10/1/2007 - 7/8/2018We adopted Primo from Wag On In Rescue 10 years ago. He was a one year old pup from a shelter in St. Bernard Parrish, Louisiana. A friend of ours saw him at a yappy hour event at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, sent me a picture and I immediately wanted to meet him. The first time I met Primo he was a bit aloof; a trait that we both share when meeting new people. But he was so gentle and sweet that I was taken with him. Plus, those longing, soulful eyes did me in. He was our first family dog.
He was a lab/hound mix with a bey that could be heard for blocks. He was a talker…he grumbled when we left the house; barked happily when we came home; and was the first to let us know someone was approaching the house. And he had a long, fast wagging tail that was a weapon.
The first day we had him home we introduced him to our three cats; he was incredible. Primo lay down on the floor to show them he was submissive. Cosmo and Butch immediately made a friend; Athena, well she never quite got over the fact that she had to deal with dogs in her life. But Primo, ever loyal to the order of the house, respected her status as the elder pet. Primo made everything easy. He was housetrained, crate trained and kid friendly. The first time we took him to the beach with Nina (who was 2 years old) he sat in front of her on the blanket and did not move. It appeared he was always meant to be with us.
I was never much for walks, but that changed with Primo. I would walk him through our old 2nd Ave neighborhood in Asbury Park and loved every minute of it with him. He had a proud prance and was a total hound that needed to smell everything. The first night I took him for a walk, I would discover something about him that remained true his whole life: he would eat anything. That first night we passed a shrub in front of a house. Primo stuck that long hound snout into the bushes and pulled out an old pizza crust. That was his main lab trait and the first of many food escapades. He ate everything from a bar of soap to a friend’s medication to butter (with the paper wrapper) and an entire pound of tortillas. To this day, nothing remains on our counters. Not be outdone, this year, he began stealing fruit from the table.
He taught me how to enjoy long, leisurely, walks; endless games of fetch and just passing the time cuddling on the sofa. He enjoyed camping; walks in the woods and was absolutely disciplined when off leash.
When we decided to adopt a second dog, Primo was clear in his choice. We had meet and greets with several dogs and Primo did that same aloof thing he did with me the first time we met. Until we introduced him to Ollie……they bonded immediately. And so Primo introduced me to the world of pit bulls when he accepted Ollie and it has been a wonderful journey.
Primo will always be the guardian of our grounds; protector of our premises and the fierce champion of fetch. Primo was my best friend, in ways I could never imagine. I will miss him every day.
Trina ScordoHOWELL, New JerseyJuly 10, 2018
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