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2/28/2007 - 1/14/2019Our precious girl Geisha gave us so much love and companionship. For 12 years her four legged paws followed me, stood on my feet and leaned into me with all her trust and weight. I was a true pleasure to have taken care of her. She camped with us, hiked and mt. biked, her athletic ability amazed us.
We miss more than we can express writing this through tears. Love you always baby girl!!
Darci GilbertVancouver, WashingtonJanuary 17, 2019
1/31/2006We only had him a short time. A little over a year but we fell head over heels for him and loved him so. I think I kissed him and hugged him enough to last him until I see him again.Marilyn MoresiSt louis, MissouriJanuary 17, 2019
1/1/2000 - 1/14/2019Tonight I said farewell to Denali (aka Baby) my faithful friend,
whose body has perished but for whom my love for will never end,
You were strong and brave every one of your 19 years,
And fought the good fight never showing your fears.
you gave me infinite joy and comfort and love,
and now it's time for you to rest over the rainbow bridge in heaven above.
"Love of my life", "You were always on my mind" and "I will be with you again",
Until then, I will miss you and Bonna and Blitz every day...amen...

Goodnight my sweet boy...
Patricia CollinsSkokie, IllinoisJanuary 17, 2019
11/6/2007 - 1/14/2019Fred,
I don't even know where to begin. I could use any number of adjectives to describe just how amazing you were - loving, snuggly, spunky, social, adorable, curious, friendly - I could go on and on. You were such a people dog, you loved everyone you met. Even in your older age when you had lost your sight you still greeted everyone so excitedly. I loved how you always followed us around the house and at any point that we stopped, you immediately sat on our feet - I always loved how you showed us your love in this way. I loved your curiosity - anytime we brought a shopping bag home and sat in on the floor you immediately needed to bury your head in it just to see what was in there :). I loved that your favorite toys were the ones that made a "crinkly paper" sound :). I loved how you always rested your head on our shoulders when we were in the car. I loved your love of "couch time" - I think this was my favorite. You truly had the most loving snuggles and I will miss this the most. I loved how you laid your entire body across my chest and nuzzled your nose in my neck - for hours - while we watched TV. Sometimes I felt so undeserving of your unconditional love. To say that you meant the world to me is a huge understatement. The bond we shared was truly special - you were by my side for my entire adult life - and I am so lucky and grateful to have spent the most wonderful eleven years together. Fred, I love you more than words could express.
Jessica BeekmanLaurel, MarylandJanuary 16, 2019
1/15/2019A beautiful ebony feline who loved his family and his freedom to explore.Stephanie Rayfield ( Godmother)Chesapeake,Va, VirginiaJanuary 16, 2019
9/1/2000 - 1/12/2019Silkie, you are already very missed. Your upstairs room is so quiet and empty now. I don't have cat litter all over the floor, nor your food treats and fur all about anymore, and I miss that. It seems strange not to see you sleeping on your bed when I walk by. We knew it was time for you to go as you seemed tired and in pain. Thank you for being part of our family for so long. Farewell beautiful cat! You were loved. I hope you can share with Bonnie and Blaze how much we miss them too.Donna RobertsCharlotte, North CarolinaJanuary 16, 2019
6/13/2010 - 1/15/2019Alli we miss you so much it’s overwhelming. You gave us 8+ years of unconditional love and we wish we had more. Although you were too young & we didn’t have enough time with you, we’re so lucky we got what we had. You left a hole in our lives when you left & our only solace is knowing that your pain is gone and there will be no more suffering. We will all miss you always. Run free Alli Bear.Melissa StephanDrexel Hill, PennsylvaniaJanuary 16, 2019
1/3/2006 - 1/15/2019In Loving Memory of Roxy.

With great sadness you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I was so blessed to get to spend so many years with you. You were a great big sister to all your dog siblings. Going to sleep last night without you on my bed was sad and waking up this morning and not hearing you walking through the house seems unreal. You are greatly missed and I hope you meet up with Duke and Blossom who have gone before you. I love you.
Michelle DelimanTampa, FloridaJanuary 16, 2019
9/30/2004 - 1/8/2019To The Most Interesting Dog in The World....we salute you our furry friend, our greeter at the door, our eater of all things cheese, chaser of squirrels (you did get ONE after all) and deer keeping them from entering our house which seemed to be your concern, finder of all things soft and snuggly to lie on, discerner of character (watch out delivery guys!) and generally the coolest dog a family could ever have. For nearly 15 years, we were blessed to have you as part of our family and we can never forget you. Love you furry friend til the end.Luke DriscollLutherville, MarylandJanuary 16, 2019
3/24/2005 - 1/6/2019Our most precious Chloe touched our hearts in so many ways. Although she is no longer by our sides, she is forever in our hearts. ❤️
We will never forget you our sweet little girl. You brought so much love, laughter and devotion to our family. We are forever grateful.
Valerie and Joe ChildsGreenfield Center, NYJanuary 16, 2019
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