3/25/2006 - 5/17/2019At about 3:30 pm on Friday, May 17, 2019, we said good-bye to our very best friend in the whole wide world. To us she was not just a pet; not just a dog.......but a big, fluffy, furry English Cream Golden/human who understood every word we said, even though she couldn’t talk back. And if she could talk, I know she would have told us her 13 year old little self was no longer well and needed to scamper off to the Rainbow Bridge and was as sorry to say good bye to us, as we were to her. 😢. Her quiet absence is still the painful reality of our still aching hearts. Folks say time will help ease the ache.....we’ll see. Here’s a the very best puff of love that made our house a home, as we try to get over all the rituals and habits that was the great part of our life for 13 wonderful years. Dear Chelsea....I pray you are free of pain & scampering high just like you were a new pup! All our love to you, forever after, til we meet again. ❤️🐾🌈🌻🐝🐻❤️🐾❤️🐾.Farmingdale, New JerseyJune 12, 2019
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May this candle burn bright & eternal, our dear Chelsea, to let you know your family's love for you will also be eternal!! We will never, ever forget you, your endless love & soft cozy moments. We pray you are scampering with your half-sister Sandi and all your other fur friends at the Rainbow Bridge.
Barbara Munden - June 13, 2019
Shannon Skevakis - June 12, 2019

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