3/9/2005 - 2/9/2020It's ok
Close your eyes puppy
Time to take a nap
Dream of you and me, on car ride to go swimming
Daddy is right here
When the time comes
Open your eyes and wake
It's time to find daddy
I will be waiting
Mark ConcannonSewickley, PennsylvaniaFebruary 12, 2020
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Dear Anubis, you brought so much love and light into this world. You deserved the best and I am grateful that I was able to help free you from your tired body. May you run free and swim with the best of them with one eye always looking toward the Rainbow Bridge where you will meet your family again.Dr. Aspen - February 17, 2020
Beautiful pup who looked to be full of life. Evans - February 13, 2020

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