1/1/2017 - 11/28/2017Scout: January 1, 2004 - November 28, 2017

A dog gives humans an example on how to live.

Scout, Scoutie, McScout, Scouters, Sweetie-pie, you silly-head, whatever you called our loved family member she was always there, happy and ready to go, despite every challenge the world presented her.

So it’s September 2005 the kids are young and our first family dog has just passed. We are going to the Animal Welfare League and we are going to help another dog because I can’t take being without a furry friend. My wife is 4 months pregnant with a girl we are going to name Scout, because we both love the name from (To kill a Mocking Bird), we have two younger kids who want a puppy. I enjoy challenges but I’m thinking in the back of my mind (my wife is going to kill me if I bring home a puppy with two small children and one on the way). So we enter what could only be described as hell, the league calls it the viewing area.

There are two dogs in the front, all nice and clean. A puppy, the kids scream “Please daddy can we get the puppy!” I say “Let’s see what other dogs are inside first” as inside I’m praying there’s a nice dog that isn’t a puppy because I don’t want my wife to kill me. The other dog is a bit older, looks to have just had puppies and has a bright pink bow on her.

Something on her eyes, she was sitting strange, everything was off with her, but she didn’t care, she just lived and loved. I was looking for exactly that. I petted her cheek and I said “I’m going to take you from here and keep you forever.” I asked why she was in the front and was told that each dog has 30 days and if an animal isn’t adopted by then it is put down. They clean them up and put them in the front for one final shot at adoption. I told the woman “they were nuts to have this sweet dog up there!”

A spinal stroke, 2 hip surgeries, and much more. It’s all Scout history. So much that I could write for years about how this sweet animal that no one wanted was the best thing that ever happened to my family. She fought to live and love right until the very last moment.

The name? All she did from the moment she came into our family was Scout and protect us. She had to be named Scout, it fit her like nothing else would.


From my awesome daughter:

Scout was a really, really smart dog: she knew when we were sick, she knew to stealthily watch us when we were eating in case we dropped something (she’d then go into vacuum-mode and polish the spot the food had been in not a moment before), she knew how to swing around her weak back legs and build momentum to reach places, she knew (once her hearing had mostly gone) how to read lips, she knew it all. Scout was a tough, intelligent girl, who for the longest time survived off of sheer internal will...because even though the universe was seemingly done with her, she sure as hell wasn’t done with it
Will HughesKissimmee, FloridaDecember 5, 2017
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Scout was an inspirational, tough-as-nails dog and I am glad I was lucky enough to meet her, if only for a short while.Elizabeth Gill - December 6, 2017

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