Helping Families Honor the Lives Of Those They Love
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Heather Manfredi, DVM"Dr. Heather was so supportive and loving. She was affectionate towards our beloved Sophie and allowed us the time we needed to say our goodbyes. It was obvious that she truly loves animals. She was patient and caring. She truly helped my husband and I get through this very difficult event."Julie EngelRidge, NYJanuary 31, 2019Sophie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sandra Simko, DVM"I can not express how grateful I am for Lap of Love, and more-so, Dr. Sandra Simko. My Ben had a very long life and we could tell he was nearing the end. Someone recommended that we look for a vet that does in-house euthanasia to save Ben the stress and trouble of going to our vet, at which point we found Lap of Love. I called to get information and the people who answered were always polite. I must have made 5 appointments and cancelled them within a weeks span (because Ben had great days and bad days), and they were never annoyed. When the time had finally come, the process was easy and the person on the phone was very informative as to everything we needed to know.
Dr. Sandra showed up on time and was so sincere from the moment she walked in. She sat down and got to know Ben, asked about his life and genuinely cared about our stories. She explained the process as things were happening and made sure we felt comfortable step by step. More importantly, she made Ben feel comfortable the entire time. Her choice of words to describe when he was going, and when he had finally passed, was so careful.
I have loved many dogs and have always made the heartbreaking decision to bring them to our vet when the time had come to put them at peace, not knowing of the in-home option. I would never go that route again. Lap of Love is a great company, with an exceptional vet, who makes the horrible process as easy as possible. Saying goodbye in our home was the best option for Ben and I would recommend it to anyone, especially those whose pets are not able to get around or are in pain the way our dog was.
Thank you SO much Dr. Sandra Simko. You were undoubtably made for this job and we are eternally grateful for you!"
Brielle CFairfield, New JerseyJanuary 31, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Becky Frank, DVM"Dr. Becky, thank you for your kindness and caring for Sophie and us. We are thankful there are people like you who care so very much."Stephanie SmokerGap, PennsylvaniaJanuary 31, 2019Sophie's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Kristine Campanelli, DVM"I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Kristine and her Staff. From the moment I made the first call to the last moment. They got us through this painful and emotional time. Hopefully I will not have to do this again. But If I did I would call nobody else but them."Raymond NovaraShirley, NYJanuary 31, 2019Roxy's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica Bollinger, DVM"Thank you for your kind words. Thanks also for your compassion for us on the day of your visit. You made the whole process so much easier. As hard as it was, it was good to be with Boomer and to know he did not suffer."Maplewood, MinnesotaJanuary 31, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jordy Merrifield, DVM"My husband and I would like to thank you for sending Dr. Merrifield (Dr.Jordy) to us yesterday (1/29/19). She was very knowledgeable and helpful to us in sorting out what was the best course to take with our dog Poky. Once it was clear that Poky needed to be put to sleep her compassionate handling of her and us was just what we needed. Dr. Jordy is a treasure. She made our experience less traumatic for both us and our dog.

We are very pleased with how she handled it. We will recommend Dr. Jordy to anyone who is in need of Lap of Love services."
Virginia SchragelSun City West, ArizonaJanuary 31, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Dawnetta Woodruff, DVM"Dr. Dawnetta was truly a godsend when she came to our home on a bitter-cold Saturday. Our beloved dog King, a large German Shepherd, was having difficulties with mobility. The night before, we had taken him to an emergency vet visit and almost could not get him back up steps into the house amid frigid temperatures.
We made the heart-breaking decision that it was time for us to say our good-byes so King would not have to suffer. Dr. Dawnetta arrived soon after we called Lap of Love. We will never forget the depth and genuineness of her kindness, gentleness and patience. She was truly comforting in our time of grief. King passed away peacefully in front of the fireplace in his living room and never had to have another terrifying experience trying to get up or down stairs or into a car.
We are forever grateful for the loving care and respect Dr. Dawnetta showed toward our boy, her professionalism and her healing touch."
St. Louis, MissouriJanuary 31, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica Boden, DVM"My partner and I want to thank the staff at Lap of Love for the compassionate service they provided for euthanizing our sweet girl-cat Lovey. The staff that we interacted with over the phone used soothing voices and didn't hurry either of us in making an appointment or when we had to make changes to our appointment. The staff asked for our pet's name and included her name ("Lovey") in the follow-up emails prior to Dr. Boden's arrival. At the in-home euthanasia, Dr. Boden was the height of caring and respect. She explained what she would do and what we should expect. Once Lovey had passed, she gave us a few minutes with her alone. She then returned with a small, blanket-lined basked and gently placed Lovey into it to transport her for cremation. We later received a sympathy card from Dr. Boden. Very impressed with the kindness. Thank you so much.

