Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sally Lynch"Sally Lynch came to my home when I felt it was time to say goodbye to my Tulip. She treated both of us with kindness and respect. She pointed out things she noticed about Tulip, talked about her medical history, and helped me feel comfortable with my decision. She explained exactly what would happen and reassured me about steps to assure Tulip’s comfort. She spoke gently to her, and stroked her along with me. She left us alone afterwards and returned with a soft pillow lined basket and small blanket in which she placed her. A couple of days later I received a lovely note from her recognizing my loving relationship with Tulip and offering comfort. It was the best way to say goodbye to my cherished pet."Betty CanickBostonNovember 4, 2019Tulip's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: George Croskey"Dr George was very compassionate and helped us through the process during this difficult time. Thank you so much."Travis AndersonDaytonNovember 4, 2019Jackson's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kimberly Moen"I don’t know how to thank you enough for your kind words, your support and most of all your compassion. You have a gift and it shows. Jake knew how special you were. Thank you so much for coming on short notice. At that point you helped our pain so much. I’m not sure we could have handled an overnight. Each hour gets worse knowing the reality of the life without him is upon us. But we will move forward and in many ways share our joy of Jake through sites like this, conversations and thoughts. We are blessed to have met you and we are forever in debt to you for bringing our big boy eternal peace. The offer and gesture to talk at any time exemplifies your compassion and Lap of Love is so lucky to have you."Jay CashmerePalm Beach GardensNovember 4, 2019Jake's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jeni Goedken"Dr. Jeni just provided a house call service helping our Frodo transition to Kitty Heaven.
I wanted to thank Dr. Jeni for her compassion and kindness toward all of us. We are very grateful in the manner she walked us thru the transition and eased our minds and eased Frodo's pain. 5 stars to Dr. Jeni.

Thank you,

Pardis Kelly"
Pardis KellySAN CARLOSNovember 4, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Cyrus Wegbreit"Dr Wegbreit,

Thank you so much for coming out to my home on Saturday. This kitty meant a great deal to me and I am so thankful that she was handled with extreme care during the final moments.

Of course we can never truly know what our pets are thinking at any given time, but know that how she fell asleep and how she placed her head in my arms was very typical of her. It gave me (and hopefully her) great comfort to know we shared those last few precious moments together in that way. That feeling and memory will stick with me for the rest of my life. I believe you truly made her passing as easy as it could have been, so I wanted to thank you as much as I can for that.

The house feels colder and more emptier than ever, but the speedy return of her ashes helped very much to close the wound and help in a speedy recovery for both me and my wife. Again I thank you for making that process as seamless as possible and minimizing the time in which she was absent from her home."
Andrew NiedertNew HudsonNovember 4, 2019Cali's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Karen Brockman"Dr. Karen was so incredibly sweet, kind, patient. She made this very difficult day so much more comforting. She was a angel. Oreo was very comfortable with her. 💗 I am very grateful for this service and the caring doctors."Kathy DevaneySpringfieldNovember 4, 2019Oreo's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Julie Zalenka"Dr. Julie was quick to respond to our call, and was equally as patient with us as we said our goodbyes.

