10/14/2005 - 7/26/2019Bobby was my baby, my pumpkin, our sweet little prince. I had so many nicknames for him. He was the sweetest, most amazing cat ever! He loved to talk and chatter. He loved for me to kneel down and hover near him as he ate. It's like he didn't want to eat unless I was right there. He's always had my heart and was very loyal. It took a little time but he finally let Jack my husband in. He was so gentle and forgiving. All the vete trips over the years, the home IV treatments, the countless meds for his long list of medical issues. He only deserved complete and utter happiness.
I miss him so much! I can't wait to see him again. I know he is in heaven right now, with Blackie, Hobo, Junior, Mrs. Kitty, Lovie and my Grandmas. He is perfect and has no more pain. I know he will be waiting for me as I pass through those pearly gates. If I needed one reason to believe in God it would be that He gave me Bobby. How great is God's love, that He would bless me with such love!
My beautiful son, I will love you forever and miss you everyday until the day that I die.
Sheila Thrifttampa, FloridaAugust 13, 2019
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It took a long time for Bobby to let me into his heart. Long after Sheila’s friends and family accepted me and welcomed me into their lives, Bobby remained skeptical. He just loved Sheila so much and had been with her so much longer. I thought he would never let me in. Then one evening I was lying on the couch, and out of nowhere Bobby jumped up and lay on my chest, purring happily as I pet him. It was his way of saying, “All right, I guess you’re OK.” And from then on I felt very close to Bobby and loved him so much. He was the sweetest cat ever, a cat who loved to talk and chatter and mumble with his adorable little voice. Sheila and I would put him on the bed with us, and he would settle down, then get back up again and circle around and move up and down the bed in search of the best spot, and inevitably he would wind up in the exact same position. It cracked Sheila and me up to no end. He was so wonderful, so full of personality. He also had many health problems that might have made for a difficult life were it not for the love Sheila had for him. Near the end she was always tending to him, cleaning him up, giving him fluids and medicine, and then she had to do the bravest and most compassionate thing any of us can do for the pets we so love: she helped him leave this world before he began to really suffer. I will never forget Bobby, nor the incredible, loving bond he had with Sheila. He was a great little guy, and I know he’s in Heaven right now, happy and in perfect health. And he’ll be with us always in our hearts, waiting for us to join him. I love you, Bobby, and I miss you so much.Jack Thrift - August 18, 2019
What a beautiful boy he was! Now he's your guardian angel in that new perfect body he has.Elizabeth Merchant - August 14, 2019
A peeerrrrfect companion. I’m so sorry for your loss my dear friend. I’m glad he is in a better place now.Emily Brown - August 13, 2019

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