2/8/2004 - 3/7/2017Gumbo, aka Gump, Gumpster, Gumby, The Great Gumbolini, Gumpalufagus, Gumbotron, Pupsk, Mr. Gumbo, Mr. Bear, Gumbo Bear, Gumbino, Gumbo Bean, Furry Frijole, Speckle Head, Baby Gumbito, our dancing Rasta pup and the furriest, lovingest third of our family, is barking at squirrels and snuffling hay in some great beyond. His spirit will continue to herd Jeff and I into the same space so he can watch us, sniff intently at our knees to judge our comings and goings, rest his head on my laptop to remind me to get out and play, nuzzle us when he knows we're sad, dance between our legs when he knows we're happy, and dutifully chase away the mail truck to always ensure the safety of his pack. I miss him so desperately that I sometimes can't breathe, but am so happy that Jeff and I got to be his daddy and mommy for over 13 years. I love you so, so much, Gumbo Bear. There'll never be another pupsk like you.Cassandra HunterTukwila, WashingtonMarch 18, 2017
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What a cutie!Charlotte Hotchkiss - March 19, 2017

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