11/22/2003 - 11/28/2018Carly aka Babygirl, was the light of our lives. Our little Corgi mix was the most loving, sweet, loyal and bright little girl. Just having her there was such a comfort. She loved going on long walks with her mommy and daddy. Everyone that met her was charmed by her. Carly was such an easy dog to take care of and a joy to be around. When she was young, she loved constant attention but as she got older she took comfort in knowing that we were around for her.
When we would get ready to go for walks, she made sure that both her mommy and daddy were going and wouldn't leave until we both were ready to go. If we were in separate rooms, Carly would stay between the two rooms to not show favoritism. When it was bedtime, she made sure we all went to bed at the same time. That is how loyal our babygirl was.
She used to love to nap in the closet, but toward the end she would always lay on her bed next to ours. It was like she wanted to make sure we were close to her in her last days. She was such a fighter that even though she could barely walk, she made sure she would go on her pee pee pad as if she didn't want to disappoint us.
We love our Carlygirl with all of our hearts and the pain feels like it will never go away.
RIP Babygirl... Watch over your mommy and daddy in doggy heaven. ❤❤❤
Melissa CondeChula Vista, CaliforniaDecember 1, 2018
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Daddy and I miss you so much our Babygirl. Our home is not the same without you. Watch over us our Angel. Play nice with Parker, Lenny, Bosco and all the rest of the family doggies up in Heaven. Love you so much Carlygirl. Thank you for being our baby....Best dog ever!!!❤❤❤Melissa Conde - December 3, 2018

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