10/19/2014 - 2/21/2017We love & miss you so much Ans man. Your big brother Milo kitty loves & misses you too. We know now that the best thing for you was to let you go be with God. Now you can run around & you are at peace. You were here just a short time on earth. You must have been tormented in your mind. You did not mean to bite us. You didn't realize what you were doing. We forgive you. You passed peacefully & looked so beautiful. I know all the children in heaven can hug & kiss you now. You are getting all the love that I wanted to lavish on you. We will miss all the fun times & laughter that you gave us chasing Milo around. You were so good with him & let him roll around in your fur & bite your toes. Milo has been sleeping on the quilt they put over you that day you went to heaven. He misses you so. You are a beautiful fur angel now. You had such a regal look about you when you walked down the street. You walked like grandpa but were a cutie. Everyone who saw you smiled. I will miss the smelling your feet. It smelled like Fritos. You gave us lots of joy. I will miss the galloping feet of you chasing Milo around. Milo was your doll baby. You greeted John, your papa every day he came in. So cute, you would wash his head. We will always lovingly remember you & all the good times. I loved seeing you run. You looked like you were hobbling when you walked so cute. Big ball of fluff you would lay on your back & snore like crazy. I remember hearing you down the hallway at night & making noises to get you to stop as it was so loud. I couldn't sleep. Loved how you laid like a frog with you back legs out behind you.
We miss you & love you but we know it was the best for you to be free of your demons. You are in God's loving arms. Please know that we did the best we could. Never forget you big guy. You were a good boy. The best you knew how to be. I know you are running around chasing squirrels & playing with Mugsy, Sarge, Kadie & Sabrina.
Susi BoudreauxAlexandria, VirginiaFebruary 27, 2017
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From the moment I spoke to you all on the phone I knew you guys loved Anslie. You all made the best decision from a very difficult choice. May Anslie rest in peace and have all the water bottles his mouth can hold.Dr. Sharon - March 2, 2017
In memory of sweet Anslie, the most adorable little puppy there ever was, and a handsome boy when he grew up. I know you are at peace now, watching your family from above, and no longer living in fear. May you remember your time on Earth fondly and all the good times you shared with Milo and your human family. You will be forever loved by those you had to leave behind. Rest well, baby boy. <3Beth Meadow - February 28, 2017
Love & miss you Ans man. Big fur tank we loved to call you.😘💗Susi Boudreaux - February 28, 2017

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