01/21/2003 - 1/12/2017Murphy, you could not have been a more perfect dog for our family for the 14 years that we had you in our lives. You were always loyal to your family and a wonderful protector. Sporting a handsome silky wheat colored coat you were a good looking dog.

You gave us unconditional love and joy, you will forever be in our memories.

May you find peace in Dog Heaven running through the fields of grass with the wind at your back.

Long may you run….
Rebecca JannEagan, MinnesotaJanuary 13, 2017
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Murphy, you were such a special boy and I know how much your family misses you. But I am so glad to know that you are at peace now and no longer in pain. Rest In Peace. Dr. KaraKara Fuchs - January 27, 2017
My dear Mr. Murphy,you were always such a good boy,always kind and gentle to me as I was ailing and fragile,somehow you sense that.Always looking to Grandma for an extra treat,cause you were spoiled,loved the toys I got you,would tear out the squeaker,then give it me.
Very loyal to your family,which you loved so deeply,very smart,you knew how to spell.
I always would say "you didn't ask for money and didn't ask for the car,just ask for LOVE."
I'll miss you,you were my best Bud,have fun chasing squirrels and bunny rabbits.see you around sometime.
Love ya,Grandma
JAN DUE - January 15, 2017
My dear Mr. Murphy,you were such a good boy,so well mannered and loyal. Always careful not to pull or knock me over
when on your leash,you knew I was old and fragile.Always liked the toys I bought you,of course the squeaker was the first to get torn out.You were spoiled,but worth it.Much loved by all of us,we are really going to miss you'
Have fun chasing bunny rabbits and squirrels.
JAN DUE - January 14, 2017

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