Andrea and Michelle"
Michelle EdensDallas, TexasJanuary 31, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Carrie Roberts, DVM"We had to put our sweet Sugar to sleep after she struggled with cancer. Dr. Carrie helped us through this process. She was so sweet with Sugar and helped to calm our fears about the process. She took her time explaining everything and was patient as we said our goodbyes. It was a very hard morning for us but Dr. Carrie was calm and compassionate. We were so grateful she came and Sugar could spend her final minutes in her home with us. Thank you Lap of Love and Dr. Carrie."Caroline SullivanWebster Groves, MissouriJanuary 30, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Amanda Fisk, DVM"Dr. Amanda is truly an angel and she made a really difficult day easier, for sure. Her calm and soothing manner, professionalism and genuinely caring for our Mia meant the world to us. And thank you for coming to our rural home early on a Sunday morning so we had the rest of the day to lay Mia to rest and celebrate her life but grieve over the empty place in our hearts without her. Thank you for the Rudyard Kipling poem about the love of a dog. And when we're at Garth Brooks in April we'll think of Mia and all the special critters when we hear The Dance. Thank you, Dr. Amanda and the wonderful staff who scheduled you for us."Holly and Ken CreelBell, FloridaJanuary 30, 2019Mia's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Michelle Halverson, DVM"We had to put our sweet cat, Joker, to sleep due to end stage renal failure. The whole process, from the first call to Lap of Love to the final visit, was so amazing. Every care coordinator I spoke with was kind and helpful. Dr. Michelle Halverson came out to our house and was so incredibly kind, gentle, compassionate, competent, and professional. She was so loving to Joker and the other animals in our home. The whole euthanasia process was so peaceful. I am so glad we found Dr. Michelle and Lap of Love. Thank you so much."Sierra TrainorJacksonville, FloridaJanuary 30, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Annie Dion-Byrd, DVM"My beautiful white German shepherd Willow, 11 years old, was having a hard time walking and lying down. With my Veterinarian, Dr. C. Hellenga, we tried, acupuncture, summit shots and laser treatments to help her, but this could not be reversed and by Saturday, she was much more anxious and in discomfort. I know that it was time Willow joined her family in Heaven at the Rainbow Bridge. This was a very difficult decision to make so that she would gain her angel wings with some dignity.
Dr. Annie arrived and it was as if my Willow had known her forever and she was comfortable and loving with my baby girl.
The doctor examined Willow and also came to the determination that it was her time to rest.
She was surrounded with friends and myself, her" Mommy". Dr. Annie was gentle and explained the entire process of the euthanasia and how quickly it happens. She gave us time and space for saying our goodbyes and telling Willow how much I loved her. This was the most humane and comforting experience I could have for my Angel Willow to gain her Wings.
Thank you Dr. Annie and Lap of Love, God Bless You!!"
Gloria MarconiWinter Park, FloridaJanuary 30, 2019Willow's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica Spitzer, DVM"I cannot express enough gratitude to Dr. Jessica for helping us during this hard time. She was compassionate and understanding and showed my Nikki all the love she/we needed as she moved on. I am forever grateful for you."Briian WilsonTHOUSAND OAKS, CaliforniaJanuary 30, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Loren Gassler, DVM"Dr. Loren Gassler was outstanding. She was very calm, unhurried, empathetic and explained the process and what to expect throughout. She offered to meet us at a location or favorite spot that we selected that might be more comfortable for Remington. She came to our home. She was very sensitive with Remington. She helped make the transition process much easier. I strongly recommend the Lap of Love for any one requiring end of life advice and services for their pet."Reginald ButlerPalm Harbor, FloridaJanuary 30, 2019Remington's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Amanda Page, DVM"Dr. Amanda was so sweet and sincere at such a difficult time. She felt like family as soon as she walked up the driveway. She greeted me with a hug and knew the entire family's name including our other dog Rex. She explained every step of the process and took her time, only moved forward with each step until we were ready. She enjoyed us telling her stories of our sweet Shadow Boy. The office staff was also just as sweet and amazing. She( don't remember her name) was very patient with me as I cried while trying to make the arrangements. We miss our Shadow Boy very much but we know he is pain free and having a blast in heaven. Having his last moments with us at home was very peaceful.
Thank you to Dr. Amanda and the Lap of Love Staff
Tracie, Robert, Austin, Rex and Shadow"
Tracie DamronRancho Santa Margarita, CaliforniaJanuary 30, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jenn Roedig, DVM"Dr. Jenn is an angel here on earth!
She explained everything in a gental way, with the patience of a Saint.
She had a gentle touch with Misty showing sincere compassion , as well as my mother and I.

