Eddie Boy
7/20/2011 - 7/16/2019Eddie was the most lovable, loyal and a great buddy. I have so many memories of him growing up.
When he was little and training I had to train at the same time with my other girl (Casey) from another liter. They were only 3 months old.
They were comical as they both sat, laid and pawed at the same time. It didn't take long as they were always competing with me.
Eddie was the lovable one and liked being around me a lot more. Every where I went he was there. He always seemed to deep stare me in the eyes and smile. He loved to be petted all the time. He had the softest fur I ever felt on a dog. It was like a cotton ball.
He would cuddle and sleep with me so I could hold him close.
He never fussed much and like to take rides in the car.
He really enjoyed his life here and I will truly miss that guy forever and ever!!
He was one of kind and we loved him alot. I know you are in heaven with your Daddy now who passed in September, 2018.
I miss you Eddieboy and always will. Rest in peace my boy. I love you, Mom
Brenda SteinmetzPipersville, PennsylvaniaJuly 21, 2019
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I'm missing you so much and Casey is to.
Love you EddieBoy.
Love, Mom
Brenda Steinmetz - July 22, 2019

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