2/14/2015 - 3/14/2017Oh Gumbo, who knows what your little puppy life was like in New Orleans before Katrina hit. I know meeting you the day you were brought up with the rest of the load of hurricane doggies was one of the happiest days for our family. You were initially scared, but so cute and so smart. Why you were even valedictorian of your puppy class. You were a great brother to Duke and a super pal for in crime in fact. All this time I thought he was the one pulling tissues and paper out of the silly boy. Always your own guy. Not crazy about kisses on your face. But by golly you lived for the belly rubs. A little gaseous, thankfully not smelly, just audible and your Daddy loved that! And boy oh boy did you love the trails or what little man?! This bed of yours that you have allowed us to sleep in every night will be lonely without you. We know Duke is with our family today as he waits for you on the other side. You are so stoic. I hope we have not let you suffer one minute and that you loved your life with us. Have peace little boy. We love you.Michelle BinghamMemphis, TennesseeMarch 16, 2017
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What wonderful words for your special boy! His was a life of goodness and joy because of you! Thank you for being such amazing pet parents to him and all of your fur babies! Love and prayers for peace!Sally Lynch - March 16, 2017
What a beautiful memorial... thank you for sharing. God bless you and your family.Endsley - March 16, 2017

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