04/15/2001 - 10/3/2018It’s hard to say goodbye to the sweetest ball of fluff. When your brother died, we didn’t think you’d make it another day without him. In the end you proved us all wrong and stuck around for another eighteen months. You had to be told that it was okay to go. So very like you.
We watched you grow old. Your eyes weren’t what they used to be. Your ears no longer able to alert us to every potential perpetrator in the 3 mile radius. Your legs not always able to keep you steady. But, every day you woke up, stretched into your upward dog and down dog then wagged your tail waiting for me to carry you to your spot under my desk where happily chilled until the next opportunity to snuggle up together. One thing you didn’t lose was your love of food. Our hearts are grateful that we could spoil you with all your favorites on your final days.
You’re a hard habit to break. I can’t get used to not carrying a fluffball with me at all times. I miss you. But, I try to focus on the beauty that was your seventeen and a half years on this Earth. Sweet and shy and impossible to get mad at. Wanting to sniff every part of every tree. Following a scent wherever it leads. Marking over all of those scents, showin ‘em who’s boss. Fluffing up your blankets. Molding into the coziest positions. Your spunky howl. Your raspy bark. Your sweet, expressive eyes. You were full of heart and brought us joy every single day.
May your spirit be with your brother now. If you guys were ever accidentally separated in the house, even for just five minutes, there was a ridiculously joyful reunion. So, I like to think of something like that. You get some serious cred for being the runt of the litter and masterfully growing old without any major health issues. The strongest 3 pounds there ever was. I hope you strut now. You should totally strut, Yogi Bear.
On the other side, I hope you now know a few things for certain. How much we loved you. How we couldn’t bear to watch you suffer. How special it was to me that you rolled over for your last belly rub. If I had to let you go, it was all I could ask that it was on a good day, full of all good things, falling asleep in my arms. Nothing dramatic like your brother. Just peace and love and sweet ice cream. Just like you. We miss you, Bug. We will forever miss you.
Bethany GallagherPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaOctober 10, 2018
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Bethany, what a beautiful and moving tribute to your best friend. My heart was breaking as I read, as we can all relate the story of you and Yogi to our own lives and furry companions. You were blessed to have shared so much love together, and I know that is what makes it so difficult to say goodbye. Unspent love, love with no place to go, is grief. Thank you for sharing with us. I am sure your angels are resting together and watching over you.Dr. Aspen - October 12, 2018

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