Our family was stopping by to say their farewells, and Dr. Julie was engaging and encouraging with our grandchildren, who are between 6 and 8 years old. She responded appropriately to their questions and in doing so, eased their fears and covered topics that my husband and I were not able to address given our emotional state."
Shelly SeelEAST AMHERSTNovember 4, 2019Nikki's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Elizabeth Johnson"This is the second time we have had to utilize Lap of Love to help us say goodbye to one of our dogs. At such a sorrowful time, Dr. Elizabeth was genuine and caring. She helped us understand the process, told us what would happen every step of the way, and gave us as much time as we needed both during and after the process. It is comforting to know our sweet dog was cared for so tenderly. I would highly recommend Lap of Love to anyone going through this painful process."Peachtree CornersNovember 4, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Amanda Buerk"The staff person who answered the phone was deeply caring and supportive in a terrible time. Dr. Amanda was wonderful. Our border collie Kumi was 15 and liked to spend his days outside on the driveway looking at the people go by. We were able to send hi on in that spot because of her willingness to accommodate. He passed surrounded by family, my son and neighbors who loved him, in the cool breeze and the sunshine with familiar sounds and smells. Our hearts are crushed, but we were able to give him a curated final day. He had a bowl of ice cream minutes before he passed, because your service at our home made it possible. Thank you for caring, and we wish you much success for meeting a real need"Andy ShowenOrlandoNovember 4, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jennifer Walters"Thank you so much for providing such a comforting and caring atmosphere for our Captain. It was truly heartbreaking to lose my little friend. He had been with me for 13 years and was my shadow. These past few days have really been a challenge for us. The memories and emotions come in waves and there have been many tears. I appreciate your patience and gentleness in helping Captain pass where he was comfortable and in a manner that gave him no pain. I truly believe he was ready to go, that dogs have a way of telling us that it's their time. It was lovely to have him back with us so quickly as well. The box is so lovely and it brought me a bit of peace having his ashes home. Words truly cannot express our gratitude. You are a gift."Linda ChambersCharlotteNovember 4, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi"I would just like to say thank you to Dr Heather. She helped to make a very difficult time a little easier. The kindness and compassion she showed our family and our cat Shadow was very comforting. She walked us through the process and explained everything. I highly recommend this type of service. our beloved Shadow did not have to leave the comfort of our couch and was able to stay in her home at ease in her last moments, instead of being traumatized with cat carrier and car ride and vet visit. She went peacefully surrounded by her family in her home. Thank you again Dr. Heather for what you do for animals and families, you truly are a special person and am so thankful for you and your service."Paula MooneyCopiagueNovember 3, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Keri Morgan"Dr. Morgan was amazingly caring to our family at such a vulnerable and heartbreaking time. She explained everything to us as it was happening and continually waited to proceed to the next step until each of us was ready. She gave our other pup time to say goodbye to Stanley, as well. When it's time for our other fur-baby to cross the Rainbow Bridge, we will be calling Lap of Love, no doubt. Thank you, Dr. Morgan!!"Sarah HeepWildwoodNovember 3, 2019Stanley Aka Sir Stanley Roosevelt's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli"Rocko, our beloved Boxer, was 12 years old and could no longer stand up without help. It was a very tough decision to have him euthanized, but having it done at home made it more bearable. Once we made the decision we were able to schedule it for the same day. I got to hold him, talk to him, and pet him during the whole process. Dr. Kristine was very understanding and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Kristine and Lap of Love if you are facing this difficult situation."Jay McGuinnessMiller PlaceNovember 3, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Tina Olivieri"We couldn't speak highly enough about the beauty of the service provided by Dr Tina and "LAP OF LOVE". We had chosen a date to let go of our 16 yr old Yorkie, Jakie, due to kidney failure; he had put up quite a fight, bravest little guy. We did not want him to suffer and when the first two inquiries we searched came up as Dr Tina, and that some of our neighbors had also used her - we set a date. As often happens, Jakie had a 2nd & 3rd wind and we changed the date. Gratefully when we were cancelling, the office staff who we spoke with (were equally wonderful and supportive) encouraged us to make another appointment not too far ahead...as they understand these things so well. We called the next day and did manage to get the same day back. It was our first experience with in home euthanasia service, had a few poor experiences with vet offices, no one's fault, it happens...and you leave your loved one alone and cold and with your heart broken. Our experience with Dr Tina made this day as beautiful as it could be for us and for Jakie's brother Max. She was so loving, comforting, understanding and obviously experienced and well prepared, including a lovely little basket for Jakie to leave home in. She took her time and allowed us all the time we needed, and it was the best it gets for this end of life, the best experience we ever ever had and will never do it differently again! She followed up with a lovely email and also notified our vet's office. We couldn't be more grateful to Dr Tina and to LAP OF LOVE, for making a very difficult day a bearable and beautifully memorable. Thank you from the Perla family. We couldn't recommend you highly enough."Alan and Deborah PerlaSherman OaksNovember 3, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sarah Tangeman"From the very first phone call Dr. Tangeman was so kind. This process is difficult for everyone but her kindness and care will be remembered. She spent time with our pet, making him feel comfortable and making us know that she truly cared. Thank you Dr. Sarah. You made a difficult decision easier to bear.

