9/25/2004 - 4/14/2018My sweet and loving Arrow Dog,

I don't know just how to express how much I loved and adored you. Your dainty ways, your gentleness, your calm and quiet personality taught me so much about patience and love. You showed me again and again over our almost 11 years together what true friendship is, how to truly be in the moment, and brought out a nurturing side of me I didn't even know that I had. Despite being the biggest "mama's boy" I've ever encountered, you also touched the lives of so many of our friends and family. You were and always will be my Prince, my dandy, my stuffy uptight gentleman. I already miss you terribly. They say working from home is lonely and isolating, but you were the best company I could ask for, in my studio, on breaks in the back yard, on walks and sharing my lunch with, even when I didn't really want to share. I never felt alone with you by my side...yes, even when you would leave the studio for the love seat because of my punk music. That's ok. I get it. It's an acquired taste.

I will miss singing to you, with our catalog of Arrow themed songs. I will miss the strange and dainty chatter of your teeth, and the tippy tap of your nails on the hardwood floors. I will miss the great Arrow hugs when you would lean against me with your full body weight. I will miss total strangers telling you how beautiful you are, even up to our very last morning together. I will miss calling you "my friend, my friend" and asking you to stay with me when I know in the end you weren't able to. You gave it the best and most loving try.

The house feels so empty without my stunning, gorgeous, strange alien reindeer of a dog; my companion with proper manners and the seldom but precious dainty kisses. You will always and forever be in my heart. There will never be another dog quite like my Oscar Wilde of a greyhound, Arrow Dog.
Elizabeth DavisOrlando, FloridaApril 16, 2018
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Arrow was a very unique dog and I believe the reason everyone was drawn to him was because there was a gentleness about him that could not easily be put into words. There are many nice dogs but not often to you meet and experience one who can connect to people on a human level. He was in his own way a person and had a comforting presence. He was kind, funny and beautiful. He will be missed by all who knew him. When people talk about the type of companionship, friendship and love you can receive from an animal, Arrow would have been the prime example of that. A rarity and a gift we got to experience in the time we got to be with him. Goodbye Arrow. May your spirit be at peace and surrounded with happiness.Rose Martin - April 26, 2018
A pure gentle, and loving spirit. Dogs are much more than what the pros even say the are. They are the ultimate companions...comforters... and the enduring love and devotion they show make us humans better humans. Arrow will always be a pure delight. A gentle, loving non-dog creature that made your heart happy and delighted just by his presence. He was always remarkable to be around. Fun and calming at the same time. He touched my life and others as well and I thank him for his presence. He will always be alive within us for the joy he gave. His legacy is a great gift that will keep on giving.Gloria Davis - April 18, 2018

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