . We are very saddened that Honey had to be put to sleep 10/23/14. She lead a great beautiful life. Everyone she met fell in Love with her. She was so Happy to meet people, Loved hugs (giving and receiving) , belly rubs and rolling around in the grass on a beautiful day. She must have been an Angel disguised as a Golden Retriever. I have had many dogs before , but she had such a unique personality unmatched by anyone else. We will miss our Honey and her warm smile.. Max ( our austrl. shep.)is howling for her (heartbreaking). Dr. Brad Bates was so professional, compassionate and sensitive to all our needs. He was so comforting from the time he picked up the phone to the last hug before leaving with Honey. Lap of Love provides a beautiful service that enables our pet's that were such an important part of our lives pass with the dignity and comfort they deserve. Thank You Dr. Brad Bates and Lap of Love for this opportunity to make sure a member of our family had the peace and tranquility they so deserved. God Bless you for the wonderful work you do everyday."Linda CotterallWestamptonOctober 27, 2014
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sandra Simko"Dear Dr. Sandra,
I want to thank you for making it a peaceful and easy transition for Boo. We could tell that Boo sensed your immediate compassion and gentle touch which made her relax and gently pass. How much better to be at home with your family and familiar surroundings. Our hearts are broken to say good-bye but we know that she is at peace and the struggle of the past months is over. Time will heal our grief and our years with Boo will always remain in our hearts. Thank you again for your compassion and warmth.

Mary Lou"
Mary Lou DaleyChathamOctober 26, 2014Boo's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Brad Bates"Dr. Brad was compassionate, caring and extremely professional.
Trixie and I will miss you very much Angel.
Thank you D Brad"
Sarah McEneaneyPhilaOctober 26, 2014
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Rene Butler"We were given Lap Of Love's name by our veterinarian. Rene Butler contacted us very promptly & came to fulfill the end of life task that is & was the the hardest choice to have to make. She was very compassionate & caring in carrying this task out. Doing this in our home was the best decision for us and our pet.
We thank you very much, Our baby girl Misty Blue thanks you too.
God Bless,& much love!"
Gary EllisonVallejoOctober 26, 2014Misty Blue's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Cindi Worrall, DVM"Not a day goes by that we don't miss Shelby-our kind gentle Shepherd mix. We brought Shelby home on a hot summer day when we saw her in a crate at a pet store..where she was a rescue from Ohio. Once we took her out for a walk-she was so excited and we knew she was coming home with us. Shelby loved to run and go for long walks and car rides. She loved her trips with the family and accompanied us on holidays where she would patiently wait for her part of the Thanksgiving turkey. Even though she rarely barked, she did on occasion when she felt her home and family was threatened. The last year was difficult for her as her arthritis became worse and she could barely walk. She never complained.. Dr. Cindi was so kind and compassionate to Shelby and our family on her last day..we can't thank her enough!

Miss you Shelby,,, mom, dad, Lauren, Todd and Nate.. (Buster, Farah and Thomas)"
KAREN ShapiroBethlehemOctober 26, 2014