Mia Ramirez
2/7/2006 - 7/29/2020Mia, you are the sweetest little dog ever and I will forever miss you. You were always there for me through the good and bad. I miss you licking my tears when I was sad and really wish you were here to comfort me again. I will never forget how much of an impact you have made on my life. You were my protector and were always by side. I got you when you were just a puppy and was lucky enough to have you for 14 years. Although the time was short and I selfishly wanted to keep you longer, I know you are now at peace. I miss you so much and feel so empty without you. You were my world, heart and soul. I miss you so much and wish that I could keep you forever. Thank you for being my best friend honey bunny, my little bembem, my bug a boo. Love you to pieces and we will see each other again. I hope you are frolicking in heaven playing with unkies and grandpa. Your mommy loves you.Angela RamirezRiverside, CaliforniaJuly 30, 2020
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I have two 14 year old chihuahuas that are at end of life. I heard about your in home euthanasia and want to know how much your service would be?
Thank You
Mary Walters - July 31, 2020
You were the sweetest doggy ever, but still packed a ton a fight. I saw how loyal you were to your momma & how much joy you brought. I’ll miss going over with Unkie Jorge to walk you and babysit you. You came into our lives when I was just in 5th grade and you’ll always be remembered. I hope you are having fun in puppy heaven with Nemo. Love you,
Iris & Jorge
Iris+Jorge Medina - July 31, 2020

You were such a loyal dog and your heart was full of love for everyone, especially your mommy. I remember the time that your mom left out of town and you ran from my house... I was so scared and mad at you, but once I finally caught up to you and put you on your leash, you allowed me to embrace you and hug you! (As mad as I was, I was so relieved that you were okay!) Thank you for loving your cousins, Acey and Arley. As crazy as they are, you accepted them and still played with them when you weren’t “ acting like a diva” lol! They wuff you so much! <3

Mia: mi bonita, mi mamita, I know that you are no longer with us here on earth, but I know that your loving spirit will always be in our hearts. I will miss you greeting me, allowing me to “sit in your spot” (only for a limited time of course lol), and for allowing me to baby you (even though I would smother, you still let me). You will always be remembered and loved. Thank you for loving us as much as we love you! Rest In Peace sweet pretty girl. <3

Love always,
Your Tia Jye, Acey and Arley
Jessica Medina - July 31, 2020
Mia was a wonderful and loyal dog. I was lucky to be her dog dad for 7 great years. When I moved to Southern California and became her dog dad she welcomed me with oped paws. She made me feel part of her family with my wife. I will always cherish or daily walks and how much she got excited when I came home from work. She was so excited and would follow me to hurry up and change so we could eat dinner. She was excited for dinner time because I would always sneak her food from the table. I will always cherish the memories together wit Mia and I know that she is up and heaven watching over us. Rest peacefully Mia and its only good bye for now until we meet again in heaven.

Your Dog Dad
Justin Ramirez - July 30, 2020
May she be forever in your heart.Lorry Jolitz - July 30, 2020

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