5/1/1999 - 4/29/2019Buffy was with us for only 2 years. We got her from my husbands friend who’s mother in law past away and he was allergic to cats. We were supposed to only “foster” her but that was only a ploy that I told my husband because I knew she was going to be our new family member. My dog Bobby loves her right away and was also terrified of her as she quickly became the boss. Our other kitty Angel hated her because Buffy bossed her around all the time and Angel seems a lot happier the same day we put Buffy to sleep. She loves my son and was always checking on him and didn’t seem to mind his crying. We only had this 20 year old lady for 2 years before we started noticing her sleeping a lot more often. And then we knew it was time. I know that the last two years of her life were spent with much love, doctor visits and medicine. I’m sure she’s with her original mom in heaven now. ❤️Bea FerreiraEast Brunswick, New JerseyMay 1, 2019
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