11/8/2004 - 2/10/2020Maggie was adopted from the NSAL in Port Washington back in January 2005 she was a puppy when she came into George’s life! The memories of her as a little pot belly pup she grew quickly to become a wonderful companion to George Russell we would take her fishing but on the boat that was an experience she went swimming and was not the best swimmer even though she was a lab Russell would take her to the Guggenheim school after work she looked so forward to those walks in the woods! When Russell’s mom became elderly and was unable to care for herself Russell had to care for his mom with the help of Maggie right there by Russell’s side through thick and thin since his mom needed personal care! Maggie comforters Russell for 10 years! After his mom’s death he bought a house up in Pennsylvania the Poconos a 3 acre property with a lake and creek! Maggie spent many a days running in from of the golf cart as we tried to keep up with Maggie as she ran in the countryside! She lived and loved the country ! Maggie had a wonderful life she was cared for with the it most love and tender care! She managed to make it to 16 years old and counting!Sandra SienkiewiczPort Washington, New YorkFebruary 11, 2020
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