Dr. Jenn is an irreplaceable asset to your company, she's the perfect temperament for this specialty .

We feel blessed to have had her care for our Misty with such heart and love."
Charlene WagsterCincinnati, OhioJanuary 30, 2019Misty's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Sue Mowatt, DVM"Having to make one of the hardest decisions of our lives, in letting our sweet Capone cross over the rainbow bridge, Dr. Sue showed the kind of compassion that is rarely seen anymore. Her comforting words helped us to see that we were making the right decision for our boy. Capone was the best friend I never knew I needed and gave his love unconditionally for 13 1/2 years. Dr. Sue explained everything and provided calming reassurance every step of the way.

Thank you Dr. Sue for helping us through our difficult time."
Denise MaxwellSacramento, CaliforniaJanuary 29, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Cary Mackey, DVM"Our experience with Dr. Cary and Lap of Love was exactly what we needed. Olive had spent so much time at the doctor lately, it was such a relief when we realized there was a service that could help us finish out Olive’s time in the comfort of our home. From the first time I called, (a complete mess on the phone), each person I spoke with was extremely kind, compassionate, patient, and understanding. I scheduled (and rescheduled) our appointment a few times, and sincerely appreciated the advice, flexibility, and understanding as we worked to determine the best time for us.

Dr. Cary was extremely kind and thoughtful. She loved on Olive and calmly helped us navigate one of the hardest moments in our lives. Even afterward, when I had lingering worries and questions, she was there to comfort and reassure me. As hard as this entire process is, having someone who truly understands and appreciates what you’re going through is a huge help, and I’m glad we entrusted Olive’s final moments to Lap of Love and Dr. Cary. We will never forget their kindness during this difficult time."
Erica HuynhAtlanta, GeorgiaJanuary 29, 2019Olive's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jordy Merrifield, DVM"I cannot say enough nice things about this program and Dr. Jordy Merrifield. During such a painful experience to have someone be so kind and patient is priceless. I hesitated thinking natural death would be the best thing for my baby, thinking she would go quietly. Unfortunately, things weren't going that way. Without the assistance of Lap of Love...by the way, the gentleman that handled us on the phone, sorry, I cannot remember his name, but he had the kindness and gentleness of an IDEAL grandfather. He made the most difference out the gate. Please if you are considering ways to say goodbye to one of your greatest loves, please, please, please...do not hesitate to contact these folks. Kindness is priceless.

Thank you so much Dr. Merrifield for being a wonderful human being and showing such kindness to strangers at a time they are so, so, so in need of it. I will be forever grateful for helping me through this terrible time. Jelly Bean was the littlest boxer I've ever seen, little alone had the please of spending my life with, and she will never ever -- EVER -- be forgotten. I miss her with my every breath, but know that because of you her suffering was a little less. Thank you.

