1/9/2005 - 9/6/2017We adopted Trixie when she was a wee 8 weeks old. She was such a sweet girl, and enriched and informed our lives all the days of her too short life.. She was so easy to love and gave so much love in return.
We miss her greatly...and we always told her we'll be together forever. So, we are looking forward to being with her again, in the future.
We will love you forever, girl.
Mark SIEGMUNDChula Vista, CaliforniaSeptember 12, 2017
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What amazing tributes written for Trixie!
She loved and was loved. What a wonderful life!!!
Linda Voigt - September 14, 2017
Dearest Trixie and family-

I feel so fortunate to have met you, your sweet essence and Queenly presence. Your beauty and your magnificent blue-black fur were images to behold. I'm so grateful to you for your unconditional love to your family whom I love so greatly. I'm so sad you needed to transition seemingly so soon. I remember when the bath bombs finally arrived & you announced the mailman's presence with such gusto, always consistent and constant. I am sad. I know you will always be with us. I imagine you will greet us when it is time. I know you'll be there for James when it is his time.
Please cradle your family with your ever loving eyes from the other side. Love is forever. I see you joyfully running to the mailbox to receive my message of love.

Forever yours, D
Janet Dot Karlix - September 14, 2017
Rest in peace sweet Trixie. You were a true companion and gave all you had. Until we meet again.Leann Sargeant - September 13, 2017

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