8/13/2009 - 2/11/2019Maggie memories and so grateful for….
You were so beautiful, so fluffy, so soft
Your beautiful fur blowing in the wind
Your beautiful smile
Your perfect paws
The cutest puppy ever
Your mischief
How much you love your breakfast, dinner and snacks and treats. How much you enjoyed human food when you no longer cared for dog food at the end of your life. You would perk up for chicken, salmon, rice, sweet potatoes and broth.
Your tendency to love to be at home and especially in your own backyard (having a backyard for you is it’s own miracle)
UP for all adventure!
Road trips and music along the way. Heading home with you happy, tired, dirty and wet!
Hiking in almost all of California
Swimming in oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, fountains, pools and puddles.
Kayaking with you at Morro bay
SUP with you Newport Back Bay (You could not resist jumping in the water)
Running in the desert (Joshua Tree), Running in the snow (Mt Baldy and Big Bear)
Watching all the backyard activity.
I surmise you are very wise. Except to realize potential danger such as running along cliffs and trying to meet a coyote.
Barking to keep us safe and for fun (to show off your big dog bark)
Howling at sirens always and teakettles when you were a puppy. Your voice not perfectly in tune but we all loved it.
Seeing us through regular life activities as well as the big celebrations, joys, accomplishments, struggles, chaos, stress, goodbyes.
Seeing us through getting kids off to college. Going to visit, welcoming them home with love and joy, and representing their schools with collars, leashes, bowls and spirit.
Your friends Emma, Oscar, Abbey and Django. Staying over and being part of a mega pack. Listening to music in Anna and Mitch’s backyard.
Hiking with Truman.
Griff and Roxy visits to the backyard.
Your puppy friends Oliver and Rizzoli and Turbo
All the people who took care of you! Anna and Mitch, Aunt Roni, Sue Bent and her kids, Katie, Sabrina, Tina, Kevin and Michelle
Accepting our rescue hound Ruby into our family. Teaching her she is OK here. Tolerating her rough play and her jealous nature. Sharing your mom and your kids and your space with her.
You were so independent.
How much you loved to be outside and even more so at the end of your life. I was worried you were cold. But you weren’t. You kept trying to enjoy dog things and show us love even though your hemoglobin was very low. Water for blood and you still got up to greet us.
Sharing my life with you. I was never lonely because you were here.
Karen BarnesBrea, CaliforniaFebruary 12, 2019
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Karen, Kayleigh and Lauren,

God gave you a beautiful 4 legged angel to cheer you and love you and be your
your best companion. We all who had the opportunity to meet Maggie, including Sasha,
know with certainty that she was so very special, and she cam to touch so many lives
with her love, fun and sweet attitude, so adventurous and ready to enjoy every moment of her life.
Maggie will be forever missed and forever loved. Now she is an Angel in heaven and she will be
watching over her family that she loved so dearly.
Warm and comforting thoughts are sent your way. May Maggies memories continue bringing you
Smiles and love forever. With love, Diana and Sasha from heaven.
Diana O - February 14, 2019
Dear Karen, Kayleigh and Lauren. Our hearts are broken at the passing of your sweet Maggie. What a treasure and very special dog, companion and loyal friend she was to so many. Her beauty both inside and out touched the lives of each person she met and they were a better person for being able to receive her sweet love, happy face and wagging tail. Sending you all our prayers and big hugs.Darlene Yim - February 13, 2019
Beautiful Maggie. Thank you for brightening my heart with your loving spirit.
Your hugs and kisses meant the world as we enjoyed the sun together in your favorite yard.
I will remember you lying on the grass loving us so unconditionally. We miss you!
Karen, Kaleigh and Lauren I am truly sorry for your loss. Lifting you in prayer. ❤️🙏
Kelly Choi - February 13, 2019
Karen, Kayleigh and Lauren,
We are heartbroken with the news of Maggie’s passing.
She is absolutely an amazing addition to your family!
I remember when your grandpa Tim gave you a beautiful, fluffy, bouncy little puppy.
I really agree with what Stuart said that she definitely was a perfect Service Dog without the vest.
Barking dogs can be bothersome, but as neighbors, Maggie Never bothered us.
First of all, IF she barked, there was a reason, but so rarely over the years.
Instead of all the colorful scarves she wore, she should have had a Super Girl Cape.
I have Loved seeing all the photos of her Adventures!
She will Most Definitely Be Missed.
You have so many Precious Memories that will keep a Smile in Your hearts.
Hugs ,Prayers and Heartfelt Condolences.
Judy Wedemeyer - February 13, 2019
Goodbye Maggie. So glad I met and hiked with you....

Now imagining you sporting a pair of angel wings and looking down on us from high on that hiking trail with your look of "gee, can you go any slower...come on - giddy-up"........

You left a paw print on many hearts....

Arlette (hiking, beer sampling and cliff-edge buddy)
Arlette Cox - February 13, 2019
Maggie, you had the qualities of a service dog without the vest. A gentle soul, I never saw you growl or snap at anyone, dog or person. You were always a welcome guest at any family function. No matter how spastic Rocco, Rizzo, or Lucy got, you were always chill. One of my favorite Christmas memories is of Jack using you for a pillow on the floor. If there's a dog heaven, I hope it's filled with fresh tennis balls and green grass forever.Stu Barnes - February 13, 2019
Oh Maggie,
You will be so very missed! You gave and received so much joy and love. Griff and Roxy will do their best to love on Ruby. What a truly beautiful life you lived, and now you are running and dancing in heaven. We love you sweet girl so very much!
Katie, Griffin and Roxy <3
Katie Anderson - February 12, 2019
Maggie, we are so blessed to have had you in our lives & to know your love. You gave so much joy. Now run free & playRoni Trout - February 12, 2019
Stunned! So glad Penny and Rocco got to visit at the park just the other day... what an amazing Dog Mom you are!!! Maggie had such an amazing happy and active existence, thanks to you! I remember when she first came into your life, and you showed up at my back porch for a visit. I still remember Piper and Maggie touching noses, then Piper promptly growling!😂. Maggie’s in good hands, as I’m sure Piper was waiting to greet her at the Rainbow Beidge...❤️💔❤️Patrick Brass - February 12, 2019
Karen, kaleigh and Lauren, our hearts go out to you! Maggie was definitely a special dog. She loved you unconditionally. I will always remember her kind heart and gentle spirit and her joy for adventure. Sending big hugs to you now and always.Trish Purpura - February 12, 2019
So beautifully written. You captured her essence. Maggie reminds me to be a better person. Love more. Smile more and be up for any adventure. KristiKristi Tsai - February 12, 2019
Kelly Choi - February 12, 2019

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