I have added a picture of my little girl. May she run free and be her happy goofy little self. Love, love, love...Miss you Jelly-Belly-Bean!"
Angela FrittsPhoenix, ArizonaJanuary 29, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jordy Merrifield, DVM"Dr. Merrifield was so kind to us in this hard time. She explained everything to us and reassured us that we were doing the right thing. She is such a kind and compassionate person, and if needed, we would use her again."Linda BaylessPeoria, ArizonaJanuary 29, 2019Joey's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Nellie Wilbers, DVM"It has taken me a few weeks but I didn't want to let too much time pass and not write a review. I am so grateful that I found out about Lap of Love. My vet had come to my house when I lost my first cat and I didn't know if that would be possible this time. As it turned out, the vet recommended Lap of Love to me. What a godsend! The person who took my information over the phone was so compassionate and helpful. I was able to schedule the day I called which was a relief because my greatest fear was having my sweet kitty Tina suffer any longer. I started crying as soon as Dr. Nellie walked in the door and she immediately gave me a hug. As we were sitting with Tina, we talked about the story of how I came to adopt Tina and the happy memories I had of my life with her. Dr. Nellie let me take my time about everything and talked me through each step. I was so happy to have Tina pass in her own home surrounded by love. Dr. Nellie followed up with me several times via e-mail to check on how I was doing. She is obviously a very kindhearted and empathetic person - very professional as well. I would recommend Lap of Love to anyone who is going through this toughest of times with a pet. My profound thanks to them for being there when I needed them!"Nancy HileColumbus, OhioJanuary 29, 2019
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jo Millard, DVM"Dr. Jo was so compassionate and loving.
While the experience was so painful, she helped us through each step in a patient and loving way. We so appreciate her reassurance and understanding. Welby was such a dignified standard poodle, we are so glad we could give him such a dignified and loving death. Thank you Dr. Jo."
Decatur, GeorgiaJanuary 29, 2019Welby's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Will Basinger, DVM"Dr. Will was amazing. He was so good with Demon and I can tell he truly loves what he does. He made her passing more comfortable and that made it easier for me to say goodbye to my wonderful Demon dog. Thank you so much Dr. Will."Tawnie KrogmanColumbia, S. CarolinaJanuary 29, 2019Demon's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Jessica Jensen, DVM"Dr. Jessica Jensen came to our home when we realized that Elvis was not doing well. She was the most compassionate and peaceful person. Elvis would not get up when she came in. He did lift his head to sniff her hand and then went back to relaxing. He was already convinced that she was a good guy😊. She handled Elvis with so much love and care as if he were her own. I had never been through this before and at 44 yrs old I was honestly terrified of what was about to happen. Counting down the minutes then seconds until she arrived. When I saw her vehicle in our driveway I was shaking and scared if I just made the wrong decision for my best friend. Deep inside me I knew this is what Elvis needed to free him of any pain and suffering before it got to that point. She made me feel so comfortable and explained everything. Never did she rush. She made absolute sure that Elvis was very relaxed in content before proceeding. As I watched my best friend take his last breath while my head was on his, it was at that point I had realized my wife and I had the most perfect person in our home to help with this very sad day. She gave us as much time as we needed in order to have our other dogs and my wife and I say the proper goodbye. If I could have kept Elvis another 30 years it would not have been enough, but the love he was shown on this day from Dr. Jensen made it soooooo much better. We gave our last hugs and kisses to Elvis and he just looked so happy and content. Thank you Dr. Jessica Jensen you are a great person."Mike StanfordLas Vegas, NevadaJanuary 29, 2019Elvis's Pet Memorial
Lap of Love Veterinarian: Amanda Page, DVM"We can't thank Dr. Amanda enough for her help and support through this hard time. We were truly in awe when we saw Ruger reach out to her for help. We knew it was a sign for help and she was able to be there to let him free. We truly appreciate you Dr. Amanda!"Jessica RutherfordOrange County, CaliforniaJanuary 29, 2019Ruger's Pet Memorial