11/28/2002 - 1/8/2019Ruffles A.k.a Wlater
Ruffles the first day we brought you home back in January 2003. You have been as wonderful caring dog. We will always remember you jumping in the pool and retrieving your ball a million times. Your soft fur and your big eyes filled with love. You and Bell had 3 litters together and thank goodness the boys talked me into keeping your daughter Shea. She has your eyes and personality, but she looks like Bell. Ruffles I still can hear your knocking on the back door to let you in or out. You have filled our world with so much love and happiness. We all miss you so much, but we know it was time for you to go to puppy heaven. I can't stop crying about you. Me and girls took our usually walk and you know I howled to you in heaven. I remember you would do that from time to time.

Missing you dear Ruffles and thank you for sharing your life with us.
Denise GarnerJackson, New JerseyJanuary 10, 2019
Light a Candle

I went to church yesterday, dear Ruffles I lite a candle for you and you all those who have gone. We miss you dear Ruffles - Love you forever, boy.Denise Garner - January 11, 2019

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