02/08/2002 - 3/15/2017My darling Megabit, to have loved you was heaven on earth.
At night, the rhythm of your soft breathing was a Lullaby of sweet calm.
During the day, your high-pitched barking was a March that set my feet in motion.
A look from you, a turn of the chin, or lifted ears was an Aria in the Opera of our life.
Your passing was a long single note held until your breath gave way.
And now the sound of your spirit echoes through the air
and the rhythm of your being beats forever in my heart.
Kit SchaferRochester Hills, MichiganMarch 17, 2017
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What a beautiful memorial to your beloved Megabit. I am honored to have been able to help your beloved girl.Courtney Graham - March 17, 2017

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