02/05/2011 - 2/10/2018The biggest, sweetest boy around. So fun and wonderful. The best friend anyone could have!Laura LentzMaryland Heights, MissouriFebruary 12, 2018
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Baron, I never got to meet you personally, but I feel I was able to know you through your mommy. I know she misses you something terrible, but is so happy you are not in any pain anymore. Run free, without pain, dear boy! Check out my baby's Landry and Chayland. They would love to meet you.Melody Ferguson - February 18, 2018
Oh, what wonderful photos and memories of your boy <3 He was cherished as a part of your family, and I know that he knew JUST how loved he was! Thank you for trusting me to help him during his final moments <3 Sending you love and hugs <3Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff - February 15, 2018
I remember you sending me the link to this sweet boy's picture on their website. I was in love with him based on that alone. I was SO happy for you when you said you're adopting him. After meeting him I fell more for him. I'm SO glad he had you for a mom. While I'm sure you're glad you had him, he couldn't have had a better, more loving and devoted mom. He will always be with you. Be it when you run, when you're just relaxing on the couch or on a trip. Because he's a part of you and always will be. I will add CANCER SUCKS!!!!! I love you both. ā¤šŸ•Lori Castro - February 14, 2018
Sending all our love...Baron was just the coolest dude. Your road dog if ever there was one. I love the love you guys had, and I'm glad to know his warmth will live on forever in your heart. You two were a perfect match. ā¤Amy Gryder - February 14, 2018
So sorry for your lossDiane Lentz - February 14, 2018
Laura, just sending love and thoughts. Damn cancer. Is it not enough that it takes humans that is has to take our furbabies as well? He had the best mommy and in return he gave you a best friend. Hope you will soon be able to remember him with laughter instead of tears. May God, Bailey and Maggie take care of him in doggie heaven.Debbie Hegger - February 14, 2018
I know what it's like to lose a fur child to cancer he will be in heaven waiting for you may God bless you and your family for your lossAsaro - February 13, 2018
"Though I give you all my heart, the time will come when we must part. But all around you, you will see, creatures that speak to you of me; a tired horse, a hunted thing, a sparrow with a broken wing ... Pity - and help (I know you will) and somehow, I will be with you still; and I shall know, although I'm gone, the love I gave you lingers on."Brandi Smith - February 13, 2018
As tears run down my face (because we just went through this in May) I wanted to say I know how you feel. You want him to lay by you and get dog drool on your hands, and smell the stickiness of wet dog again. I missed my baby so much it made me sick to my stomach. I have never shed so many years. I feel your pain and only wish a little comfort for you. That is what made things a little easier...knowing our boy was not suffering. Hugs and kisses šŸ˜™
RIP Baron
Kim Thomas - February 13, 2018
Good bye sweet sweet boy!! You will be missed and will always be loved!! Love aunt AngieAngie Wilcox - February 13, 2018
Baron, You were only here for a short time but you brought so much joy to so many people. You will be missed but never forgotten. Sweet boy, run freely with Bailey and Maggie. They will show you the way.

Laura, I know this is hard .You have been down this path before but yet each time is different. The hurt never really goes away but one day , you will talk about Baron and smile again. None of this was fair to either of you. I am so sorry for your loss. You have so many people that love and care so much about you. Life just really sucks sometimes :(


Angie Mohrmann - February 13, 2018
So sweet! Making me cry šŸ˜¢ He was a super cool dog & had the best life possible with the best mom in the whole world for him.
Love you, girl. šŸ’™
Debbie Novak - February 13, 2018
Clarissa Valentine Gant - February 13, 2018
Sweet Baron -Thank you for making the world a kinder better place through love and companionship.Shelley Smith - February 13, 2018
Laurie Pearce - February 13, 2018
I am so sorry for your loss. I know Baron was loved and had a great life with you. Sending you love and hugs.Shelley Porter Connon - February 13, 2018
Sweet Baron you are not hurting now. You are in doggie heaven for sure. You are running around with doggie buddies and hanging with our Clyde and Mick with unlimited bones.Krista Warren - February 13, 2018
So sorry for your loss sweetie!!!!!Karen Kempff - February 13, 2018
RIP Baby boy I never had the pleasure of meeting you but felt like I have always talking to your mommy about you all the beautiful gorgeous picture of you every day used to make me smile I even had a run out to buy my dog stuff color balls just like yours Iā€™m truly going to miss Seeing all those pictures Are you but it truly truly glad I got to know you through all of those pictures your mom is very sad and her heart is broken I promise you I will check in on with her and give her big hugs for you may you rest in peace precious boy.Lisa Signorelli - February 13, 2018

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