1/10/2001 - 7/9/2019today we had to say goodbye to our sweet, funny lovable cat "Rascal". We rescued him in December 2002 and never knew his birthday, but our Vet guessed he was about 18 mos old at the time. we fell in love with him immediately and he came to his forever home. after a few days I named him Rascal because he was in to everything curious and fearless. he lived up to his name his whole life. He was lovable and funny. He was friendly to everybody and loved the grandchildren when they came to visit. He would get down on the floor with them when they were building or playing games. He shared his new home with his best buddy, a golden retriever named Mandy for 13 1/2 years. After Mandy died we soon brought a new golden retreiver puppy named Cody in to our home. Rascal let Cody know right away who was in charge but they got along fine. Since Rascal was old by then they never had the relationship he had with Mandy since they were young and grew up together. Rascal was such a sweet, lovable companion we will always have such sweet memories of him. he had a unique personality. definitely one of a kind. everybody loved him. I hope he found his old buddy, Mandy waiting for him as he crossed over the rainbow bridge. We will miss him greatly and never forget him. He fought bravely for 2 1/2 years against kidney failure but finally had to leave us today. We love you always Rascal. sleep well my little prince.PATRICIA DANIELRICHMOND, VirginiaJuly 9, 2019
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Rascal was very affectionate and I was so grateful for the opportunity to love on him as well as aid in his comfortable transition to Rainbow Bridge. I have no doubt that Mandy was waiting for him!Kiley Cameron - July 24, 2019

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