6/24/2004 - 3/4/2017Words cannot express how much my little Sparky means to me. He would have been by my side 24 hours a day if he could, and he often was. I wouldn't have had it any other way. He liked to sleep at night on a little bed beside my bed. Every time I woke up at night, I would peek down to look at him and pet him. He never got up in the morning before I did, and he never went all the way downstairs before I was there. First, he would wait for me at the top of the stairs. Once I reached him, he would hop down to the first landing. As I started down the stairs, he would go down to the second landing and wait for me. When I got there he would go all the way down and then our next routine would start (morning bathroom break, a treat for being a good boy, and then breakfast awhile later). If I was home, he was right there with me. If there was any way I could take him with me when I left, I did and he loved to come along. We also did many special things together. He was an agility champion and a therapy dog. We hosted and attended dog parties for his agility buddies. We walked in two parades together. We took an overnight trip to Camp Dogwood. He was "my guy," but he also had a beautiful personality and many people loved him, even those who were not previously dog lovers. Even though I miss him terribly, our time together was priceless and it brings me comfort to know that he's not suffering. Now that he's gone, I can't help but reflect on what a great role model he was. If everybody lived like Sparky, the world would be such a happy place. Rest in peace, little buddy. I love you and can't wait to see you again one day! You are a special angel.Julie DonatelliPark Ridge, IllinoisMarch 7, 2017
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Dear Sparky,

You were so well loved. Even before we ever met, Julie would send me pictures of and updates about you. I wish I could have spent more time with you, but am happy to have met you. I know the joy that brought to Julie.
Victoria Sligar - March 16, 2017
Your Sparky was such an incredible and one of a kind boy and I know he brought joy to his family and to everyone that got the pleasure of meeting him. I know he will be greatly missed and he will always be inside your hearts <3Karina Lap of Love - March 11, 2017
Growing up we didn't have pets, but who would've known that I would be so attached to Sparky, he was such a gentle dog and brought joy to who ever came into contact with him.Alex Donatelli - March 8, 2017
We have so many memories to keep our "treasure" Sparky with us always.Toni Ginnetti - March 8, 2017
Your Sparky was such a handsome boy, and it's so easy to see what a sweetheart he was. May you always treasure the memories of your dear friend. Lost, but remembered forever in your heart.Nikki Lap of Love - March 8, 2017
Rest in peace, sweet Sparky!Julie Donatelli - March 8, 2017

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