Healing from a pet’s loss, including how long you grieve, is an individual process. Some people fear that moving past their grief means they are being disloyal to their pet. But moving forward is natural, and does not mean you love or miss your pet any less. You will carry your pet in your heart as you move forward.

You will know when you are beginning to heal. As the adage says, time mends a broken heart, and your love for your pet will begin to outweigh the sadness of their loss. You will be able to fondly remember good times with your pet, their unique personality quirks, and their smile. We are sharing these resources to help you during your healing journey, with ways to memorialize your pet when you feel ready.


Moving Forward

As you begin to heal, it can be helpful to engage with other people in a variety of ways. Support groups, social activities, and community service can all help with the healing process. We find that getting out in your community and donating time can be therapeutic, and helps many of our clients heal. If you feel ready for this step, consider volunteering at a local hospital, museum, zoo, aquarium, animal shelter, rescue group, or nursing home. You might also consider certifying your surviving pet as a therapy pet, and volunteering together at hospitals or nursing homes. Your service can be animal-focused, as a tribute to your pet, or completely unrelated.

You can identify opportunities to engage with others in your community through:

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