10/24/2004 - 7/28/2020In late June our sweet Macx suffered a stroke. The month of July was tough for him as he worked to adapt to the changes and continued to decline more each week. On Tuesday evening we said our goodbyes and sent him on his way to heaven with tons of love and lots of tears. We miss his adventurous, watchful, spunky, loyal, Houdini like, guarding personality. Macx was a small dog with a big dog attitude. Most of his neighborhood dog friends were bigger dogs and he thought he fit right in.

Macx always made sure everyone was home and in bed at night. When a family member was gone he would sit at the steps and wait until you told him the missing person was not coming home tonight. When our grandchildren came to visit he would walk around and do bed checks with each of them. Then sleep so he could keep an eye on everyone. When anyone was sick Macx would be right by your side on nursing watch until you were better. Sometimes it felt like he knew when someone was going to be ill before they actually were. He had an amazing sense about him.

Macx was both an independent and stubborn soul and at the same time loving and loyal. When he was younger, he could escape from a fenced yard. We found out he could climb a chain link fence. His nickname became the Canine Cat. He could be aloof like a cat and then a loyal loving dog. He was one smart dog and we loved his unique personality.

Thank you to Laps of Love and Dr. Jessica Bollinger for turning a tough evening in to a loving memorable experience for our family. We know Macx now has his mind and strength back and is enjoying heaven with his many puppy friends and his favorite chicken dinner.
Liz NelsonSt. Paul, MinnesotaJuly 31, 2020
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