08/15/2008 - 4/12/2019Hemingway Monster Mueller Higgjns (HemiMonster) was a rescue who changed our life completely. She was less a dog and more like a cat-snake hybrid, and also more like a "person" than any other dog I have known. She loved to sleep, eat and be adored. She was not a fan of (human) sports. When I was caring for my terminally-ill mother she found new purpose and became a pseudo guard dog (though Mom was the safest she could have been). She developed a very tough-sounding bark and carried herself with more authority which made those of us who knew her laugh quietly, knowing she would rub upstairs and shut herself in the bathroom at the first of danger.

She attracted all kinds of other dogs but wasn't incredibly outgoing or social. So she would turn and walk away, and they would follow. Soon enough, she would be unhappily leading a line of canine followers around in circles. Yet, if a friend's dog was determined to get her to play, she would eventually relent and easily, suddenly, become the alpha which was shocking to us when we first saw this happen. The other dog immediately stopped harassing her and took to following her around looking rather love-sick.

She loved music, particularly my piano playing and when I would sing to her. She became more interested in this after I improved my playing and singing.

My husband and I are heartbroken. She could never be replaced and will live on forever in our hearts. We couldn't be more thankful to Dr. Aspen for her kind, gentle care and support. We are also thankful to Jenny, who scheduled the appointment and repeatedly checked in. Choosing to euthanize your dog for ethical reasons (Hemo was dealing with abscesses that couldn't be helped ) is intensely difficult so I couldn't recommend Lap of Love in Pittsburgh more highly for their sensitive and kind care.
Hillarie HigginsPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaApril 14, 2019
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hemi was a wonderful girl,she had wonderful parents. she was so loved by us all even our dog snoopy eventually..hemi is now at peace no more pain and is gods caring armscatherine mueller - April 18, 2019
What a loving Mommy and Daughter you are Hill. You have a heart of gold ❤Jenni Widner - April 16, 2019
What a fortunate turn of events for Hemi to be able to find her perfect family that would love and care for her throughout the years. You all gave Hemi more than she could have ever asked for, and you cared for her fiercely until it was time for her body to let go. Hemi is resting now, and I know she will always be remembered and cherished.Dr. Aspen - April 15, 2019

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