9/1/2006 - 2/10/2018Our sweet Sparky came into our lives at the young age of 5 ½ weeks. While I was concerned about his young age, he soon let us know he belonged with us. He had so much personality and was so smart. When he wanted to go outside at night, he would stand beside my bed and tap my shoulder with his nose. The first time he did it, I opened my eyes expecting to see one of my two kids and was quite startled to see his furry face and beautiful blue eyes staring back at me. His ability to communicate always astounded me. He had different looks and movements to let you know what he wanted: to go inside or outside, when he was in the mood for one of his favorite treats of sausage biscuits, bread, or tortillas, when he wanted to play, or when something wasn’t quite normal around the house. We were told Siberian Huskies were not guard dogs and not to expect him to act as one. Well, no one told Sparky this. He could tell the difference between the sound of our vehicles and others. If anyone he didn’t know came anywhere near our house or yard, he would bark until they left--literally. If they stayed all day, he barked all day. There was no stopping him. He took his guard dog status very seriously. He had a knack for wanting to go outside as soon as I sat down and especially loved going in and out multiple times during the night to check on the status of things. This drove me crazy, but what I wouldn’t give to feel his little nose tapping on my shoulder tonight. I love you Sparky and am so sorry you had to go, but am so grateful to Lap of Love for allowing you to peacefully pass in your own home with your loved ones around you. I know you’re smiling and happy as you play with Bleu and Dad! Sparky you will be loved and remembered forever.Allison NeeseWalnut Cove, North CarolinaFebruary 11, 2018
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Dear Allison,

Reading your tribute to Sparky helped me see I'm not alone in the way I'm grieving for my dog, Danny, today. Best wishes and peace to you.
Leslie Bruce
Leslie Bruce - February 12, 2018

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