6/14/2006 - 5/6/2017My sweet, precious Emma - how I miss you. I never new it was possible to love a dog as much as I have loved you. I'm sorry that you got so sick so fast, and that I just couldn't seem to stop it. Saying goodbye to you is one of the hardest things I've ever done and it has broken my heart. Little Miley seems very sad without you too. She's been sleeping in your bed.
I pray that you are once again running and jumping and catching the June bugs you loved so much, and eating as much chicken and treats as you want. You were the best dog ever - so gentle and friendly; loving everyone you ever met. None of us will ever forget how you squealed with delight and got Miley barking right along with you every time someone came to visit. I will never forget rubbing your soft, silky ears or that sweet, childlike look you would give me when you wanted a treat or your belly rubbed. I will never forget the laughs and smiles and all of the love you gave to all of us. Life is just not the same without you Emma. Rest in peace my sweet, beautiful girl until we meet again.
Ruth LewellenLexington, KentuckyMay 19, 2017
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June 14, 2017. Today is Emma's Birthday. She would have been 11 years old today. We miss you and love you Emma. Happy Birthday sweet girl.Ruth Lewellen - June 14, 2017
I'm so sorry, Ruthie. I know how much you loved her! Very nice memorial! RIP Emma!Lisa Lewellen - May 20, 2017
So very sorry to hear of your loss Ruth. I know the hurt and sadness of losing a part of your fur family, it takes time to get over the hurt but you never forget. They look to you to care for all their needs and in return they lay at your feet to keep you warm, they get all excited when you come home and they are there to comfort you when your sad and protect you when your scared, and they are your best friend. I don't know where they go when they die but surely one loved so much must have a place in heaven!Tina Southerland - May 20, 2017
It is so hard to lose our wonderful, faithful pets. I am sorry for your loss of your sweet Emma.Christina Lanzer - May 19, 2017
So sorry to hear about your sweet Emma! I completely understand losing a fur baby,
Especially when they're sick and it's before their time. Praying for you
And hoping maybe your sweet Emma and my sweet Dixie meet
In the heavens and have a grand time.
Love your way. Peace and comfort. Hugs and kisses.
Rachel Michel- Standerfer - May 19, 2017
Im so sorry for your loss! Ill be praying for you!Joseph Sams - May 19, 2017
You were taken from us way too soon. I miss you terribly.Ruth Lewellen - May 19, 2017

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