9/30/2002 - 12/4/2017To my beautiful good boy & "gordito" - you were and will always be the best dog a girl could ever ask for. You were my loyal companion for 15 years, more than half my life now - through high school, college, first job/apartment, to finally our first home with a big back yard for you to play in and now finally rest in. Thank you for giving me those precious 15 years, for always staying right by side/feet and for never leaving me alone even through the all-nighters as I work feverishly to pursue my dreams YOU were literally by my side, no one else can say that. You cuddled, snuggled, kissed and shared your love with me through out my life especially in the biggest moments of my life you were there and for that I'm forever grateful. You also always made room in your heart, after the jealously of course, to love John as much as you loved me, which was amazing, but naturally you were forever my #1, he knew rank and the years you had on him make him my #2. It's because of all this I will miss you so much and although I grieve now, I know in time it'll get easier but I will never forget how powerful our love & relationship is, perhaps now I know more than ever as I mourn. And for now I want you to know how much I miss kissing your face, petting your soft fur and paws, taking a million photos of you, checking in on you while you sleep and at night and even getting up at the wee hours of the morning to let you go outside lol. I also miss your little but tough bark and the sound of you sleeping especially when you were dreaming - I just miss it all. You are literally a part of me and will be forever my little lover, good boy & gordo precioso!Yaravee RodriguezWinter Garden, FloridaDecember 5, 2017
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We had Tyson for 15 years, very long time. He was tough, and kind at same the time. I'm going go to miss my best friend . Love You Buddy!J.R. Rodriguez - December 6, 2017
In tender memory of Tyson. It's clear from the pictures that he was very well-loved. He will never be forgotten.Stacy Blake - December 5, 2017

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