3/5/2018Its been one week ago today, that I had to let you go. It was the hardest decision of my life. I can remember the day I brought you home at 8 weeks old. You were the best girl I ever had. You were my best friend, my love, my heart, and everything evolved around you. You gave me love, happiness, joy, comfort, and friendship when no one else could. I know you loved me just as much as I loved you. You would walk by a steak dinner just to give me kisses and affectation. I gave you the best life I could in return. We walked, hiked, chased after the golf cart every day. We enjoyed being outside every day it did not matter what was going on with the weather, we were outside in the cold, in the dark, rain, snow, and sun. There were so many things that you enjoyed doing such as playing ball, you and your tennis balls, you loved to go bye bye with me in the car, you loved boating, you loved swimming, i think this was probably your most favorite thing to do, being a Springer. I can remember taking to the park as a pup and you watching and observing the other water dogs running and diving in the pond. It took you a little while, but you learned how to dive/jump like Springers do and you loved it and were really good at it. Many people enjoyed watching you jump in our pool. Anyone who knows me, knew that you loved me and was dedication to only me. People would say that you were a "cool dog". I made sure you were a pampered, spoiled girl as any dog should be. My heart will always be with you. Its been a week that you have been gone, but I can still feel your presence, and I know you gave me a sign that you crossed the rainbow bridge. I will treasure that memory forever. There will never be another love like you, you showed me love, unconditional love and I will never forget that. Rest in peace my baby girl, until we meet again! I love you.Tammy RobinsonBuckeye Lake, OhioMarch 12, 2018
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