11/21/2011 - 8/11/2019My sweet Lily - my beautiful grey girl! Thank you for your devotion and patience. You always waited for me to get done whatever I was doing so we could do snuggles and cuddles together on our favorite chair. You loved me unconditionally. I only had you for five years - too short, but I feel blessed that I had that time with you. I hope you are not in any pain and are lying in the sun somewhere getting your chin scratched and playing with your toys.

You always had the loudest purr and it was reserved only for me since you were scared of everyone else. You don't have to be scared anymore - I can only hope you have found peace. I know you loved being in our small house - I hated to take you from it, but I did not want you to suffer. I still cry every time I think of you, but I know it was time for you to go home to God.

Say hello to your "sister cats" Molly and Amber for me! They were waiting for you to join them in heaven. And "Mommy" sent me a rose to let me know you are with her, too. I will always remember you!
Ann RobertsMonroe Township, New JerseyAugust 25, 2019
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I am lighting a candle for you, Lilygirl! I still miss you!Ann Roberts - September 2, 2019

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