11/24/2002 - 3/26/2019Today we said goodbye to the most special pet I have ever known. My little man, Bacio, as many of you know very well, has been with me for over 16 years. From carrying him in a pet backpack to Blockbuster video (that’s how old he is), my little sidekick and I met in San Diego and have lived in 6 different homes together, as he co-slept nestled under my neck for over a decade. He pulled every all-nighter with me throughout my 6 years of graduate school, never left my side when I was sick, and soaked up over half of my tears with his beautiful black and white fur. He won over the hearts of many other people and other pets with us, and I am so grateful that my own daughter got to meet him and was old enough to fall in love with him too. Even in his final days Bacio would let my 3-year-old daughter take him inside her princess castle for a light show. I have no doubt he will cross the rainbow bridge and we will one day be together again. I will always carry a huge place for him in my heart, as he taught me how to love so fiercely, adapt to change with tenderness, care and appreciate all of God’s little creatures, and now, how to let someone you love go. I miss you my angel, may you rest in peace. 👼 BacioJacqueline DWinnetka, IllinoisMarch 27, 2019
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Bacio was just the most wonderful companion to you and your family. I am so glad that he was able to create so many memories with you. May memories of his love bring joy to your heart.Shijuanna Lap of Love - March 30, 2019
Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories of Bacio. He sure sounds like a one-of-a-kind boy. I am so sorry for your great loss <3 May his sweet memories warm your heart, today and forever.Ivy Lap of Love - March 29, 2019
Bacio was such an adorable little boy! You had an amazing journey together and I know he will be greatly missed <3Victoria Lap of Love - March 28, 2019
Wow what a handsome boy! I just love his cute little face. He sounds like he was such an amazing little man. I know that he will forever be in your heart, and that you will cherish all of the wonderful memories you've shared <3Leshundria Lap of Love - March 28, 2019
Laura MacMullen - March 28, 2019

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