7/27/2008 - 5/2/2019Jake although you aren’t physically here with me I can still feel your love for me that we shared everyday of your life. I brought you home at 5 weeks old and you were the best thing in my life. You were my first inside Dog and I wasn’t sure how that was going to work. I’m so proud of you even as a young pup how you listened and understood my every command. For being my first inside pet I had no regrets and I’m so happy I had you in my life. The day I took you to your appointment with the vet and he diagnosed you with a large tumor in your anal gland was the saddest day of my life. You always looked at me with those big brown eyes and was like “ why are you always crying “ I couldn’t imagine life without you. Once I accepted what was in our future I said get yourself together and fight this with him and so I did .We even got an extra 2&1/2 months more than they told me. When I could tell that the end was getting closer I called our vet and she had told me about the traveling lap of love veterinary. From the moment I spoke with them I knew that was the way I was going to plan our TEMPORARY DEPARTURE! I cannot say enough praises about that BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE I HAD PUTTING MY BEST FRIEND TO REST IN PEACE! Thank You Dr. Kayla at Lap Of Love. Jake my bubba boy I remember the day I got you and the day you got your ANGEL WINGS and I am so looking forward to meeting up with you again like I said although it’s going to seem like a life time before you greet me at those golden gates I promise you it will be an ETERNITY when we reunite but in the meantime you are always in my heart until that day comes. I MISS YOU SO MUCH BUT JUST KNOWING THAT YOU ARE IN A HAPPY PLACE WITH NO MORE SICKNESS MAKES ME SMILE! Until we meet again my friend just watch over me from up above!! I LOVE YOU 😘 Jake’s Breed BLACK LAB I will ALWAYS HAVE MY PERSONALIZED PLATE ON MY CAR FOR EVERY ONE TO GET A GLIMP AT THE LOVE I WILL ALWAYS HAVE FOR YOU!!Debbie FlemingSterling Heights, MichiganMay 14, 2019
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