6/10/2004 - 2/9/2017I am lucky. I knew the best dog ever.

She brought more joy that I thought possible. And all she asked for in return was a little treat, a cuddle and a good belly rub. She shattered the myth that Westies are not lap dogs.

It was the little things that would melt your heart. Lying at the bottom of the hall stairs, her chin resting on the last step looking up for the family member upstairs. Her ears going back as she bent down low and let out a deep "growl wwwoo wow." It was the sound of a dog at her happiest. The always present left paw reminding you with a "scratch-scratch" that the 5 minute rub needed to last just a little bit longer, and the hearty barrel-roll shake at the end, with Westie fur flying in the streaming sunlight. The way she waited patiently at the bottom of the drive, eyes transfixed on the back door, waiting for Mom and Angel to emerge, and her sprint to start her walk when at last they did. But it was the gentle kiss on my hand, when I stroked her paws just before bed at night, that will forever bond her to me.

She came into our lives at a trying time for me - in between jobs and no certainty of a new one. Brought home from the pet store instead of Mollie's school uniform. Anyone who saw the girl in the schoolyard who needed a new uniform need not worry; she had a great dog at home.

Meghan gave her the best name. She was such a Reilly and she had quite a life.

Like Bridget I think she had a thing for gingers they way she sniffed out the Junior prom date and her affection for Kevin.

But there was no hiding her true favorite. Cuddling with Mom on the couch was Reilly's idea of a perfect day. Mom always said she'd do anything for her dogs and she did - right up to her last breath. Thank you Kay for bringing her into our lives.

I am lucky. I knew the best dog ever. And she was ours. And her name was Reilly.
Brian DurkinHavertown, PennsylvaniaFebruary 11, 2017
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Reilly, you may have been a small little pup, but you had a big heart and clearly touched your family in a very big way. Those little things you did, it was nice to read about. I wish I knew you when you were younger. I'm glad I was able to meet you.

May you continue to rest peacefully, and watch over your family-still doing little things for them here and there...
Brad Bates - August 17, 2017
I can see from your memories how much Reilly was loved. Hope Angel isn't missing her friend too much.Janet Cary - February 13, 2017
Growing up I always begged mommy and daddy for a puppy. Finally in 5th grade, you came along and everything about you made the wait worth it. You were the best dog and I am forever grateful that you were my first puppy. I will miss you everyday, but always will treasure every memory I have of growing up with you. I love you, sweet girl.Mollie Durkin - February 13, 2017

You have left such an impact on every human who knew you. I will always remember your 6th sense of knowing when someone was upset or sick. You would lay by their side until they were better. I will always remember the puppy dance, the laps around the coffee table, and the mornings where I would be woken up to you jumping into my bed to cuddle.

Thank you for being the best dog a girl could want to grow up with. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Bridget Durkin - February 12, 2017
Reilly was my first puppy. I remember holding her in my arms at the age of 12, in awe that she was ours. She truly was the most loved dog. We grew up together. And every time I came home, I looked forward to seeing her cute, fury face at the door. She was my favorite cuddle buddy and went everywhere with our family. Reilly was more than my dog, she was my sister and friend. I will love and miss her every day.Meghan Durkin - February 12, 2017
I will miss you everyday Reilly. Thank you for being our good girl! Love your MommyMary Kay Durkin - February 12, 2017

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