Doug and Karen Hartling (and Mooney)"
Karen HartlingGRAPEVINENovember 3, 2019Mooney's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Becky Frank"Saying goodbye was not easy by any means, but we want to say thank you to Dr. Becky Frank for making a difficult time as easy as it could be. Her compassion and love for animals is very evident. Thank you for everything."Ashley HeffnerCoplayNovember 3, 2019Tucker's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Shannon Skevakis"Dr. Shannon is the most gentle human I have ever met. Samson does not play well with others. She came in and was so loving. She was not afraid of him, she had no problem getting on the floor with him. Samson was kissing her as if to say Thank you. DM took everything from him, he was tired and couldn’t go anymore. Dr Shannon was so loving and Compassionate to him as well as us. She made a really hard thing seem peaceful. I know it my heart Samson wanted that for me. He was always worried about me."Kim DuncanSouth AmboyNovember 3, 2019Samson's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kimberly Moen"The following is an excerpt from an email that I sent to Dr. Kimberly Moen:

Dear Dr. Kimberly,
Thank you for helping us transition Simon. I believe that we are so much more at peace because of the peaceful way that he left us, which you facilitated. We are profoundly grateful by the way you cared for him and left our house in such a dignified manner, as if it were his funeral. Those respectful acts really made a difference for us. While we are in mourning, we feel like we did right by Simon and us in calling Lap of Love."
Wendy CohenLake WortNovember 3, 2019Simon's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Abra Osorio"Dr. Abra was so comforting during her time assisting our Princess. She let us take our time & explained everything ahead of time. She was loving & gentle with our Princess. You can tell she really does care about the animals she is helping. Our Princess was able to eat bacon right up until the moment she fell into a restful & relaxing sleep. Dr. Abra was gentle & tender knowing this was one of the hardest days for us. Thanks to Dr. Abra, Princess was able to just go to sleep in her own bed, surrounded by her family, in her own familiar surroundings. There was no distress, no pain, no suffering.........we discussed it later & both felt this was the best we could hope for our girl. What a gift Princess received & us too. Thank you Dr. Abra. 💝💝💝"Jenny RoofHendersonvilleNovember 3, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Hannah Moloney"Thank you doctor Hannah for making this difficult experience so calm and peaceful. We hated to loose our baby, but were so glad that she was able to go in the comfort of our own home. You explained each step in the process and were there to listen to us. Thank you."Kristi CollierLake StevensNovember 3, 2019Phoebe's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Melanie Santspree"I'm glad I chose Lap of Love to euthanize my beloved cat Missy. Dr Melanie was very sympathetic; and she was very gentle with Missy. I believe this was the best thing for Missy. I think of her all the time; and sorely miss her. She was by my side for 15 years.
After she was euthanized; Missy was gently placed in a lovely basket and covered with a blanket. She looked like she was peacefully sleeping. Thank you Dr Melanie Santspree and Lap of Love for making this experience as easy as possible for my sweet
cat and me.

Alfreda Lynch"
ALFREDA LYNCHLathamNovember 2, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Nil Wilkins"Dr Wilkins was amazing. She was so kind and understanding. She really made a terrible situation much easier to handle fit our family and Oreo . Our little guys final moments were loving and calm thanks to Dr Wilkins and the Lap of Love."Johnny YowellLand O Lakes FLNovember 2, 2019Oreo's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kali Jimenez"One of the hardest days of our life was when we found out our dog had fast spreading bone cancer. We loved her so much that and we did not want her to suffer. We wanted to give back what she had given us for 11 years unconditional love. Our vet recommended loving Laps. That is when we met Dr. Kali. Our dog usually has to get to know you but she immediately felt comfortable with Dr.Kali. Dr. Kali received kisses and took her time with us and made sure we we’re ready and understood everything. We are forever grateful for her for helping us through this difficult time. She has checked in on us and ask if there is anything she can do to help us through this difficult time. It takes a special person to be able to do what she does. There isn’t a day that goes by that Miss my sweet dog. She is pain free and has her angel wings. Thank to the entire staff at loving laps and finding Dr. Kali💕"Meredith and Scott TresterSt AugustinrNovember 2, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig"She was patient, kind, and empathetic to our pain. The service she provided was a gift during one of the most difficult times in my life. Vets like her give our most precious companions the opportunity to pass in the comfort and safety of their homes. Thank you Dr. Jenn."Adriane ZonkerCincinnatiNovember 2, 2019Loki's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Mandi Beckmann"Dr Mandi, Tonight we said goodbye to a much loved family member. Thank you for your service. Cuddles died in his bed, in his home, with his family and he was not afraid. We will miss him forever."Karen RabishPittsfordNovember 2, 2019