6/10/2008 - 2/2/2019We adopted Maverick 4 years ago from our local shelter. He was going to be euthanized. He was so frail, with very little muscle mass and he could barely walk but he was so gentle and sweet that we couldn’t resist. He was afraid of squeaky toys and didn’t know what a treat was. He had been badly beaten and was afraid if you raised your hand over his head to pet him. Loud noises terrified him and he would try to hide. That changed quickly! Soon his ears would perk up when asked if he wanted a yummy! He also got so excited when we got home that he would find his current favorite toy and bring it to us. He loved snuggling and being petted. With a good quality diet,( he loved broccoli and snap peas! )as well as pain medication, he was eventually running in our yard! Unfortunately, his years of abuse caught up with him and he could not get up any longer. He was still so kind and gentle, rarely complaining. He wanted so much to please us. It was heartbreaking to make such a painful decision. When he passed, his big green turtle was his last playmate.
We are forever grateful for Dr. Amanda. She was so kind, she explained his ailments and reinforced our difficult decision. She comforted us and Mav. Everything was discussed and explained and she waited for us to be ready for each step. It was such a peaceful experience.
Chantale JohnsonHuntington Beach, CaliforniaFebruary 8, 2019
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I read your story about Maverick and was deeply touched. Losing a beloved dog is truly heartbreaking. My wife and I lost our Bulldog "Tugboat", a few weeks ago and it Dr. Amanda who helped us as well.
Although you're grieving, know that Maverick is running and playing with all of our lost loves- No more pain or discomfort and all of those memories of his previous life of abuse have been erased. Thank you for sharing your story and most of all, giving Maverick the life they all deserve, full of love, support and kindness. You are not alone in grief- we grieve with you, and these wonderful, loving little souls we've lost are never far from ours-in our hearts and memories, they live forever.
Mike S - February 21, 2019
Dearest Maverick, I will never forget your handsome presence, your pure love for your family and of course your enthusiasm for treats! It was an honor to meet you and learn about your story- I'm so grateful your path led you to the most loving and dedicated family you could ever ask for. You have touched so many hearts and have given your Mom & Dad so much joy! Your legacy of love will live on forever and you will always be remembered Mav, bless you sweet boy <3 XO <3Dr. Amanda Page - February 8, 2019

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