09/30/2007 - 10/05/2018Cookie was a beautifully independent dog. It did not take much to please her as long as she could sit outside and see all of the shadows and leaves falling in the wind. Cookie was always on patrol, she even loved to patrol in the snow. Although she did not like to take baths, she always wanted to be in the bathroom with me when I took my baths for the chance that i might give her some warm water to lick up. Cookie loved her grandfather, who gave her so much love. From the endless pretzels to the walks she would get when he would stop by the house after work.
She was always so independent until the end when she decided she had had enough and needed her mom. I loved the final week that she spent with us and the short routine that we fell into. Due to her condition, I would give her a shower every night which turned into a relieving time for her. The shower would be followed with a cuddle session to dry off with my boyfriend and I. The cuddling would turn into a night of sleeping and I would wake up in the morning smiling at my sweet girl.
Our final day together was incredible. I was able to take the day off of work and my father flew into town to be with us. We had until 5 pm to spend the day with Cookie and do all of her favorite things. We started the day off by visiting Petsmart. Because of her disease, Cookie did not like to walk very much, so we bought a wagon to wheel her around in. We got her a stuffed animal and headed to Jack Brown's for a burger. Cookie got the Elvis: Patty, Peanut Butter, Bacon, Mayo, and Bun. She loved it. We took her to the park next to lay on a blanket in the shade and enjoy. She loved being able to see all of the people and relax. Cookie was exhausted from being out all morning so we went back to the house and enjoyed a nice nap. After the nap, we decided to take Cookie, her sister, and our new puppy for a final walk together. The walk was great. Cookie even jumped out of the wagon at one point and did a little walking on her own. We got home and cooked her a steak. I was worried she would not eat much food that day because she had started losing her appetite, but she ate every bit. Finally, the seconds were ticking by as we waited for the vet to arrive. She was ready. We put her to sleep with her sister and litter mate in the room, surrounded by my father, boyfriend, sister on FaceTime, and her favorite toy Wolfie. After she had passed we brought the puppy in the room and he sniffed her and knew. Cookie has handed the reigns over to her sister Bailey, who misses her but is at peace.
Cristee ForkinsNashville, TennesseeOctober 10, 2018
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Rest In Peace Cookie. Loved being able to share your life.Robert Forkins - October 11, 2018

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